A Ritual for Shedding Negativity

A Ritual for Shedding Negativity


Release the negative, celebrate the positive, and find resilience even in challenging times with this ritual.

Sometimes it feels like negativity is ruling the world. On any given day, something may happen to make us feel as if we are living under a dark cloud. Just reading or watching the news can cause a steady decline into hopelessness. The world has a shadow side, and we humans do, too. It is important to recognize that and embrace that reality. But we don’t have to let it define us and overwhelm us.

Are you ready to reclaim your resilience? Next time you feel overwhelmed by a negative feeling or experience, pause. Take a moment to breathe. Try this ritual to honor what is good, shine a light on negativity and bring it to the surface, and make new choices for a more positive tomorrow.

For your ritual for shedding negativity, you will need:

  • Two pieces of paper

  • One new pen, one old pen

  • A paper shredder (or scissors)

  • A bell or chime

  • Three candles

  • A lighter or matches

  • Three musical selections—one song that uplifts you, one that brings a sense of release, and one that inspires you deeply

  • A small bowl of fresh, pure water to bless your space

  • Something sweet to drink

Prepare for Your Ritual

This three-part ritual will encourage you to express gratitude, release negativity, and call in your true desires. Feel free to perform this ritual with a friend or partner.

Craft your sacred space and gather your materials. Read through this ritual in advance and gather all the above materials. Set them up on an altar or table to have them ready. Select and cue up your music. Sanctify the space by sprinkling water in the four directions—East, South, West, and North—and three more drops in the center of your space to symbolize above, below, and within.

Honor the Divine with light: Prepare three candles—one for the past, one for the present, and one for the future. They represent shining a light on negativity, and the protective light of the Divine.

Ring in a new future: You will have a chance to ring out old negativity and ring in new blessings. (If you don’t have a bell, the sound of the bell can be replaced by clapping your hands three times.)

Conduct a Ritual for Shedding Negativity

To begin: Center yourself. Feel your feet grounded on the earth and imagine your soul connected to the stars above. Gently call in the spirits of all four directions, as well as the spirits of above, below, and within. Then recite a prayer for protection, using whatever divine name feels comfortable: Mother, Father, or Divine Source of All There Is, please fill this place with your sacred presence and surround me with your love and protection.

Part One: Honor the Good

Light the first candle to honor the past. Play music that uplifts you. As much as negative feelings and experiences have challenged you, there is always good to be found. Take a moment to think of at least three things you are thankful for. Ring your bell (or clap your hands) three times in appreciation.

Part Two: Sh(r)ed Negativity

Light the second candle to bring light into this moment. Play music that helps you connect to the energy of release. Take the older pen in your hand and hold it to your heart as you allow yourself to remember the difficulties and negativity that have impacted you. If they arise, allow tears to flow, and when you are ready, take your pen to paper and start letting go of disappointments and distress by writing them down. When you feel you have released as much as you can, write a note to your Divine Source, and thank the Divine for receiving all of your concerns.

Symbolically shed negativity through an action that releases the list. Rip it up, put it in a paper shredder, or use scissors, and say: I honor my inner shadow and release negativity. I thank the Divine Source of All There Is for taking all that I no longer need. Thank you for transforming negative life experiences into wisdom.

Then throw the old pen into the garbage. Wash your hands before moving on to the final part of the ritual, and imagine you are washing away the worst negative aspects of life and letting them go down the drain. Ring your bell (or clap your hands) three times.

Part Three: Call in Your True Desires

Play music that inspires your heart and soul, and sway your body until you feel alive and energized. Get a fresh piece of paper and your new pen. Light the third candle to bring new light to the future, and let that future begin now by creating a list of your true desires. This will be a list of things that bring you joy, wellness, success, and spiritual growth—anything your heart desires. Putting it on paper makes it more tangible.

Write everything as if it is already accomplished. For example: Thank you for my joyful heart … my new love … my spiritual community … and the work that feeds my soul and finances. Allow yourself to feel the power of possibility with each desire you write down. You are creating your future, right now.

To close: Hopefully, you will come to the end of this ritual with a sense of release and renewal. Take a moment to sit and admire the light of your three candles. Having enacted these rites of self-care, you can use the power of the moment to send out a silent prayer for your loved ones, your community, and the world. Then raise your glass of something sweet and take a sip.

Close the ritual by thanking your Divine Source, as well as the four directions and the spirits of above, below, and within. Offer a prayer from the heart, such as: Mother, Father, or Divine Source of All There Is, thank you for guiding this ritual. Directions of the East, South, West, and North, and above, below, and within, thank you for blessing me today. Please continue to surround me in love and protection. I release and thank all the spiritual forces of the universe present here today. This ritual is now complete. Ring your bell three times in celebration.

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A Ritual for Shedding Negativity

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