2023 July/Aug

Enlightenment Today: What It Means, How to Get There





Bless Me!

Place one hand on your heart and one hand on your lower abdomen. Focus on soft, fluid, and nourishing breaths. When you feel calm, read this blessing at least three times to yourself. Author Mara Branscombe suggests you return to this blessing as needed—or write your own blessing as if your inner elder is writing it for you and to you.

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Update From the Ashland Goddess Temple

Thirteen years ago, a geodesic dome popped up like a giant mushroom beside a hot spring near Ashland, Oregon. Here, Priestess Graell Corsini led 19 priestesses in birthing a modern-day goddess temple. Priestess Graell now says her creation has taught her “to expand my unconditional love to a level that I had no idea I was capable of.” She wrote this update…

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From The Editor


Music Review: Touch My Soul

Can you imagine contentment that goes on and on? That’s just what Ivan Neville does on the song “Might Last a Lifetime” from his danceable new album Touch My Soul. He sings, “Just …
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