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teens meditating
Meditation for Teen Emotional Wellbeing

A unique retreat program combats increasing rates of stress, anxiety, and depression in young people.

People holding hands
The Four Keys to Wellbeing

Dr. Richard Davidson explains that wellbeing is a skill that can be practiced and strengthened. Courtesy of The Greater Good Science Center.

Can Watching Bear Cams Improve Wellbeing?

People expressed improved relaxation & stress reduction after watching bears at an Alaskan preserve.

Woman reaching for jar in kitchen cabinet
Marie Kondo Your Kitchen to Support Wellbeing

Thinking like a designer can help you transform your relationship with food and build healthy eating habits.

Happy senior couple riding their bikes in the park, playfully lifting their legs up as they ride
9 Tips for Enhancing Your Emotional Wellbeing in 2020

Boosting your emotional wellbeing doesn’t always have to feature grand gestures and sweeping changes. Here are nine small adjustments you can make in your day-to-day life.

11 Ways to Decalcify Your Pineal Gland for Wellbeing

When you decalcify the pineal gland—known as the third-eye chakra—you remove calcium phosphate deposits. This can lead not only to better health and wellbeing but to higher consciousness.

A Sound Bath: Ways to Use Sound and Music to Promote Wellbeing

“Sound and music can quickly alter your mood, affecting your subconscious mind. Listening to music is a relatively inexpensive, easily accessible solution to elevate your awareness and your emotional states.”

Freeing Yourself of Anxiety Feet First

“How can you help yourself feel a sense of calm, reassurance, and peace? The answer is at your feet. Literally.”

Optimism Helps the Heart

Psychological wellbeing helps reduce risk of cardiovascular disease.

How a Neighborhood Can Promote Happiness

What surrounds your home is important to wellbeing.

Imagine Yourself Happy

Imagery training can boost everyday wellbeing, a new study shows.

The Dance of Sleep and Emotions

Author Katharina Lederle describes the dance between our emotional wellbeing and the quality our sleep.

17 Affirmations to Release Negative Thoughts

Let go of those negative thoughts and feel a profound sense of wellbeing wash over you.

“Dog Mind” and the Cone of Mindfulness

Wearing a "cone of mindfulness" can help protect our spiritual and mental wellbeing during trying times.

6 Ways to Improve Gut Health With Vibrational Energy Healing

Vibrational energy healing has a direct correlation to our overall health and wellbeing, especially our gut health.

Heart Intelligence

Learn to listen to the wisdom of your heart to untether your creativity and boost your wellbeing.

Guided Meditation: Winding Down for Sleep

When there is so much to think about, winding down to sleep is vital to your wellbeing.

Jin Shin for Cats and Dogs

Pets give us so much love. Return it with healing touch techniques that increase energy flow and wellbeing.

Deepak Chopra, MD

Deepak Chopra, MD, is a bestselling author and founder of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing in Carlsbad, California.

Never Stop Playing

Creativity and play go hand in hand. Cultivating both of these natural instincts later in life is key to wellbeing.

The Good Noise: Sound Medicine Works

While researchers are still exploring the mechanism of sound medicine, studies show that sound therapy boosts spiritual wellbeing and reduces anxiety and pain.

The Beautiful Sound of Relaxation and Energy

A didgeridoo concert reveals the instrument’s powers to reduce stress, blood pressure, and pain and promote an intense feeling of peace and wellbeing.

Kathryn’s Favorite Stories from 2019

“Becoming Shameless: A Conversation with Nadia Bolz-Weber,” and three more stories that meant a lot this year to S&H Wellbeing Editor Kathryn Drury Wagner.

5 Tips for Teaching Mindfulness to Kids

Teaching mindfulness to kids has been said to improve their wellbeing, boost performance in the classroom, increase emotional intelligence, and reduce stress and “negative” behavior.

Shauna Shapiro

Shauna Shapiro, PhD, is a professor and clinical psychologist. She is one of the leading scientists studying the effects of mindfulness and self-compassion on wellbeing. …

6 Sustainable Gardening Tips for Animal Lovers

In creating cultivated backyards, we are removing habitats for wild animals. Here are several sustainable gardening tips that keep the wellbeing of all creatures in mind.

Better Sleep

Poor sleep has massive consequences for our wellbeing. Aim for better sleep through yoga, meditation, supplements, crystals, and more with these ideas for better sleep from S&H.

Healing Mother Earth Through Loving Kindness

“For the sake of humanity and for the wellbeing of Earth, it is time for all of her people to become the peaceable beings that we are intended to be.”

Coping With Negative People

“No one consciously chooses discord over harmony, but our established patterns of behavior often rule our lives without consideration for our own good or for the wellbeing of others.”

Benefits of Being Spiritual

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How to Deal With Anger

Sponsored Content from The Isha Foundation

3 Tips on Eating Right

Sponsored Content from The Isha Foundation

How Much Sleep Do I Need?

Sponsored Content from The Isha Foundation

Dealing With Stress at Work

Sponsored Content from The Isha Foundation

Love vs. Attachment

Sponsored Content from The Isha Foundation

Writing and Healing: A Journaling Guide

Create a link between writing and healing. Journaling allows you to ask questions for self-inquiry and growth. “Writing creates a physical release. It benefits wellbeing, lowers blood pressure, improves sleep, decreases doctor’s visits, boosts memory, and increases self-awareness.”

