Do a Sacred Home Cleanse Using Vibrational Energy Clearing

Do a Sacred Home Cleanse Using Vibrational Energy Clearing

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Just like our physical bodies, our homes can become cluttered with energy that doesn’t serve us.

When you think of your wellbeing tool kit, supplements, plant-based meals, exercise, and meditation are probably among the first things that come to mind, but do you focus on the wellbeing for your home? Just like our physical bodies, our homes can become cluttered with energy that doesn’t serve us. Using vibrational energy healing to harness the power of harmony can help recalibrate and balance your space.

Vibrational energy healing is also called harmonic healing, harmonic resonance healing, and vibrational medicine. It dates back to the ancient civilizations of the Lemurians, the Aztecs, the Egyptians, and the Chinese.

Whether you want to heal or you just want to enjoy feeling good, you can raise your vibration to a higher level and maintain that level with these sacred home cleansing rituals.


You can create a sacred space at home by lighting a candle, setting an intention for peace and harmony, and smudging a room or your whole house with birch bark, sage, or essential oil spray.

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Take a moment to determine exactly what you’re trying to purify or release from your space. You could say, “I release what no longer serves and clear all negativity. All low-vibrational energy and nonbenevolent beings within this space now leave and go to the light. I welcome into this space more divine love. May all the energy that flows through here be for the highest good of all who experience it.”

[Note: From a high-vibrational standpoint, you want to make sure all the ingredients are sourced as sustainably and respectfully as possible. The rise in popularity of smudging white sage in particular is threatening supply, so you can always consider a smudge spray or an essential oil diffuser instead. ]

Discover Purpose With Plants

According to a 2014 study published in Behavioral Sciences, “Exposure to nature offers the opportunity to display control through a temporary escape from reality.” In other words, nature has the power to instantly lift our spirits. Bringing nature inside with houseplants is one of the fastest ways to enrich your personal space and disconnect from chaos.

There are so many benefits to having greenery in your home, including fulfilling the need for companionship, reducing stress and anxiety, and promoting faster healing.

Unsure of which plant to start with? A spider plant, pothos, or snake plant is a great start for new plant parents.

Feng Shui

There’s no doubt that feng shui can help you create a high-vibe home. Feng shui is an approach to home design that prioritizes the unseen as much as the seen. It’s a collection of practices thought to help positive energy to settle in a space, such as don’t put a cactus or trashcan in your money corner (far left corner of the room when you walk in the door), as you wouldn’t want to signal to the universe money is hard to come by or going in the trash.

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By understanding that everything is energy and all energy has a vibration, we can use arrangement to increase energy flow in our space. By working with the energy of your home to arrange furniture and items, you can affect the vibrations in your home and have them work to your advantage.

Pay attention to your kitchen as well. It’s also important to keep a clean and fresh refrigerator, as it’s the vessel that stores all that nourishing food. When you’re holding on to expired food, for example, in feng shui this is a physical representation of negligence of your own health and wellbeing.

Seek Out Sound Healing

For thousands of years, sound has been utilized in various cultures as a tool for healing and finding balance. You can bring this same energy into your space by feeling into the frequency. Does it feel good when you listen? Do you feel uplifted and peaceful? When it comes to sound, we can use rhythm and frequency to facilitate shifts in our brainwaves, moving from our normal waking state (beta) to a state of relaxed consciousness (alpha) or even a meditative (theta) or sleep (delta) state. During sound therapy, tuning forks, gongs, chimes, and soft crystal bowls are used to create particular frequencies that guide the brain into a more subdued and receptive theta state. You can bring the power of music into your space with intention and purpose.


Black tourmaline is a great option if you’ve been feeling like there’s stagnant negative energy around. It’s a great crystal for clearing and creating a more positive space, whether that’s your home or office. It’s also believed to be a powerful stone for protection, with the ability to ground any space.

The vibrational energy of your space starts with you! Take this quiz to find your vibrational healing style.

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