5 Tips to Support Change With Flower Essence Therapy

5 Tips to Support Change With Flower Essence Therapy

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After several intriguing exchanges abroad, a woman named for a fragrant plant embraces the power of flower essence therapy.

I was walking through the grand bazaar in Marrakech, Morocco, and savoring its vibrant personalities, colors, and aromas. I was in my twenties and struggling to decide whether or not to move forward with a romantic relationship.

As I admired some teacups for sale, a woman seated on a stool in front of the next booth waved for my attention. I walked over and she offered me a vial. The woman didn’t speak English, but her young daughter, who was there with her, happily translated.

“My mother says that you need this flower extract to help with decisions.”

Whoa, I thought, what a coincidence! But I had no interest in exploring the vial. For the next year, I agonized over that relationship decision, until I finally made up my mind to move on.

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Later, in my thirties, I was in Mykonos, Greece. While there, I befriended an intriguing Italian woman named Chiara who had traveled the world pursuing esoteric studies.

“You need walnut flower essence,” she said one day over coffee. Startled, I confided my Marrakech experience to her.

“Flowers don’t lie, bella! You’re sensitive, so you take in the feelings of others. Walnut is a natural vibe protector and also excellent for dealing with major changes. Maybe you have change coming?”

When I asked Chiara how she knew which essence I needed, she told me it was intuitive. She could tell by a person’s vibration which flower essence would help them. I declined her offer, but I did take note that it was the second time someone had offered me flowers to balance my wellbeing.

No Longer a Coincidence

Not long after that trip, I received a compelling job offer. The position would demand much more of me, but also offer more growth. I accepted it. As I adapted to my changing circumstances, my mind occasionally wandered back to that conversation with Chiara.

Later, in my forties, I needed help recovering from a broken heart and sought out a retreat center in Tulum, Mexico, where the spa had a menu of healing treatments. Along with exotic massages, one of them was flower essence therapy. I felt pulled towards the flowers.

Could the flower essences have been calling me all along? (And yes, I sensed an extra connection because my name is a flower.)

I no longer believed in coincidences.

Ancient Wisdom & Modern Therapy

Flower essences are included in the emerging field of subtle energy therapies. They are infusions of the vibrational qualities of flowers. Flower essences work by harmonizing imbalances between our mind, body, and soul. They are very safe and can be used by anyone either internally (under the tongue) or externally (on the skin). Their subtle effects could be either immediate or slowly unfolding.

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The use of flower essences to heal physical, mental, and emotional imbalances dates back to ancient Egypt, and they have been used by indigenous cultures throughout the world. Contemporary flower essences were first developed in the 1930s by Dr. Edward Bach, a British physician who created 38 remedies, mostly from wildflowers. His system also includes the world-famous Rescue Remedy, a blend of five flowers designed to relieve stress.

Many healers, including Bach, believed that physical manifestations of disease were strongly influenced by emotional imbalances. He assigned his remedies to emotional categories.

Today, so many of us are not the same people we were before the lockdowns. We’re viewing life differently and want to revise the blueprint that previously directed our lives. This is a process that comes with emotional challenges.

Flower essence remedies can support you through fluctuating emotions and changing priorities. A flower essence therapist helps you to identify the flowers that would be most helpful to you.

Although not a replacement for talk therapy, flower essence therapy can be an excellent complement to it. Studies have indicated that flower essences do not interfere with any medications, including antidepressants. They can help you to work through the psychological blockages that are depressing your energy.

Flower Essence Therapy Tips

During these fluctuating times, several common emotional themes have been showing up with my clients. What follows are five flower essence remedies that support the issues described.

Rescue Remedy. Stress, fear, terror, panic, trauma, severe mental anguish, tension, and numbness? This remedy balances these emotional conditions so that you can become more grounded and move forward with intention.

Wild Oat. Lack of fulfillment, without a specific path in mind, or like a fish out of water? Wild oat helps you to better determine your direction in life.

Impatiens. Impatience with others, overly independent, excessively quick in thought and action, and anxious? This flower essence helps you to become more tolerant of others, patient, and present.

Walnut. Change, distractions, and external influences tempting you away from your ideals and ambitions? Walnut keeps you steady on your path and protects you from judgment and criticism.

Willow. Feeling that life isn’t fair, “poor me,” or a degree of resentment? Balancing this emotional state with essence of willow allows you to feel greater optimism and thereby open yourself up to attracting and creating new experiences.

Flower Power = Truth

What about my flower essence therapy session in Tulum? The therapist identified flower essences to support releasing my past and blocked creativity. Shortly thereafter, I experienced subtle shifts. I felt lighter, more expressive, and craved more new experiences. Several years later, and after more than a few cycles of wild oat, I made a challenging decision to take a year off from what was a successful banking career to travel and write. What happened as a result of this decision completely transformed my life and is why I’m here today.

Flowers don’t lie.

Add to the healing bouquet with these three flower essences to build courage.

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