Aleesha Jordan

Aleesha Jordan is a California-based professional development and emotional wellbeing expert who gets heart-centered business events aligned, organized, and launched. She’s the creator of the Energy Mapping™ Method (EMM): a framework to develop confidence and balance during the creative process by generating harmony between your aura, your business, and your clients.

Aleesha’s EMM Method is used in program development strategy, launch style, and virtual event styling for emerging entrepreneurs, as well as veteran heart-centered business owners that need something fresh in their biz. She uses color, interior design, and HeartMath for a well-rounded approach to supporting clients. Get your free 4-step guide on how to use the color blue to improve your emotional well-being here:

4 Ways Color and Interior Design Improve Emotional Wellbeing

If positive affirmations aren’t doing the trick to lift your mood, consider work…