The Pelvic Floor Path to Women’s Sexual Wellness

The Pelvic Floor Path to Women’s Sexual Wellness

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There is wisdom held in the pelvic floor. Explore an easy and powerful breathing practice to reconnect with your root.

The pelvic floor is the seat of a woman’s most powerful potential, and a healthy pelvic floor is at the foundation of sexual wellness. Pleasure, creativity, and balancing her body’s energy flow—the benefits of a healthy pelvic floor are palpable and vast. Whether she is looking to reduce pelvic pain, relieve incontinence, or increase libido, every woman can develop a sixth sense with her pelvic floor to support her current stage of life.

First, a little background information for those of you who are just meeting this part of the body. The pelvic floor is a sling of tissues located at the bottom of the pelvis. There are at least three layers of tissues: muscle, fascia, and erectile tissues. These tissues hold many important parts of the body in place: the pelvic bones, tailbone, sacrum, clitoris, urethra, uterus, ovaries, cervix, and rectum.

By placement and purpose alone, the pelvic floor is set up to be balanced as a part of bigger systems of the body—musculoskeletal and respiratory. But, due to sedentary lifestyle and high stress living, we do need to pay extra attention to this part of us and work a bit harder to keep it in balance.

What Goes Wrong

The tissues in this area, just like any part of the body, can become tense and painful... but because the pelvic floor holds so many important organs, tension in this area can lead to an array of issues from sexual pain or dysfunction, to urinary pain, organ prolapse, rectal pain, or musculoskeletal issues.

On the other hand, the muscles can also become overstretched and weak from things like pregnancy, weight gain, or postural habits. Laxity and numbness affect those same important systems of the body—urinary, sexual, bowel—in different ways, like low sexual sensation, organ prolapse, or incontinence.

Aside from being absolutely no fun, issues “down there” can leave us feeling ashamed, helpless, and vulnerable. However, there is no need to feel helpless! With a little practice, you can release tension and learn effective techniques to keep this part of the body strong.

Pelvic Floor Embodiment Through the Breath

It is possible to develop a strong feeling-sense—like waking up a sixth sense—with the pelvic floor. It takes time and practice, but it’s worth it. When we awaken to this part of the body, we experience a profound sense of agency over our health, wellbeing, creativity, and pleasure. It’s like opening a box of treasures!

The breath can guide you into your pelvic bowl with less effort than you may realize. There is a very natural downward flow of energy already streaming through your body, guiding you on the descent into your pelvic floor.

The pelvic bowl is a part of a bigger experience of the breath. When we are resting, and breathing normally, there is a natural downward motion of the inhalation. Take a moment to feel this downward flow…

Breathe in…
…pelvic floor.

Accessing the pelvic bowl by means of the breath doesn’t happen by force. We don’t have to push the breath downward (and it is not recommended to do so).

Instead, allow.

Allow the ribs and hips to soften.

Allow the back body and sides to soften.

Feel the full circumference of your pelvic bowl soften to make space for the breath.

Connect With Yourself to Awaken Your Pleasure Potential

When we feel disconnected from our sexuality, have low sexual sensation, or can’t get out of our heads during sex, these are often signs that we have “retreated” from the pelvis and sex centers for one reason or another. Embodiment is the antidote to dissociation. Through mind-body techniques, we can learn to reclaim this powerful potential and step into a more blissful life!

If you want more skills to embody your pelvic floor, check out my online course Unlock Your Pelvic Potential, which will teach you the exact skills you'll need to tap into your root.

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The Pelvic Floor Path to Womens Sexual Wellness

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