Rev. Leng Leroy Lim

The Rev. Leng Leroy Lim (M.Div., MBA) is the co-founder of Love Power Justice, as well as an executive coach and trusted advisor to senior leaders of global organizations, working in a wide range of industries throughout Asia, America, and Europe. His focus is to help leaders both achieve profitability and take responsibility for forming purposeful organizations that understand their duty to contribute to the wellbeing of wider communities and our interconnected planet as a whole. Leng has been an ordained Episcopal (Anglican) priest for the last 22 years. 

Born in Singapore, his life as a committed Christian began at age 13 when he responded to the preaching of the gospel at an evangelical rally. His early formation was in conservative charismatic Anglican churches that emphasized religious experience but coming out as a gay man meant moving on to a more progressive context for his Christian journey. He went on to pursue theological studies and prepare for the ordained ministry at Union Theological Seminary (New York) and Harvard Divinity School, where he expanded his religious commitment and vision through the exploration of liberation theology and the progressive social gospel. Leng is a partner at MindKind Institute, a coaching and advisory company focused on mindful leadership and organizational change. He co-founded SEALNET, an international nonprofit that mentors Southeast Asian young adults to become citizen leaders. He is married to Dr. Home Nguyen, and resides in New York.

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