Gut Health

An unhealthy gut can have severe repercussions on your mental and physical wellbeing. Work to relieve stomach pain, boost your immunity, and begin healing your digestive ailments like leaky gut with tips from S&H’s best articles on gut health.

Helen Brown

Helen Brown is a freelance writer specializing in psychology and wellness. She has PhD in psychology and a varied background in psychological research, mental health, and wellbeing…

Connect With Jnana Yoga, the “Path of Right,” for Self-Love

“Our thoughts have the power to transform everything in our life, but this power is negative when we are in an unconscious, automatic mode. It becomes positive when we consciously choose our thoughts.

Lose Weight All Naturally With Ayurveda

“Ayurveda lays out in exquisite detail the nature of the human body and makes the connection between qualities in the foods we eat and how they affect our physical, emotional, and mental constitution.”

Banishing the Binge

“A new study published this spring in the Journal of Eating Disorders took it one step further, recommending that binge eating be tackled as a public health issue, similar to the way seatbelt campaigns, water fluoridation and anti-smoking programs were successfully implemented to improve the wellbeing of the whole population.”

Marketplace Jan/Feb 2019

Books, services, education and products that are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Guided Meditation for Sweet Dreams: The Flowing River

Get to sleep using this guided visualization.

10 Ways to Get Present

1. Ask. As always, ask. Ask the universe, ask your higher self. Ask a divine power if you believe in one. Ask for help to get present. 2. Lay a daily foundation. Carve out three to…


Kurapeak is a dietary supplement which has been designed to help the lives of women of all ages to improve physical and mental wellbeing. Whether you are looking to reduce the effe…

Fast-Acting Female Libido Booster

How do female libido boosters work? If your libido has dwindled and that fire doesn’t seem to be coming back, then it’s time to do something about it.

Marketplace Nov/Dec 2018

Books, services, education and products that are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Is It Possible to Waste Years of Our Lives?

“I’ve been thinking of a plan of action to remove myself from the situation without feeling like I just wasted 2 years.”Katie shared this in a recent blog post comment. We’ve all b…

Lisa Melbourne

Lisa Melbourne is a Clinical Aroma-Reflexologist who specializes in fertility and women’s health, offering bespoke treatments from her clinic based in Lincoln. She is an author and…

Kasey Claytor

Kasey Claytor is an author, certified meditation instructor, and money manager. She loves to teach others ways to find wellbeing, and has penned several books, fiction and …

Science of Identity Foundation

About Science of Identity Foundation  Established in 1977 by Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda, Science of Identity Foundation teaches the practice of meditation and kirtan al…

The Cure for Laziness

When we call ourselves lazy, we do it innocently. Unconscious about what's really going on, the inner critic kicks in and decides the issue is our laziness.

Thupten Jinpa's Spiritual Roots

Your host Rabbi Rami Shapiro talks to author and scholar Thupten Jinpa, Ph.D, about his spiritual roots and his new book, A Fearless Heart: How the Courage to be Compassionate Can …

5 Ways Gardening Is Good for Your Mental Health

Gardening is a lifelong practice that provides countless mental and physical health benefits.

5 Ways to Feel More Love in Your Everyday Life

New research says that feeling even brief moments of love throughout your day can boost health and happiness.

Activate Your Moon Practice With Hand Reflexology and Aromatherapy

Each phase of the moon supports a different direction of attention and energy. Learn how to create a practice using hand reflexology and aromatherapy based on the lunar cycle.

Creating a Lifetime of Wellness—Start Having the Life You Deserve

In order to live a full, balanced, meaningful life, many of us may have heard several of Aura E. Martinez’s recommendations: make sleep a priority, strengthen our relationships, fi…

Product Review: Mat-tastic!

In this week’s Products for Health Review, we look at three wonderful ways to improve your wellbeing. In each case, a classic mat has been transformed into something very special,…

Intuitive Eating Is Not Just a Fad

Intuitive eating might seem like a passing trend, but it is a concept worth taking seriously.

From the Editor: Favorite Sounds

Let’s all listen a little more carefully.

Rev. Leng Leroy Lim

The Rev. Leng Leroy Lim (M.Div., MBA) is the co-founder of Love Power Justice, as well as an executive coach and trusted advisor to senior leaders of global organizations, working …

Book Review: How to Sleep The New Science-Based Solutions for Sleeping Through the Night

FOR THOSE WHO NEED evidence-based convincing that rest is essential to wellbeing, the new book by Rafael Pelayo, MD, a sleep specialist at Stanford’s Sleep Medicine Center, off…

Understanding the True Purpose of Yoga

The true purpose of this 5,000+-year-old-practice was never about contorting into the perfect pose, wearing cute yoga outfits, or building Instagram followers with sexy backbend photos.

Do a Sacred Home Cleanse Using Vibrational Energy Clearing

Just like our physical bodies, our homes can become cluttered with energy that doesn’t serve us.

Book Review: Good Habits, Bad Habits

Habits are different from conscious decisions, so when we rely on conscious thought processes like goal setting to change behavior, we’re setting ourselves up for failure.

Show You Care—Wear a Mask

“Wearing a mask in public is a deliberate act of caring for others … a concrete way to live the challenge to love your neighbor as yourself.”

