7 Suggestions for How to Spiritually Connect With Nature

7 Suggestions for How to Spiritually Connect With Nature


Fallen out of alignment with your natural self? Find out how to spiritually connect with nature.

The first step in spiritually connecting your body with nature is realizing you are nature—not separate from but an integral part of it all.

Your body is made up of all the same elements, minerals, and energy that make up the planet. Many quantum physicists and scholars believe everything in the outer universe is a reflection of our consciousness and our body. The percentage of water on the planet, for example, reflects the same percentage of water in our bodies, and so on.

And though it’s true we are nature-beings, we can still fall out of alignment with our natural selves.

The Nature of Wellness

Wellness is essentially being in tune with nature and aligning ourselves with the inherent wisdom that is within us all.

At a certain time of night, for example, we get tired. That’s the body’s natural circadian rhythm at work. Whether or not we choose to go to sleep at that time, however, is up to us. And not listening to our body’s (often blatant but sometimes subtle) cues could be the difference between health and sickness.

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A new study shows spending time in nature dramatically reduces stress and even has anti-inflammatory benefits. Researchers found that positive emotions experienced through nature are linked to lower levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines (proteins that signal the immune system to work harder). Connecting with ourselves (a part of nature), our body’s signals, and the great outdoors are key in optimal wellbeing.

How to Connect With Nature Spiritually in 7 Steps

1. Change your mindset. Realize that nature is not just something on the outside in your environment, but a part of your very being. The same water that flows in the ocean runs through your bloodstream. The same vitamins and minerals in nature are the very substance from which your bones and body are built. The oxygen you breathe is from a symbiotic relationship between humans and trees in which both provide the necessary element for one another to live and thrive. The fire that burns to heat up your body is the same fire in any flame or even the sun.

Your body is created from nature, and at the end of this incarnation, you give your physical body back to Mother Earth. Through meditation and physically going outdoors, you naturally and spiritually connect with your extended body.

2. Cloud-gaze and stargaze. Looking skyward can be a tool to transcend space-time reality. Many ancient civilizations looked to the stars for guidance and power. As above, so below. You are made up of stardust, and learning about the stars can take you beyond the mundane and into supreme consciousness. Cloud-gazing is a fun form of meditation, so look to the sky for that which is already within you: pure energy.

3. Go barefoot. Your skin breathes and absorbs vitamins and minerals from the Earth. If you go barefoot on the beach, for example, the negative ions from the natural salts in the sand and sea are said to have magnificent healing effects on the body. If you’re not near the sand, simply digging your feet into the dirt or soil can be of benefit. In short, let the skin of your feet touch the Earth, whether that be grass, soil, or sand.

4. Moon-gaze. We all look up at the moon at night—but have you ever looked for a long time and felt a spiritual connection with the moon? You know the moon is responsible for fluctuations in the oceans high and low tides. But did you know the moon has a significant effect on your emotional state, or your internal waters, as well? Not to mention a woman’s menstrual or “moon” cycle is directly affected by the moon’s waxing and waning. (Check out this yoga practice for moon cycles.)

5. Sun-gaze. Sun-gazing is an interesting practice that has been going on for eons. Some people even report not needing food by simply gazing into the sun during certain times of the day—typically during sunrise and sunset, during which the sun does not have harmful effects on the eyes and is even said to increase energy, vitality, and eyesight.

6. Listen to your body. It’s really simple: When you’re tired, sleep. When you’re hungry, eat. When you’re energized, move your body. When you’re in pain, listen up; ask “why?”; and nurture yourself. It may be you need a massage, a stretch, or to just slow down.

7. Get friendly with the elements. Whether that means you take a swim in the ocean or go camping in the forest—get into nature. Learn about crystals and minerals and their healing powers. Study plants, flowers, animals, and all of life’s creatures. Breathe the air in an area abundant with trees. Climb a boulder or a mountain. Listen to the birds, the wind in the trees, and all the sweet sounds of nature. Do meditative forms of movement such as tai chi, qi gong, or yoga in nature. Imagine roots growing into the ground from your feet and your arms being the branches of the tree. (What fruits do you bare and what are you grounded into?) Imagine you are a hawk in the sky. (How would you feel and where would you go?) Or imagine you are any of your favorite animals—feel their energy in your body. Because it is there.

You Are Nature

You are able to tap into any part of nature because it is inherently in you. This is the key to spiritually connecting with nature.

No matter how long you stay indoors (at a desk, under fluorescent lighting, cleaning the bathroom, and so on), the truth remains: You are nature, and nothing can take that away from you.

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