Hand Reflexology for the Full Moon

Hand Reflexology for the Full Moon

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The energy of the full moon invites a release of all that no longer serves us. Energize these hand reflexology points to support a feeling of gratitude, expansion, and letting go.

As the moon reaches her peak, sitting bright and full in the night sky, take the time to contemplate all that you have achieved so far, filling your heart and thoughts with gratitude for how far you have come and for the gifts that each day brings us.

Life is good and you can lean back and take a breather as you contemplate all that you have.

Having accomplished so much, you must create room to breathe and fill into your expansiveness. Now is a time of re-adjustment and release, releasing the parts of your life that have served their purpose and are no longer needed.

In order to continue to be open and accepting of the new impulses that enter your life, you must create space for it to enter by releasing and letting go of things, people, and emotions, that no longer serve your purpose. For that reason, the energies of the Moon when she is at her peak can feel intense and overwhelming, invoking many feelings all at once, forcing them to the surface for release.

To continue to invite in the new, you must let go of the old.

Hand Reflexology Points to Activate

Reflexology points for the full moon right hand

Point 1: The Solar Plexus. The Solar Plexus is where we store a lot of our emotions, becoming congested and overwhelmed when we don’t address our emotions, keeping them locked in and away from ourselves. Emotions can feel quite overwhelming during the Full Moon, as we address the areas of our life that can be sticky and uncomfortable.

Place your left thumb over the solar plexus reflex on your right hand, and simply hold here for a minute or two. Take some deep breaths in for 5 seconds, and out for 5 seconds. Your hand might start to feel hot and the reflex might start to feel tender. This is normal and means that you are slowly beginning to shift some stagnant energy.

Allow any emotions to release that may come up to the surface. Let them go. Breathe into the gratitude for the lessons that they have taught you.

When you have held the reflex on your right hand for a minimum of a minute or two, work the reflex on your left hand.

Point 2. Amygdala. The amygdala is the part of your brain which helps process your emotions. Apply a gentle, rotational pressure just below the tip of your thumb with the thumb of your free hand for a couple of minutes, letting your mind clear of all unwanted thoughts and feelings.

Point 3. Heart. This reflex can only be found on the left hand. Gently massage with your right thumb in a clockwise direction, helping to support your heart with letting go, as well as mindfully filling your heart up with love and gratitude for all that you have in your life.

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Create a Full Moon Aromatherapy Rollerball

The scents decoded.

Rose essential oil (Rosa centifolia) helps support the heart during the full moon as we release emotions that no longer serve us.

A lot of energy builds in our head around the Full Moon as we consider what we are grateful for, as well as deal with the stickiness that comes to the surface of what we no longer need in our life. Patchouli (Pogostemon patchouli) will keep your energy grounded, drawing it down and out of your head, while Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis), will lift and boost your emotional wellbeing.

Full moon energy can often feel heavy, creating frustration and a short temper. Sweet orange will help bring a sense of lightness to your thoughts.

You will need:

10ml roller bottle
Sunflower Oil
Rose essential oil (Rosa centifolia)
Patchouli essential oil ( Pogostemon patchouli)
Sweet Orange essential oil (Citrus sinensis)

On a full moon, fill your rollerball bottle halfway with sunflower oil and add 1 drop of Rose, 1 drop of Patchouli, and 3 drops of Sweet Orange essential oils. Fill the remainder of the bottle with sunflower oil, add the rollerball and lid and gently shake to mix.

This blend will connect you to the divine feminine with the feminine qualities of Rose, balance and harmonize your mind, body, and spirit with Patchouli, and lift and rejuvenate your emotional wellbeing with Sweet Orange.

Apply to your pulse points as and when you desire.

Do not use if you are pregnant.

Read more about creating a moon practice with aromatherapy and hand reflexology.

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