Hand Reflexology for the Full Moon

The energy of the full moon invites a release of all that no longer serves us. Energize these hand reflexology points to support a feeling of gratitude, expansion, and letting go.

How Pets Alleviate Touch Deprivation

Time to adopt a furry friend? Your four-legged friend’s company helps relieve touch deprivation and feelings of isolation.

5 Questions for Ira Byock

A dialogue on end-of-life care

20 Morning Affirmations for Clarity, Purpose, and Joy

Kick-start your day with intention and positivity with these empowering morning affirmations.

The Surprise Health Benefit of Walking

Your Brain Is Boosted by Your Feet Hitting the Ground

Science & Spirit: Medicine-Chomping Microbes, Nature Pills, and Saunas for Heart Health

Microbes may be stealing our medication, nature pills have an ideal dose, and taking a sauna bath is as good as a workout. Want details? Read on.

Book Review: Grow a New Body

How Spirit and Power Plant Nutrients Can Transform Your Health

Book Review: The Inside Story

AS LONG AS WE’RE LIVING, we’re aging. For some, this is cause for concern, and as we get older, we may look for strategies to fight against it. Dr. Susan Sands, in her book The Ins…

Mother Knows Best

Rabbi Rami shares his views on the Alabama Fetal Heartbeat legislation.

5 Ways to Supercharge Your Resilience

Resilience can help you meet life’s biggest challenges. Discover how embracing specific lifestyle habits can help you build resilience.

Spirituality and Sentience

Recognizing the sentience of nonhumans obligates you to engage with life in a manner that, at minimum, seeks to avoid unnecessary suffering.

The Rest Story

The foundation of mental, physical, and spiritual health is rest. Four rest experts provide insight on sacred rest.

The Art of Blissful Parenting

Sponsored Content from Sharon Ballantine

3 Meditations for Group Healing

In a world that feels divided, mantras for group unity and transformation.

3 DIY Crystal Mists to Calm, Boost, and Manifest

Create adaptogenic, crystal-infused face and body mists to revitalize and boost balance.

4 Journaling Prompts for Anxiety

Journaling prompts for anxiety help you observe and process what’s happening without assigning emotion to it, which in turn prevents a buildup of anxiety.

Sense Protection

Ayurveda educator Kate O’Donnell explains how self-care is an important part of spiritual progress.

4 Ways to Release Material Wants

Here are four ways to practice releasing attachment to material belongings.

CB ... X?

CBD is widely available, but it’s hardly the only cannabinoid. Melissa Howsam explores what’s next.

“Radical” at Its Roots

S&H Editor in Chief Ben Nussbaum reflects on the word “radical” at its roots.

5 Tips To Wake Up Your Brain And Enjoy Life

You sleep all night, only to wake up in the morning feeling fuzzy and groggy. What will help wake up your brain so that you can enjoy life every day? Two main ingredients: blood an…

Podcast: Shauna Shapiro, PhD

Clinical psychologist Shauna Shapiro talks about how to use neuroplasticity to reach a place of kindness and compassion, of self love, instead of judgment and fear.

3 Tips for Building a Meditation Habit

Sponsored Content from Grokker

Create a Solo Ritual to Call in Love and Sensuality

Self-love is the doorway to sensual connection—delight in your sacred self with a solo ritual.

4 Steps to a Happy New Year—All Year Long

Sponsored Content from Copper Beech Institute

10 Daily Financial Practices To Make You Stretch and Grow

Being wealthy means having a sense of freedom in doing and having what you want and need. Try these daily practices to move forward.


Flourish: A Visionary New Understanding of Happiness and Well-BeingBy Martin E. P. SeligmanThese days, we are hungry for a new definition of the “good life.” Fractured relationship…

Say Hello to Your Creative Soul

4 ways to connecting internally.

Art Journaling for Relaxation and Release

Reduce anxiety and express yourself with 3 DIY art journaling prompts.

7 Daily Shinto Rituals

Lifelong Shinto practitioner suggests ways to incorporate Shinto cleansing and purifying rituals.

What’s Good About Them?

Dealing with a difficult friend or family member? See them in a new light.

5 Ways to Listen from the Heart

The secrets to supporting a stressed-out partner.

Science & Spirit: Jogging Fights Genetics, Optimistic Sleep, Emotional Support Animals

This week in research, a good reason to try jogging. Also, optimism has been linked to better sleep. And finally, people are getting serious about figuring out what the heck an emotional support animal really is. Read on for more.

How Sugar Is Affecting Your Spirituality

Consuming too much sugar harms the body, brain, and spirit. Boost your spirituality by ignoring your sugar cravings.

The Spiritual Meaning of Tooth Pain

There is a unique connection between spirituality, science, and your smile. Discover the spiritual meaning of tooth pain.

What’s Your Doggie’s Dosha?

Canine wellness expert Amanda Ree dishes ayurvedic wisdom via dog dosha quizzes, balancing your furry friend's dosha and customizing it to meet your BFF's unique needs.

What’s Your Vibrational Healing Style?

Is your style aromatherapy, sound healing, or one of the others? This spiritual vibration test will tell you.

From the Editor

The letter from the editor kicks off each issue and helps set the tone for the magazine. Over the next six issues, members of the S&H team will be writing the letter. This issue’s writer, Kathryn Drury Wagner, is our wellness editor and resident social media guru, hot sauce fanatic, and wellness enthusiast.

