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Program Overview

Discover your true power, passion and Soul purpose.

If you’re constantly searching outside of yourself for something to help you live a more fulfilling life, this course focuses on bringing you to an awareness of Self. You’ll begin to reframe your mindset, enhance your decision-making process, balance your emotional wellbeing and develop a deep connection with your Self. Aligning with your Soul and finding your purpose, starts with identifying your own needs first.

Are you the type of person who…

  • always puts the needs of others before your own?
  • struggles to maintain focus?
  • repeats unwanted behavior patterns?
  • keeps coming up against obstacles?
  • is concerned that your limiting beliefs are impacting the lives of your children?
  • feels like something is missing?
  • finds it challenging to balance your energy?

Grab your free copy of my eBook, The Self-Love Journey: Empowering Parents and Professionals on my website.

Discover how to free yourself and your family from limiting subconscious beliefs by fast-tracking your self mastery with the 7 Day Release & Reprogram online course.

The 7 Day Release & Reprogram online course is specifically created for busy professionals and parents. It’s designed and structured to be completed in a few hours a day over a week, or a long weekend and includes video lessons and exercises guiding you through the 3-step A.I.R framework, plus you get all of the bonuses! Watch your life transform, as you begin to live with awareness.

To get you started on your journey to self-mastery through self-love and conscious living, subscribe for free access to the following:

  • 11 tips for Setting Healthy Boundaries cheat sheet
  • Unblock your Self masterclass
  • Understanding your Inner Child mini-course

Program Schedule

The 7 Day Release & Reprogram Course: one-time payment of £1,997.00 – sign up to learn more about this transformational course now!

*Payment plan available.

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