The True Nature of Auras

The True Nature of Auras


Understand the energy behind an aura.

Q. Sometimes I see people’s auras, mostly around the top of their head and shoulders. Why does this happen and what does it mean?

When you see someone else’s aura, it means you’re clairvoyantly seeing his or her energy field.

Everything has an aura or field, because everything is energy. The field associated with an inanimate object or a living thing is the source energy that manifests and maintains physical form.

There are some misconceptions about what is occurring when an aura is perceived. To address them, I’m going to share a bit about one of the body’s three energy systems, specifically the Etheric field.

Etheric energy is dense; it feeds energy to the physical body. Each organ, system, joint and gland has at least one chakra. Most energy modalities believe that the physical body has thousands of chakras! The Etheric chakras are fed continuous streams of energy from its aura, and three major and 72,000 minor energy channels, known as nadis. The aura surrounds the body, extending from the surface of the skin about one and a half inches.

Because of its density, the Etheric aura is what people usually perceive in others. Often times there’s a mystical, spiritual association that is prescribed to this phenomenon. Why?

When people see an aura, it is usually white, a color associated with angels, purity, spirituality, heaven. There is a misconception that a white aura must be a sighting of the embodied spirit, not the Etheric field.

Seeing the Etheric aura doesn’t diminish the magic and wonder of viewing energy. To do so, the clairvoyance system has engaged and interacted with another’s energy. That’s wonderful and exciting!

While there’s no single reason why one person’s aura is visible when others aren’t, vibration is a key factor to understand.

It’s probable that the person whose aura is visible vibrates within a similar range to the perceiver’s aura. That doesn’t mean that a perfect union awaits, or that the two are destined to meet. Rather, their vibrations are similar enough that an aura becomes visible through spontaneous clairvoyant activation.

Our vibration is like a unique energetic signature. It’s the sum of our overall wellbeing, as well as the amount of energy we carry that is organically our own, and how much belongs to others. Our vibration is influenced by the integrated as well as unprocessed experiences we’ve had in our lives.

An integrated experience is complete, sewn into the fabric of existence, without a lot of residual energy or charge. It’s become part of who we are. An integrated experience could be either positive or difficult.

For example, once the loss of a friendship is grieved and accepted, the experience will likely integrate. During the time that the loss is actively mourned, there will be lots of residual energy in the field. As acceptance emerges and new friends are cultivated, the charge diminishes and eventually dissipates.

A positive experience such as getting married, falling in love, a new baby also integrate with time. The joy, excitement, happiness creates quite an energetic charge. As the new normal of marriage, committed relationship, parenting, become the focus, the charge diminishes and the experience integrates. These experiences, positive and difficult, weave into the fabric of selfhood.

Unprocessed or incomplete experiences carry residual energy. These experiences serve as a flashpoint that can activate the clairvoyance system and enable the viewing of someone’s aura. The resonating charge in both people lights up the clairvoyance system in the viewer, and the aura in the other.

To make things more complex and interesting, the incomplete or unprocessed experiences may not be conscious for either party, nor are the experiences necessarily similar. The charge is related to emotion, not experience. In other words, the incomplete or unprocessed emotions could be from current or long forgotten experiences for either person.

So what to do when you see an aura? Smile. Know that your psychic awareness has picked up information that makes another person’s aura visible. And then carry on. There’s nothing else to do, unless you want to use the experience as an opening to a conversation.

But along the lines of ‘what sign are you’ and ‘I’m a thief and I’m here to steal your heart’, you may find telling another, ‘I can see your aura and it’s amazing’, to be unwelcome and invasive.

If you want to cultivate your clairvoyant ability, take a course to learn how to use it consciously to view your own field. It’s a powerful resource for healing and evolution and self-discovery.

Next week’s article will answer another question about auras and Kirlian photography.

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