CBD for Joint Pain

Can CBD help with joint pain? Research suggests it can.

Daylight Savings Dilemma: What’s Best for Body and Spirit?

Shedding light on darker mornings, brighter nights.

4 Tips for Practicing Amor Fati

Embracing fate to reduce struggle is key to practicing amor fati.

5-Day Ayurveda Primer (Day Four)

Natural Healing Wisdom from the Chopra Center

The Nature Principle

The Nature Principle: Human Restoration and the End of Nature-Deficit Disorderby Richard LouvThe release of Richard Louv’s previous book, Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Childr…

Talk Therapy Changes the Brain

Cognitive behavior therapy literally changes connections in the brain.

Digestive Health and the Earth Element

Support the immune and digestive systems by balancing the Earth element and nourishing the spleen.

The Ocean of Rumi

Scholar of Islam and Rumi lover Pouria Montazeri talks about the context that’s getting lost in translation.

From the Editor: Sacred Rest

I don’t think of wellness as requiring a lot of new insights or cutting-edge science. The basics are, well, basic. Remembering them and honoring them—that’s the trick, along with…

3 Powerful Practices to Free Yourself From Overwhelm

While the chaotic feeling of overwhelm has been normalized—it isn’t “normal.” Here are three ways to overcome the frenzy of your busy schedule and the constant feeling of overwhelm.

Dismantling Your Pandemic Pod

Pandemic pods kept you sane while keeping COVID-19 at bay. It's okay to mourn the loss of your pod as you celebrate the world moving closer to normal.

Get Grounded With These 3 Root Chakra Soups (Plus 1 Bonus Recipe)

Are you looking for more clarity, confidence, security, and balance in your life? It’s possible your root chakra could need some nourishment. Use these three soup recipes to help realign your root chakra.

Woke God

"Like the God who guides the Mormons, mine too instructs us 'revelation upon revelation.' My God’s revelations fall into two categories: Wow! and Play Nice!"

Does Your Religion Bring You Joy?

“Ask yourself: What in your religious and spiritual life brings you joy?”

Are You Consciously Nourishing Your Heart and Soul?

Feed your soul with intention and awareness.

Science & Spirit: Moody Skin, Tiny Tech, and Genetic Mutations

Explore the powerful relationship between skin and mental health, dig into tiny technology that can change lives, and discover the future of cancer research.

Go On, Change It All

Multiple, simultaneous life changes are possible.

Why Gardening Helps As You Age

Explore the mental and physical benefits of tending to plants.

Intensive Mindfulness for Depression

What’s been on your mind lately? If you’re like most of us, a lot of your time is spent pondering things that are rooted in the past or the future: the dentist appointment in a few…

Devotionals: Connecting With Unexpected Ancestors

Devotionals serve as a grounding presence during unprecedented times. “The practice of a daily devotion connects to the idea of spiritual reflection as a way to gain clarity and peace. Daily time for devotion creates inner peace, slows us down, and allows us to connect with the divine.”

Mind Reading Made Simple

Writing a journal allows you to dive into your internal experiences and find your true center.

Self-Care With Acupressure for Emotional Balance

“According to Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), emotions that aren’t properly processed become stored in the body—clogging up the flow of vital energy, known as qi, through the body’s invisible network of meridians (channels).”

Spirituality and Creation

There must be a profound shift in the story we tell ourselves about ourselves and our relationship to creation.

We told my niece that her mom died in a car crash. She isn't dead.

My niece is dying from a rare blood disorder. She takes comfort in believing she will soon be with her mother in heaven. I know otherwise: My sister isn’t dead. We told my niece th…

The Role of Reiki in a Healing Crisis

Reiki is a subtle yet powerful form of energy medicine. It can resolve a healing crisis—or may even bring one on.

20 Creative (and Shame-Free) New Year’s Resolutions

Sometimes we set ourselves up for failure by making promises we can’t keep or by initiating resolutions steeped in self-blame.

Guided Meditation: Being Aware of Being Aware

Sponsored Content from New Harbinger Publications

Live as an Everyday Mystic

How are you participating in co-creating paradigm shifts in your personal and professional lives as we usher in this new era?

3 Tips to Get You Meditating Today

Meditation. It’s just a glorious thing for those who have experienced it. But many people have trouble either beginning a practice or maintaining one. However, there are several si…

Putting the ‘Om’ in Classroom

San Francisco’s Visitacion Valley Middle School is an unlikely beacon of hope. Shootings and murders are common enough in the California city’s southern neighborhoods that the loca…

Are You Blocked? Take This Chakra Quiz to Find Out

Answer eight chakra quiz questions to determine where there’s imbalance in your system and how you can realign.

9 Fall Health Remedies From Ayurveda

Which foods are best for your dosha at this time of year? Read on to find out.

Waking Up Gently to Save the World

From Fortune 500 CEOs to neuroscientists, major media outlets to bloggers, sources of all kinds are urging us to prioritize sleep as a pathway to success and wellness.

The Surprising Reason You’re Feeling Burned Out

It’s not overwork—it’s a mismatch—that causes feelings of burnout.

Deb Dana on Anchoring Your Nervous System With Polyvagal Theory

Polyvagal Theory expert Deb Dana explores anchoring into your nervous system and connecting to your body’s neural pathways for calmness, safety, and connection.

