5 Tips to Transform Your Life for Success and Growth

5 Tips to Transform Your Life for Success and Growth

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Rebirth is an innate part of life. Explore these five tips to help you transform whatever part of your life needs a fresh start.

We often read and hear about amazing transformation and success stories—does it ever make you wonder how such a small percentage of people actually achieve their dreams? How would you feel if you were living the life of your dreams? What would you do? How would you be different to how you are now?

We’re all made up of the same elements, so if dandelions can transform so dramatically during each seasonal lifecycle, we should be able to transfer that same principle to people, too. The dandelion is still a dandelion; however, it completely transforms seasonally. Birth and rebirth are a natural part of our lives, so let’s see if we can help free ourselves to better follow our true nature.


Transformation is about change, so take some time to reflect on the areas in your life you’d like to make changes to benefit your success and growth. An example of areas that you may want to transform could be your physical health, your mental wellbeing, the amount of free time in your day, your career, or your connections with family and friends. Identify and write down your three key areas and keep them where you can see them every day.

When you write them down, you’re communicating your wish to the Universe and focusing your energies on these areas. Keeping them visible allows you to consciously focus on them daily and subconsciously, you’ll start directing your thoughts and energy to them.


True success is personal, as opposed to what the world, society, and others classify as success. Identify what success looks like for you. It could be traveling more, getting a better paying job, working less, being financially free, upgrading your house, participating in social activities regularly, or discovering a hobby.

Create a vision board by printing, drawing, or cutting out pictures of what you see as your success criteria. Seeing these visuals consciously or being aware of them subliminally within your energy field will direct your energies towards those things. Remember to be intentional when creating your vision board by visualizing your Self achieving these things and focus on how you feel. Bringing positive and high- vibration emotions into your visualizations makes them more powerful.


When we’re in the day to day, it’s hard to see when we’ve achieved something or objectively consider what we can do in terms of our actions and behaviors to stay or get back on track. Growth happens in stages, like seasons. So, as we consciously take actions that lead us to our successes, we must be consistent and learn to balance our needs at different times in the cycle.

Check in with yourself frequently—this is the thing that many of us never do because we’re so focused on getting through the day or the week. Checking in with yourself will allow you to bring your attention to where you’re at, so that you can assess how you can continue on your path or course correct your way to transformation and success.

5 Positive Steps Towards Your Own Transformation

  • Write down the three key areas you want to transform in your life

  • Create a vision board that’s creative and fun

  • Set intentions for your vision board

  • Bring positive emotions to the creation of your board

  • Check in with yourself monthly or quarterly and course correct as needed

When we take responsibility and ownership and are accountable for our transformation, success, and growth, we learn that it’s our choice to better ourselves in the areas that are important to us. What many of us find challenging is when we make a plan to transform our life and if things don’t go as planned, we see ourselves as failures and give up.

Instead, how about trying regular reviews with yourself and refocusing or strategising on what may need to change in your plan to continue your growth? For free tools and access to the Understanding Your Inner Child mini-course, subscribe here.

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