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The Best Gifts 2022

For this year’s gift guide, we asked S&H contributors and readers for some o…

Oracle Cards: No Wrong Answers

Confused about oracle cards? Oracle experts explain what they're all about. …

Giving Experiences: 15+ Experiential Gifts for Loved Ones

Giving and receiving gifts can be a true joy. But accumulating more things can f…

Self-Care and Working from Home: Tips from the S&H Team

We're a virtual office, so we all work from home all the time. Here's some advic…

27 Ways to Keep Your Immune System Humming

Keep your immune system strong—now more than ever!

A Good Night’s Sleep

Is anything better than waking up refreshed? Are you unable to answer that quest…

10 Spiritual Leaders

For The Next 20 Years

100 Books We Love

In this, our first “100 Books We Love” special section, we celebrate our readers…

Best Books of 2017

Look to these exceptional titles as guidance to navigate your way through the jo…

Marketplace - Jul/Aug 2017

Books, services, education and products that are sustainable and environmentally…

The Company We Keep

Here are voices from the S&H staff that you don’t usually hear—involving a process called Stillpoint we’ve been using to build our company.

Marketplace - May/Jun 2017

Books, services, education and products that are sustainable and environmentally…

Our Top 10 of 2015

Read these for New Year’s resolutions worth keeping

Your Assignment: Find Your Bliss

3 Perfect Soaks at Two Bunch Palms

Surprise Yourself with a Nested Meditation

One of the more ingenious tools we’ve found for reframing a tough situation—or s…

Your Assignment: Whose Soul?

Meditate on the most difficult spiritual question of our time.

Finding the Truth of Who You Are in Your Relationship

A different kind of Valentine’s Day workshop for couples.

Would You Choose to Incarnate as You?

Lightworkers, according to Lightworker.com “believe that we are spirits playing …

Gary Zukav: The Seat of the Soul Turns 25

In 1980, Gary Zukav was awarded a National Book Award in the Science category fo…

A New Way of Understanding Marriage

An excerpt from The Zimzum of Love by Rob and Kristen Bell

5 Questions for Shakti Gawain

1. What inspired you to write about relationships?My book is based on a workshop…

Veg Out

Ready to take the leap? Suzy Amis Cameron shares her favorite resources for embracing a plant-based diet.

5 Questions for John Robbins

1. What are some of the most inspiring cultural shifts you have seen since Diet …

5 Questions for Seane Corn

Acclaimed yoga teacher and activist shares her strategy for staying connected to her practice.

Love Stories for the Ages

Writer Jane Ganahl shares some of her favorite romantic movies.

Top 10 Most Nutrient-Dense Foods

Here we count down the top 10 powerhouse foods based on nutrient density. A list…

5 Questions for Jane Goodall

Our editors sit down for an interview with renowned English primatologist and an…

Fresh Start

Try one of our favorite morning rituals to set the right tone for your day.

6 Questions for Krista Tippett

Krista Tippett is the host and executive producer of the Peabody Award-winning radio program On Being.

Homemade Healing

Stuffy nose? Flaky skin? Try our favorite home remedies for whatever ails you.

Video: Intro to Tapping

The fascination with our story The Tapping Technique led us to Brad Yates, an Em…

5 Questions for Sharon Salzberg

1. What important lesson came out of your childhood?Maybe most strikingly, the i…

A Religion of One's Own, Q and A with Thomas Moore

Thomas Moore on his new book, A Religion of One’s Own

5-Day Ayurveda Primer (Day Five)

Natural Healing Wisdom from the Chopra Center

Water Rituals Around the World

Whether they involve steaming or soaking, geothermal or heated tap water, bathin…

5-Day Ayurveda Primer (Day Three)

Natural Healing Wisdom from the Chopra Center

5-Day Ayurveda Primer (Day Two)

Natural Healing Wisdom from the Chopra Center

5-Day Ayurveda Primer (Day One)

Natural Healing Wisdom from the Chopra Center

15 Ways to Deepen Your Practice

1. Teach your practice to a novice who is hungry to learn.2. Practice in secret.…

5 Questions for Bishop Carlton Pearson

A former Pentecostal bishop, and at one time one of evangelical Christianity’s m…

Tried and True: Go-to Cookbooks

We pulled out our cookbooks, and turned to the most dog-eared and sauce-stained …

Try a Chai

Sipping this fragrant, sweet tea doesn’t just warm the heart—it provides a…

Spiritual Heroes 2013: Q&A with Stacey Kennealy

Director of Certification and Sustainability, GreenFaith

Spiritual Heroes 2013: Q&A with Paige Elenson

Executive Director, Africa Yoga Project

Spiritual Heroes 2013: Q&A with Adyashanti

Author, speaker, and teacher.

Pema Chödrön— Luminaries 2013: Reader Choice!

Here's why S&H readers chose Buddhist nun Pema Chödrön as their spiritual hero for 2013.

5 Questions for Thich Nhat Hanh

Thich Nhat Hanh (1926-2022) on what moved him along his spiritual path.

The 8 Limbs of Patanjali

Lessons on living a better life from the father of yoga.

Iced Tea Taste Test

At the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis, iced tea was the preferred drink among t…

Products: Non-dairy Ice Cream

If you’re lactose intolerant, concerned about animal welfare and the environmen…

Rabbi Shefa Gold: Giving Voice to Sacred Texts

The author of The Magic of Hebrew Chant, Rabbi Shefa Gold is also a recording a…

The Commons: Mother Tongue

Half of the world’s languages could vanish by the end of the century. With each …

Product Review: Mat-tastic!

In this week’s Products for Health Review, we look at three wonderful ways to i…

Becoming Ourselves: A great read can help us discover our highest self

Becoming Kuan Yin: The Evolution of CompassionBy Stephen Levine (Weiser Books) …

And the Livin' is Easy

What summer means to members of the the S&H family.

Product Review: Healthy Eating Web Sites

Get the stats, the recipes—and the all-important incentive—from these entertaining experts.

Product Review: Kombucha

Your S&H team puts the "mother" of all health drinks to the (taste) test.

Product Review: Greek Yogurt

Thick, creamy, and packed with protein—what's not to love?

The Humble Loaf

Product Review: Gluten-free Bread

Product Review: Chocolate

Your fearless Spirituality Squad braves the demands of a healthy chocolate taste test.

6 Ways to Get the Most Out Of a Group Fitness Class

If your resolution involved fitness, you’ll want to know how to make the most of your group classes this year!

Healthy Home: How to Practice Mindful Cleaning

Practice mindful cleaning with eco-friendly products to help maintain a healthy …

Artisanal Gluten-Free Cooking

A diagnosis of celiac disease or gluten intolerance can often come as a relief t…

Stop Slavery in Our Lifetime

Imagine one twelve-year old girl in a hotel room in Lima, Peru. She both lives i…

A Celebration of Unprotected Love

Last month we received this invitation from columnist Peggy La Cerra:Dear friend…

20 Questions for a Spiritually Compatible Relationship

We received an email from Naini Duggal, who is launching a new matchmaking websi…

Have a “Wine and Chi” Party

A simple summertime spiritual practice.

Fewer Books, More Music Means Rising Depression in Teens

Can reading more books prevent depression in young people? A University of Pitts…

How a Bad Economy Makes Us Feel Better Than Average

Here’s a surprising thought: as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, eac…

Why Switch to a Gentle Leash

Try a simple experiment. Open your hands with your thumbs touching each other. …