Self-Care This Season

Self-care is vital, especially in the winter months when darkness—quite literally—settles in. “We respond to the weather, the seasons, the moon, our emotions, and the food we eat.”

Fluid Motion: Have You Tried Aqua Yoga?

The 1950s had Esther Williams starring as a Million Dollar Mermaid. The 1990s had aqua aerobics classes on the Lido Deck. Today, the new sensation in the pool is aqua yoga, which p…

Happily Eating After ...

The best foods for life’s challenging healing moments.

Ancient Medicine From the Sea

Seaweed is such a nutrient-dense food that very little is required to receive myriad health benefits.

What Have YOU Learned From 2020?

What have you learned in 2020? If you feel you have struggled this past year, mentally or physically, you are not alone. But what are the positives?

Signs It’s Time for an Emotional Purge

Feeling overwhelmed by negativity? It may be time for an emotional purge.

How Rituals Rewire Your Brain

While rituals may define us, we have a hard time defining them. Dig into the science of ritual.

Parasympathetic Stimulation: How to Improve Your Vagal Tone

Cold therapy, vocalization, and socializing are just three of six ways to improve vagal tone and reduce stress.

Engage Nature’s Healing Energies

“If you feel drawn to a particular place outdoors in nature, try to go there (even if just in your mind).”

Seven Buddhist Lessons in Gratitude

Gratitude is powerful. Building your sense of thankfulness the Buddhist way.

Self-Care Guilt (And Why You Should Let It Go)

Feeling guilty about not practicing enough self-care or like you’re not doing it right? Go ahead and take these off your list of things to worry about.

7 Stories for Mastering Your Emotions

The emotional body is widely overlooked for overall health and happiness. Explore these 7 stories on how to understand, cope with and use your emotions appropriately.

Ecotherapy: Nature Is Good Medicine

Taking time to engage with nature is as close to a cure-all as you’ll find. Ecotherapy can make you feel happier, less fatigued, and more at peace.

Resilience and Cultural Renewal in Detroit

If you’ve yet to set your eyes (not to mention your prayers) on Detroit, now would be an inspirational time to do so. There are some powerful examples of resilience under way these…

Marma Point Massage for Digestion

This marma point massage targets the temples to lower acidity, regulate the colon, and more.

10 Online Pride Events to Enjoy From the Comfort of Your Home

It's Pride Week! Here are some ways to connect with and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community.

Why Is Your Partner Always Lying to You?

Here are the five things your partner is trying to get you to believe about yourself, them, and your relationship when they lie to you.

3 Ways to Detox Your Emotions

In need of an emotional detox? Here are three ways to cleanse yourself of stuck emotions so you can be free to process your feelings in a healthy way.

4 Ways to Incorporate More Touch Into Your Day in Socially Distanced Times

Experiencing touch deprivation? Research suggests four simple practices for relief.

What Is Holistic Parenting?

Holistic parenting is a way to approach parenting that involves assessing how all our choices are interconnected.

COVID-19: The Physical and Metaphysical Pandemic

In the face of pandemic, there remain milestones—and growth—worth celebrating.

7 Essential Oils for Anxiety

Calming essential oils for anxiety can soothe racing thoughts, overall stress, tight muscles, and panic attacks.

9 Keys to Lasting Happiness

According to the ancient philosophy of the Vedanta, there are two types of happiness. The first comes from things turning out the way we’d like them to, i.e. getting what we want. …

Want to Try Intuitive Eating? Here Are 5 Ways to Get Started

Tuning in to your body’s cues when it comes to eating is easier said than done. But with practice and patience, intuitive eating is a great way to figure out what your body really needs.

The Branches of Grief Yoga

Open your heart, tap into joy, and explore the transformative healing nature of Grief Yoga.

Practices for Loving Your Belly

While “six-pack abs” are touted as the ideal, a soft and flexible belly is, by design, more useful.

How to Better Parent and Support Your Kids

30 world-renowned teachers and leaders provide insight on how to better parent and support your kids.

How to Use Jin Shin Jyutsu

Jin Shin Jyutsu isn’t well-known, but the practice promises whole-body healing, either with a practitioner or at home.

The Spiritual Meaning of Midsummer

Try this mini-ritual for midsummer, when nature teaches us to rest and be patient.

6 Veggies (and Recipes) for Optimal Gut Health

“Although all veggies are good for you, some pack an outsized punch when it comes to promoting gut health. These six vegetables, and the easy recipes that go with them, will help your inner garden grow.”

A GREAT Place to Live

Magnets attract you to a place and anchors keep you there. What are your magnets and anchors?

How to Avoid Place Blindness

Place blindness is a form of apathy that sets in when we don’t spend enough time outdoors. Overcome place blindness “to feel alive, to feel good.”

5 Best Crystals for Focus

Can’t concentrate? Wear, carry, or display fluorite and other crystals for focus.

Vocal Yoga: 5 Ways to Activate the Power of Your Voice

Connect with the power of your voice to amplify release and healing through your body using vocal yoga.

6 Ways to Declutter Your Mind

Let go of unnecessary mind baggage

Where to Find a Spiritual Emergence Coach

Meditation, yoga, retreats, and intensives can accelerate growth but sometimes result in disorientation and an urgent need for radical change in work, relationships, and personal values. We can learn how to manage this within ourselves and to support others.

