5 Vibrational Healing Methods for Chronic Pain and Body Aches

5 Vibrational Healing Methods for Chronic Pain and Body Aches

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Vibrational healing isn’t new, but it has recently become more mainstream.

If you consistently wake up feeling aches and pains even after a full night’s sleep, you’re not alone. A recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 50 million American adults—20.4 percent of the U.S. adult population—have chronic pain, defined as pain most days or every day for at least the past six months.

Treatment options usually include medication, acupuncture, physical therapy, biofeedback, massage therapy, psychotherapy, and behavior modification, but even the most tried-and-true methods focus not on curing the pain but on managing it.

What if there were a better way to feel and an easier way to heal? The solution could be as simple as raising your vibes.

Vibrational Healing: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Use

Vibrational healing isn’t new, but it has recently become more mainstream. Believe it or not, the idea of “vibes” has been around a lot longer than the experimental 1960s and the groovy ’70s. In fact, the concept has been embraced by wise sages, gurus, shamans, and spiritual teachers for centuries.

The principle of vibration states that all things, both physical matter and spiritual energy, hold a certain vibration. Even science tells us atoms are in constant motion, as is the universe itself. When we’re “vibing high” we’re able to avoid low-level frequencies that don’t serve us. Low energy, such as fear, shame, and guilt, isn’t bad—it’s part of the full human experience and expression of life—but when we stay in these lower vibrations for too long, they can lead to other health issues, including anxiety, addictions, depression. And even body aches.

Vibrational Healing for Aches & Pains

When it comes to feeling better, these vibrational healing methods can work wonders to ease aches and heal the body.

1. Befriend your body. If your body aches, the first thing you can do is befriend it. So many of us are disconnected from our bodies and focus on the outside in—focusing on losing weight, toning up, or looking younger or more attractive—when in actuality our bodies have incredible wisdom to share with us when we focus on the inside out. Often we are mad at our bodies when they don’t function optimally. These hateful thoughts have a negative charge and affect our ability to heal. Practice self-compassion and send your body kind thoughts.

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    Also, pay attention to how your body feels and where and when it is hurting. Louise Hay, the author of You Can Heal Your Life, shares that all causes of symptoms are from a spiritual perspective and vibrational discord. Illness, however mild or severe, is an indicator of your emotional state, caused by your thoughts and focus. If you want to change the outcome and heal your body, first focus on your energetic thoughts about life as they are all connected. Your body can be your master teacher and has great wisdom for you. Our bodies can also heal themselves when we trust and allow the process.

    2. Work with an energy healer. People who practice energy healing trust the fact that everything is made of energy, including our bodies, emotions, and thoughts. As energy beings, our bodies are connected to the earth and the rest of the universe in unseen ways. The energy of your body connects to the energy of everything around you, and one can influence the other. Working with a practitioner of reiki, massage, acupuncture, chakra healing or sound meditation can help balance the body.

    3. Move and groove. Dancing, walking, and yoga are all excellent ways to shift vibrations and move energy. If you are experiencing chronic pain, you can tune into gentle yoga poses to go deeper into both your body and mind, freeing up stagnant energy and raising your vibration.

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    Plus, the more you move, the more your energy vibrates, so when you feel low, try a flowing Pilates or yoga class, swimming, or a gentle nature walk. For exhaustion, a soothing yin posture such as Child’s Pose can really help reset the system and raise your mood. Be gentle with yourself and love your body through the process.

    4. Connect with crystals. Crystals have been used for thousands of years to help boost positive energy and vibrations. When you hold a crystal in your hand, you might not immediately understand the motion circulating within the stone. After all, the crystal isn’t moving to the naked eye. Yet, the chemical and molecular structure of healing crystals is a composition of powerful, moving energy. It’s this energy field and frequency within the crystals that give the healing properties.

    When choosing a crystal for healing, pick a time-honored and beloved stone, such as lapis lazuli, which contains celestial healing properties by activating the throat chakra; moonstone, because it harnesses the power of the moon and invites body balance, harmony, and intuition; and rose quartz for self-love and celestial healing properties. You can wear them on your body, place them around your home, or simply carry one in your bag or pocket.

    5. Eat whole, organic, sustainable foods. Whenever you can, try to eat whole, plant-rich ingredients and pay attention to how eating certain foods makes you feel. Sometimes the foods we eat cause physical discomfort. Learning what agrees and doesn’t with you can help harmonize your body as well. When you eat food, hold your hand over the food before you ingest and repeat the mantra “I honor the space in which you exist. I only want the frequency that is for my highest good to go into my body, and work with harmony for my ultimate wellbeing and balance.”

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