Kathryn’s Favorite Stories from 2019

Kathryn’s Favorite Stories from 2019

Photo of Nadia Bolz-Weber by Paul Miller

“Becoming Shameless: A Conversation with Nadia Bolz-Weber,” and three more stories that meant a lot this year to S&H Wellbeing Editor Kathryn Drury Wagner.

I worked for S&H so long as a freelancer, the year I actually started is murky. What I do know is that S&H has always been one of my favorite clients.This spring, I was absolutely thrilled to be asked to join the brand as Wellbeing Editor.

S&H is such a positive influence on me. I get to spend my days reading about self-care, spirituality, optimal nutrition, religion, books ... basically, inspiring wisdom from all sorts of traditions and perspectives. If I am meditating, attempting a vegan soup, or detoxing some part of my home or life, it is all S&H’s fault.

As we close in on a new decade, I looked back on the stories and content from 2019 to select a few personal favorites:

I am honored to work with Rabbi Rami on our podcast, “Essential Conversations,” and though I listen to every episode multiple times for my job, I listened to Rabbi Rami’s interview with Pouria Montazeri extra times over. Pouria has a deep understanding of the mystical poet Rumi, and a radiant presence. If you have not yet checked it out, hear the interview here.

I was saddened by the passing of Baba Ram Dass in late December, and it was amazing to see the response we got to our reflections and appreciations. He meant a great deal to so many people in the world, and seemed especially important to S&H readers. Read some of our coverage on Ram Dass.

I also loved all the comments that came from our story “What’s the Weirdest Thing You’re Grateful For?” Our readers wrote in with answers like avocadoes, quarks, Midol, and indoor plumbing. It was a wonderful assortment of gratitude, indeed.

In our print edition, a favorite story was “Becoming Shameless: A Conversation with Nadia Bolz-Weber.” (Subscriber login required.) In my opinion, Bolz-Weber is one of the coolest humans out there. I hope to spend 2020 with people just like her: smart, spiritual, open-minded.

What were your favorite stories? What would you want to see more—or less— of in 2020? Let us know at [email protected].

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