The True Nature of Auras

Understand the energy behind an aura.

Combat Loneliness by Expanding Your Circle of Concern

“As your circle of concern becomes larger, the field of loneliness for yourself and others will become smaller.”

Why Ayurveda Quizzes Aren’t Helpful

We like to believe we know ourselves. But is that enough for determining our dosha?

Resolution Solution: Holistic New Year's Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions never seem to stick. Explore a more holistic approach.

James Canton Sits for Two Years Under an Ancient Oak Tree

What secrets lie in the branches of an 800-year-old oak tree? Teacher and futurist James Canton reflects on the connection between humanity and the oak tree, and ultimately, nature’s role in human redemption.

When You Finally Go on a Retreat ...

What to keep in mind—and what to steer clear of when deciding on a retreat.

10 Ways Pets Improve Mental Health

In their emotionally connected presence, pets can be a powerful ally for optimal mental health.

4 Ways to Bring Your Authentic Self to Work Every Day

Authentic people live according to four practices that you can adopt in your daily life.

6 Ways to Ease Acroparesthesia

Acroparesthesia is often a burning feeling in your hands or feet and can cause pain, discomfort, and anxiety.

Five Kinds Of Breaths Everyone Should Take

Breath is life—something we take for granted, but couldn’t do without. In times of stress or grief, often we hear advice to “take a deep breath.” But sometimes deep breathing becom…

8 Ways to Make Naps Work for You

Before you hit the hay midday, consider these napping pitfalls and tips.

The Effects of Yoga Nidra on the Brain

Yoga nidra affects the brain by shifting brain waves into a beneficial state of regeneration and repair.

Supporting Someone in Spiritual Emergency

As increasing numbers of people are experiencing a spiritual crisis, it is important to know what it is, how to manage it personally, and how to effectively support someone else.

Hot Mugs and Mocktails to Induce Calm and Boost Health

Sip mindfully with matcha, masala spice, and more.

Moving Into Dharma

Move across the country and learn to survive cold winters? If that’s your dharma, embrace it.

Splitting: A Neuroscientist Shares the Inside Scoop

Splitting headache? One myth busted: That chocolate you ate is not the cause. We get the inside scoop on headaches from neuroscientist Amanda Ellison.

Joy From the Little Things Will Keep You Healthy

Research shows that positive experiences can reduce symptoms of chronic inflammation.

Is It Time for a Robopet?

Robo-dog? Sounds straight out of a sci-fi movie. Technology has come a long way since the 1997 release of the Tamagotchi. Still, today robopets continue to bring comfort and cure loneliness.

Follow Your Curiosity: Find Your Purpose

Ready for your magical wake-up call?

A Healing Crisis After an Energy Treatment

Although it is not common to experience a healing crisis after an energy healing treatment, here are nine tips for moving through the process.

Awake: The Life of Yogananda

New documentary explores the dimensions of yoga through the life of the man who brought it to America.

How to Release Your Fears

“While the ‘suddenlies’ of life are unavoidable, when they appear in front of you, it can be helpful to draw on memories of times in the past when you got through something you thought would crush you. Doing so can help you find the courage to trust that this too shall pass and you will be up for the challenges ahead.”

3 Essential Practices for Gratitude

Experience more fullness of heart with these exercises embracing gratitude as a spiritual practice.

Self-Care Secrets for Your Busy Lifestyle

How do we remain healthy while successfully navigating a type-A lifestyle?

How to Push the Emotional Reset Button in an Amygdala Override

Techniques for trying to calm down when your brain overreacts.

The Spiritual Meaning of Foot Pain

When we confront obstacles, our feet may be the first to know it. The spiritual meaning of foot pain lies in our direction and the path we’re on.

4 Lessons on Forgiveness From a Rescue Dog

Maggie the Wunderdog was shot, attacked, and left for dead, but, thanks to a rescuer, survived, is thriving—and is loving. Here are four lessons on forgiveness rescue dogs like Maggie teach us.

Breath as Prayer

Many forms of prayer take the same amount of time to complete. This time—especially with 5.5-second breathing—has powerful physiological benefits.

11 Foods to Support Your Immune System

Add these foods to your diet during times of high stress. They can help keep your immune system functioning optimally so you can stay healthy and fight off illness.

What the Cicadas Can Teach Us About Sex & Sacredness

We experience the cicadas’ life cycle as sound, sex, then silence. The coming brood makes us mindful of our own sexuality and connection to the earth.

The Joy of Thanks

Shifting into gratitude not only feels great, research shows that it is powerfully healing.

New Ways to Get Outside

Cause for optimism: A boom in stunning public parks!

Planning a Heart-Centered Thanksgiving

Animal chaplain Sarah Bowen shares how she has re-crafted her Thanksgiving to be more compassionate and rejuvenating.

Finding Joy in Simplicity

Let go of being weighed down by an overly complicated life.

Benefits of Catnip … For Humans Too!

Repel mosquitos, chill out, and get a good night’s sleep with catnip.

Spirituality, Mental Health, and Therapy: The Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

Spirituality and mental health are often thought of as two separate tracks in a person's life. This six-part series aims to begin stitching them together, along with therapy, to reveal the critical areas where they influence each other.

