Optimizing Music Choices for Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy

Optimizing Music Choices for Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy

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Explore how one Grammy-nominated recording artist and sound healer incorporates healing music with psychedelic medicine.

Media and popular interest is trending way up relating to recent psychedelic medicine and psychedelic-assisted therapy. Featured programs on CNN, ABC, and elsewhere report on multiple benefits for depression, grieving, and hospice patients, under professional supervision.

There are now dedicated centers in Costa Rica, Jamaica, and other places which offer curated, albeit expensive, experiences.

However, as the recent Psychedelic Science 2023 Conference in Denver proved, there is worldwide interest in do-it-yourself explorations into consciousness with microdosing.

I would imagine a fair number of S+H readers are among them, or will soon be, once it’s legal outside of Colorado.

As a sound healer whose recordings have been utilized by therapists since 1975, I am acutely aware of the profound impact that music has on consciousness. This is especially relevant in this context. Your choice of music can either support you in tuning into your innate wisdom, or distract you and be limited to the entertainment value of the music.

The goal of psychedelic-assisted therapy is to encourage the patient’s insight, resilience, and emotional healing. Given a choice, which music would you choose? Are there documented advantages of using that balances one’s biofield and brainwaves in a high-coherence state?

For millennia, indigenous healers have used hand drums, rattles, and chants. But in therapy offices or homes, many therapists and psychonauts use music that was not composed with the intention of evoking a mindful state of inner peace and balance.

How can you or a therapist make the best choice? Many psychiatrists, like Dr. Hyla Cass, find that using percussive soundtracks with harsh and loud beats interfere with her patient’s flow state. She has found that using gentler soundtracks that entrain the listener into the deep alpha and theta brainwave states yield more productive results.

In a high-coherence state, an individual is most easily and effectively able to tune into their own innate intelligence and wisdom.

But what if you are not working with a psychotherapist? Millions of microdosers are exploring their consciousness on their own, and would benefit from making more informed soundtrack choices.

My new album, Psychedelic Therapy Music, like most of my award-winning albums such as Chakra Suite and Sound Healing 432 Hz, are composed with the intention to nurture and align body, mind, and spirit. The music is enhanced with precise frequencies that balance brain waves in the alpha and theta states. These are the same states that Dr. Bruce Lipton and Dr. Deepak Chopra recommend to instruct your genes to express for optimum health and wellbeing.

According to pioneering microdose researcher and author of The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide Dr. James Fadiman, “Halpern’s psychoactive soundscapes are a beneficial addition to every consciousness explorer’s playlist.”

For more information about my recordings, videos, and articles on sound healing, visit: and

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