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365 Blessings to Heal Myself and the World

Really Living One's Spirituality In Everyday Life

This book, from the bestselling author of The Gentle Art of Blessing, will help you learn to bless all situations and people as you go through the day and add overwhelming joy and presence to your existence.

“If you dare to live this book you will be changed on the first and perhaps transformed by the last day.”

— Rabbi Rami Shapiro

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The Very Little Book Of Children’s Sayings

By: Lisa Swensen

This is a book about how children describe the world around them with witticism. This concise collection of children’s sayings reflects the innocent sweetness and funny insights of Pre-school age kids as they correspond with their teachers and parents. 

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Essential Oils For Emotional Wellbeing

More Than 400 Recipes For Everything From Anger To Worry

Featuring more than 400 step-by-step recipes, this comprehensive guide makes it easy for you to take control of your wellness and spiritual journey. Includes bath salts, lotions, diffuser scents, powders, salves, sprays, lip balms, massage oils, inhalants, and more.

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Teachings from Tibet

Guidance from Great Lamas

In this life, if we try to help others as much as we can and have as few selfish thoughts as possible, we shall experience much happiness.

Read more from His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Lama Yeshe, Lama Zopa Rinpoche and other great Buddhist lamas on our website for FREE.


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A Buddhist Retreat in Assisi, Italy

June 23 - 30, 2019

This contemplative retreat, held in a former monastery, is based on the teachings of the 8th century Buddhist sage Shantideva, and the life of St. Francis of Assisi. The schedule includes meditation, brief presentations, and excursions to the city of Assisi and other pilgrimage sites.

Amanda Romania

Amanda Romania

Communicate with Your Higher Self, Reclaim Your Spiritual Gifts and Life Purpose, Unlock Your Akashic Records

Akashic records oracle and proprietor of the Atlantis metaphysical center in Sedona. For spiritual life coaching and destiny guidance, visit our website.

[email protected]

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Atlantic University

Transformative, Inspired, Mindful.

Promote peace and well-being in your community with a Master of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology. No GRE required. Completely online program. Questions? Contact Us. | 800.428.1512
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The Great Book of Essenian & Egyptian Therapies, and The Portal of the Elves

Timeless Wisdom to Awaken and Empower the Soul

Sacred Worlds Publishing

The Great Book of Essenian & Egyptian Therapies is a must read for all body workers looking to deepen and expand their practice. A true tale of harmony and freedom between lifetimes and realms, The Portal of the Elves shares with us the exceptional destiny of an Elf who chooses to leave her world to join that of the humans.

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A Grief Coloring Book Using Ritual And Music To Help You Grow

Elaine Voci

Loss comes to everyone. With loss comes grief, a normal and healthy reaction, and resilience, the fuel that helps mend a broken heart. Written by bereavement coach, Elaine Voci, this book shows how the combined power of art, music and ritual strengthens healing. Contains original full page designs for coloring, grief-themed poetry, and resources.
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Akashic Certified Consultant

Christopher Barham

Christopher can assist individuals, family members, team leaders, business, pet, and property owners, with a wide range of healing, and guidance. For example, soul- life purpose, pain reduction, relationships, transforming frustrating patterns, house or land clearing including entities, dis- ease processes, pet concerns, business decisions, etc.
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