7 Stress-Busting Adaptogens

Adaptogens are stress-busting herbs and mushrooms that can help the body find balance in the face of daily stress.

How to Communicate With Pets on an Energetic Level

“Our pet companions negotiate everything about our vital relationship with them through energetics. But how can we receive and interpret our pet companion’s various messages?”

Ayurvedic Abhyanga: The Benefits of Self-Massage

Reap abhyanga self-massage benefits by anointing the body from head to toe with warm oil before showering.

5 Cold Therapies for Healthy Aging

From “frotox” to full-body immersion, consider five intriguing cold therapies for inflammation, depression, and more.

Sustainable Activism for Animal Lovers

Self-care tools for people who advocate for the more-than-human world.

Fact Checking Religion

Got questions? Rabbi Rami has answers.

Can Mudita Save the United Nations?

Musings on Buddhism’s ‘Sympathetic Joy’, FOMO and the Global Climate Crisis I have a confession to make: I am in recovery from FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). I became acutely aware o…

5 Ways to Practice Grounding for Spiritual Renewal

“Thirty minutes spent grounded and expressing yourself through visual arts is 30 minutes of fresh, pure creative energy flowing through your body and infusing your cells—to flush old energy out and wash in new life, giving energy on a spiritual level! … A renewal of spirit.”

11 Affirmations for When You’re Feeling Lonely and Isolated

Try these 11 affirmations for overcoming loneliness and bringing peace and spirituality to your solitude.

Balance Is as Close as Your Body’s Rhythm

“All of your biological subengines are interdependent; eating patterns affect sleeping patterns, sleeping and exercise patterns affect alertness and metabolic health, and so on.”

5 Vibrational Healing Methods for Chronic Pain and Body Aches

Vibrational healing isn’t new, but it has recently become more mainstream.

Are You Ready to Try a Vedic Meditation Mantra?

What makes a mantra? Discover how chanting Vedic meditation mantras creates healing energy.

5 Tips to Support Change With Flower Essence Therapy

After several intriguing exchanges abroad, a woman named for a fragrant plant embraces the power of flower essence therapy.

Stressed Out? Make a Checklist.

This one simple strategy can help you significantly reduce your anxiety and stress.

Learning Spirituality From Animals

Animals of all kinds, especially the ones sharing our home, can be our spiritual guides and healers if we pay attention.

Existential Angst and Social Media

Using social media can be bad for your health. Existentialist wisdom can help remove the angst from digital life.

7 Suggestions for How to Spiritually Connect With Nature

Fallen out of alignment with your natural self? Find out how to spiritually connect with nature.

Practices for How COVID-19 Can Create Lasting, Positive Change

“As we find ourselves in the midst of various stages of reopening across the globe, our collective memory of this disaster can either fade away into history or become a drumbeat for a more just, equitable and sustainable society.”

Becoming a Grown-up in Middle Age

Accepting (even embracing) challenging emotions takes practice, but it's never too late.

4 Nutrition Tips to Help Manage Your Anxiety

For anxiety management, try putting on your nutrition armor of adequacy, consistency, balance, and permission to enjoy food.

Yin Yoga for Fear, Anxiety, and Confusion

Use yin yoga to target the channels of energy that fear, anxiety, and confusion flow through. Then release these emotions.

Spiritual Dreamwork: A Case Study

Drop into another’s dream to explore natural spirituality in action.

Seeing a Spiritual Sky

Seeing a spiritual sky is about “imaginative ego-transcendence.”

Mental Health and the Black Lives Matter Movement

Far too many in the Black community are suffering in silence. Mental health, particularly stopping suicides, must be part of the BLM conversation. Here are three barriers to care we must overcome and four ways to make lasting change.

Empaths & Animals: A Special Relationship

Authenticity, a minimal amount of emotional work, and the ability to gain trust are just some of the reasons empaths value their relationships with animals and with nature.

What Does It Mean to Be a True Empath?

Empathetic people's hearts go out to others. True empaths feel others’ happiness or sadness in their own body, which can lead to emotional overload.

10 Tips To Getting Fit In The New Year

Here are 10 tips to ensure success this year

Yoga for Acne

A flush of blood and energy to the face in an inversion pose is just one way yoga can help clear skin.

Setting Your Ayurvedic Clock

The Ayurvedic clock tells time in 4-hour dosha blocks. One of these is optimal for falling asleep; another for the best rest.

Polyvagal Theory: The Stories We Inhabit

How do you inhabit the stories you tell yourself? Polyvagal Theory expert Deb Dana navigates you through the overwhelm of your dorsal and sympathetic stories into ventral safety.

6 Vibrational Healing Practices for Anxiety and Excessive Overthinking

Anything and everything you ingest has a vibration, so be mindful and bring an awareness of spiritual vibration energy to each experience.

Lakshmi’s Spiritual Path of Pleasure

The Goddess Lakshmi is pleasure incarnate. Discover 12 ways to honor her.

Beyond Optimism and Pessimism

What’s up with being in the world but not of it? And why do bad things happen to good people?

10 Relaxing Chair Yoga Exercises

Pause. Breathe. Repeat.Whether you're injured, lack mobility or find yourself stuck in an office chair, there will be times you’re not able to practice yoga in the traditional sens…

8 Herbs for Ayurvedic Skincare

In ancient Ayurvedic texts, the Sanskrit word used for dermatological issues—kuṣṭha—roughly translates to “that which pulls beauty out of the skin.” Try these Ayurvedic skincare herbs for healthy skin.

