3 Keys to Thriving: How to Have Purpose, Prosperity, and Ease

3 Keys to Thriving: How to Have Purpose, Prosperity, and Ease

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Discover these three powerful keys to step into a purpose-filled, prosperous, and easeful life.

In my practice with my clients, I help them thrive.

I define thriving in a simple way: living your greatest purpose in a way that aligns with prosperity, and doing it with ease.

In my experience, most people have figured out one or two of these things but without all three, it is impossible to fulfill your true potential. This leaves a nagging feeling knowing that your life is not as full and satisfying as it could be.

Before I go further, let me define what I mean by purpose, prosperity, and ease.

Soul purpose is doing what you love, which allows you to jump out of bed in the morning because passion fuels your motivation. This can range from being a corporate CEO to working as a high level coach, taking a stage as a successful speaker or advocating for the environment. Everyone’s path is uniquely theirs, and a big part of it is learning to trust yourself, and following your greatest passion.

Prosperity is the financial abundance and other material resources that support you to feel that you are completely taken care of. Your soul is free to express itself because the body has what it needs.

Ease is getting off of the Sisyphean path of pushing a rock up a hill only to have it tumble back down, and then starting the process all over again. When we find ease, instead of burning ourselves out by pushing hard, we attune to a higher intelligence that shows us better ways to get to what we want (which often means shortcuts!).

When I work with my clients, I have them answer five simple questions to see if they’re thriving (or just telling themselves that they are).

Answer them on a scale of 1-5, 5 being “absolutely YES!” and 1 being “not at all.”

  1. Do you feel completely comfortable in your physical body? Is there pain, exhaustion or illness?

  2. Do you live on your terms or are you stuck on someone else’s schedule? Are you working for someone else or for yourself?

  3. Do you absolutely LOVE what you do for a living? Your passion leads to your greater purpose.

  4. Do you have financial freedom? Are you fully taken care of while bringing out your purpose?

  5. Do you let yourself receive support? If you have the lone wolf mentality you will not get very far.

If you got a total score of 10 or less, you are not thriving at all. Speak truthfully to yourself, pick yourself up, and do something about it. You deserve to have purpose, prosperity, AND ease!

If you got a total score of 10-19, you are on your way to thriving. Good job! Now just look into filling the missing gaps in your system. Decide where your tank needs more fueling. Is it in the purpose department, in prosperity, or with ease?

If you got a total score of 20-25, good job! You better get up and start teaching others how to have the amazing life that you are living! Bring your wisdom and knowledge to thousands or millions of more people. If you are already doing it, I suggest you expand it onto the global scale! You have a very important gift to give.

If you are in the first two categories and your answers point to a lack of thriving, then…

Here are three powerful tips to help you start moving towards more purpose, prosperity and ease now:

1. You need to know that you completely deserve joy and wellbeing. You must be willing to give it to yourself and accept it from others. This is not easy for many of us, and some “inner work” may be necessary for this vital step.

This also means prioritizing your own wellbeing more. Stop saying yes when you actually want to say no. Stop making other people’s needs more important than yours.

Tip: Starting today, be curious about the little nudges and desires you have to move in a certain way through your life. Start with simple things. When you want to drink water, get up and pour yourself a glass of water. If you need rest, pause what you are doing and give yourself rest. If you want to laugh and make a joke, allow yourself to do so. If you want to take a long scenic route home, go for it. And, enjoy it.

This practice starts training your nervous system and neurochemistry to follow your inner guidance, one step at the time. Plus, it trains you to believe you are worthy and deserve what is good for you.

2. Take a step beyond talk therapy or coaching that only assists on the level of the mind and positive affirmations. These modalities are wonderful and can help you let go of unhealthy stories about yourself and your world. But you need to go deeper than that. The body and nervous system need to be included in inner work. So that somatically-held trauma and limitation can be processed and released once and for all.

Part of thriving is living more from your heart and intuition, which is another way to say living more from your body rather than your head.

As a somatic therapist and founder of the SOLignment Process, I have seen thousands of times how a somatic approach creates immediate and profound changes in a way that just “talking” can’t. I highly recommend experiencing it for yourself.

3. Let yourself receive support and guidance from those who already are living a life of purpose, prosperity and ease. There is no need to try to reinvent the wheel. This is why the very best leaders have coaches of their own, and the very best therapists have their own therapists.

You cannot see your own blindspots—you need a mirror, someone who can reflect back to you what is unseen. This requires humility and courage, because you must be humble enough to admit when you need help, and courageous enough to face what you find.

This article is designed to help you FULLY thrive in your own life. If we lived in a world where everyone was thriving, the world would look very differently than it does now. We can’t fix the world’s problems if we leave ourselves broken. That is how we continue the cycle of dysfunction, inside ourselves, our families, and our world.

Thriving is not something for the elite few or for the privileged alone. Thriving is your birthright, and it begins here.

The training programs and community of the SOLignment Institute support you with that. Come join us!

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3 Keys to Thriving How to Have Purpose Prosperity and Ease

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