From the Editor: Sacred Rest

"Beloved" painting by Flora Bowley

Flora Bowley

I don’t think of wellness as requiring a lot of new insights or cutting-edge science. The basics are, well, basic. Remembering them and honoring them—that’s the trick, along with understanding that we’re not exceptions to basic human physiology or psychology. Rest is probably the most basic part of wellness. The biggest no-brainer. If our bodies, brains, or souls are tired, we should rest if we can. If our lifestyle, year after year, pushes us to function while fatigued in our body, our brain, or our soul, we should question our lifestyle if we value our own wellbeing. The life of working really hard and being stressed and unhappy so that we can afford a vacation that we desperately need because our life is miserable ... doesn’t make any sense. It’s obvious. It’s basic. But the hammer meets the nail when we take what we know out into the world. We start to forget. The basics are covered up again and again—so they need to be revealed again and again. I have a picture on my wall that I like because, for me, it’s dense with layers of meaning. (It’s the same picture that accompanies this note.) On …

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