Product Review: Mat-tastic!

Product Review: Mat-tastic!

In this week’s Products for Health Review, we look at three wonderful ways to improve your wellbeing. In each case, a classic mat has been transformed into something very special, with superb health benefits extending well beyond the grid. On to the goods:

Manduka PRO Squared Mat ($360)

At 40 square feet, this cushiony mat is designed for the family to practice asanas together. Transform your living space into a mini studio whenever you roll it out. The non-slip fabric finish will help little—and big—yogis hold postures longer.

Nourishmat Garden System ($79)

Perfect for those with small spaces and limited time, this 4-by-6-foot mat is essentially a paint-by-numbers for gardening. Including 82 seed bulbs and 19 plant types, its built-in irrigation plan saves 80% on water usage. Side effects include an improved diet, more leisure time, and a reduced carbon footprint.

Spoonk Acupressure Massage Eco Mat ($69.99)

A series of small, non-toxic plastic spikes attached to a 27-by-17-inch foam-filled mat stimulate the body’s acupressure points—releasing pleasurable endorphins and reducing stress hormones like cortisol—for improved mood and relaxation leading to better sleep. We like the version with the organic hemp cover over an organic cotton mat. Oh, and Spoonk made O, the Oprah Magazine’s coveted O List of 2013.

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