The Art of the Lunch Break

Besides taking a lunch, holding meetings while walking and doing body scan meditation at your desk are two more examples of mindfully returning to the office.

Sound Healing: What’s Your Solfeggio Frequency?

Sound healing benefits include stress relief, better focus, and energy alignment. And it all depends on the frequency you’re listening to.

Writing Letters: A Spiritual Practice

Looking for a new practice to calm the mind and connect with others? Try writing an old-fashioned letter.

The Future of CBD

The hugely popular cure-all isn't going anywhere, but what happens next?

Be Your Own Healing Crisis Guide

A healing crisis is any event in which you feel worse on your way to feeling better. Seeing your healing crisis as a nonlinear journey will help you arrive at the destination of improved health.

Sick Sounds

Anthropophonies—soundscapes made by humans—might be making you sick.

5 Ways to Calm Down During COVID-19

It’s a pandemic and you’re a stress ball. Here are 5 ways to catch your breath and calm down.

Mysticism of the Breath

Mysticism of the breath is an ancient, and appropriately timeless, tool for healing and spiritual awakening.

Preventing Sciatica

Sciatica can be debilitating. Preventing sciatica requires some life changes, but it’s worth it.

Strengthening Porous Boundaries

Personal boundaries are determined by childhood conditioning. Those with porous boundaries can shore them up by “reparenting” the lower chakras.

Best Retreats for the Active Traveler

The spiritual path leads toward “total aliveness” and entails peace and calm and simplicity, but it may also include bucket-list-level indulgence. The problem of course is that the…

Pain, Our Greatest Teacher for Growth

“Pain can turn our world and our internal compass upside down and shove us into darkness. Simultaneously, however, pain can shock us or catapult us out of everyday autopilot.”

Mindful Decisions for Critically Ill Pets

How do we choose on behalf of another being and make sound decisions when we’re emotionally bereft?

Death Is But a Dream: Finding Hope and Meaning at Life's End

In his book Death Is But a Dream: Finding Hope and Meaning at Life’s End, hospice doctor Christopher Kerr offers a glimpse into what happens at the end of life. “What the dying fear most is not death but the loss of a life they can recognize as their own. Ultimately, to die well is to humanize dying from an irredeemably grim reality to an experience which may also be rich in meaning and love.”

Women’s Circles: A Sacred Space to Celebrate the Divine Feminine

“Women’s circles are a gathering of women, for women. These sisterhood meetings give women a safe space to connect, share, and empower.”

CBD Resources


What's Missing From Medicine: A Physician's Take on Overcoming Chronic Illness

Saray Stancic, MD, board-certified physician and the subject of the documentary Code Blue, explores what's missing in medicine and chronic illness treatment.

Stop Trashing Your Relationship

"It’s hard to admit the awful things we do and say and don’t do and don’t say that cause harm to those we love. All those unskillful choices boomerang back to cause suffering to us as well."

Seven Keys to a Good Death

Is a “good death” just an oxymoron?

Menopause Symptoms Got You Down? Here’s How to Stay Positive

Menopause symptoms are a harsh reality of life. But “they should be seen not so much as the end of the reproductive years but as the beginning or rebirth of a whole new you.”

Healing Generations of Pain

One of the founders of Earthbound Farm ignored the present-day consequences of her family’s past. Until she needed to heal.

21 Ways to “Give Good No”

Saying “no” can be really hard. But Christine Carter has a three-step plan to get there.

Best Retreats for the Multi-Generational Family

“In the old days, the elders knew the stories of their sons—because they lived together,” writes Sam Keen his in beautiful new joint memoir Prodigal Father, Wayward Son: A Roadmap …

Clink, Rustle, Clack, Swoosh: The Basics and Benefits of ASMR

ASMR calms and engages with materials that clink, rustle, clack, swoosh, brush, smoosh, and slurp.

100 Sounds and a Culture of Listening

With inspiration from a sociological program in Japan, explore new, more intentional ways of tuning into sound.

Be Happy the Greco-Roman Way

You can thank the ancients for everything from democracy to libraries, the alphabet to zoology. What do they say about happiness?

Is Now the Best Time to Fast? The Doctor Says Yes

Dr. Andreas Michalsen, author of The Fasting Fix, uses fasting to treat a number of diseases from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and hypertension to cardiovascular disease, early stages of dementia, Crohn’s disease, and irritable bowel disease.

Dr. Susan Sands on the Pleasures of Living in an Aging Body

“Not letting ourselves age is a way of not letting ourselves live.”

How an Earthier Christianity Might Save Us

An interview with author Fred Bahnson about the limits of activism and what an earthier Christianity might look like.

Addressing Trauma Through Yoga Practice

Hala Khouri has been a yoga teacher for over 25 years. She is a therapist and somatic experiencing practitioner. She uses her practice to address trauma, stress, and anxiety on a spiritual and physical level.

Self-Compassion: How to Value Yourself

The secret to empowered action is learning not to beat yourself up.

How to Embody Kindness

Willa Blythe Baker sits down to discuss her somatic mindfulness journey.

100+ Books We Love

Dive in to our special section on 100+ books we love.

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