Say Hello to Your Creative Soul

Say Hello to Your Creative Soul


4 ways to connecting internally.

When we talk about connection, it’s often in terms of the external, of reaching out to other people. But what about connecting internally, with aspects of ourselves that we feel are unfulfilled? Many of us want to inhabit a more creative life, but aren’t sure how to tap into that rich resource that lies within. For this week’s Healthy Habit, here are a few ways to invite in that connection.

Make Choices More Fun

Create spontaneity in your life by adding a game-like environment. Instead of a chore list, for example, create a chore spinner and spin to see what task to take on. Rather than writing down a pro/con list, try the app created by Jonathan Jackson, which mimics his spatial form synesthesia. Called ChoiceMap, it helps with everything from picking a baby name to knowing which job offer to accept. And don’t forget the old picking numbers out of a hat: Write choices down and pick them, whether you’re trying to decide where to go to dinner or which vacation destination to try next.

Play With A Child

Many of us, parents included, feel shy with actually playing with kids, but it’s a great way to loosen up creative energy. Playtime doesn’t need to be fancy—there’s always tag, hide-and-seek, Simon Says, building a fort or setting up an indoor obstacle course. There are even books on this, such as The Art of Roughhousing, for those of us who need a nudge.

Set A Noodle Timer

Whether you are a musician, painter or poet, set an alarm for 20 minutes and throw yourself into the art of noodling around. Let the creative process flow from the beginning, without judgment, and see what intriguing ideas flow out. This is entirely different from practicing, project-ing, or performing. It’s fooling around time, and it’s essential.

Use Your Hands

Research published in the journal Cognitive Science suggests that moving our hands plays a huge role in how we think and in our overall wellbeing. The theory is called embodied cognition, and looks at things such as how hand gestures can affect change in our behavior. Boost your creative spark by using your hands to eat finger-food-friendly items; knead bread; mold clay; knit; brush an animal.

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