Signs It’s Time for an Emotional Purge

Signs It’s Time for an Emotional Purge

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Feeling overwhelmed by negativity? It may be time for an emotional purge.

Whether it is a fearful social media post, news headline, or the repeated video footage of a violent attack, these types of images and stories can have a strong negative impact on your wellbeing. A part of you may feel obligated to keep up with what is happening in the world, while another part of you knows ingesting too much will only exasperate the anxiety you already feel.

There are ways you can purge the negative energy so you can begin to emanate positive, healing vibrations throughout your body and onto the world.

Here are some signs you may have absorbed too much negativity, along with emotional purge techniques for detoxing.

Elevated Fear

Do you find yourself on high alert? Sticking close to home a little bit more than usual or checking your phone out of concern something may be happening that you ought to know about? These kinds of worrisome behaviors can contribute to bodily tension, social isolation, and shallow (upper chest) breathing. You may have an overwhelming sense of things feeling out of control and uneasiness about your future.

Emotional purge technique: To purge reactivity, consider applying light touch to certain areas of your body. Areas that are sensitive and responsive to touch are the feet, hands, scalp, and face.

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Rub some organic essential oils or massage cream on the soles of your feet or the palm of your hands. This stimulates your skin receptors, sending calming messages to your brain and gut. As a result, your nervous system will begin to reset itself: Your muscles will begin to relax, your shoulders will go down, and your breathing will begin to deepen into your lower abdominal area.

Low Energy and Fatigue

You might notice you just don’t have as much pep as you used to. This may cause you to turn down social invitations, stay indoors for long periods of time, or procrastinate on getting your work done. This is because negative energy can make you feel heavy, stuck, or frustrated.

Emotional purge technique: Soak your feet in some magnesium bath salts or soaks. Magnesium deficiency can contribute to a number of inflammatory health issues such as migraines (which often result in fatigue and lethargy). Also try adding magnesium-rich foods such as almonds, spinach, and black beans to your diet to help build your energy levels back up.


Things that you would normally be able to tolerate or maybe let go of suddenly bother you—a lot. You find yourself easily triggered and annoyed, and as a result you might not be the most pleasant person to be around. Some of your closest friends and family members may have even pointed this out to you or let you know they are being affected by your attitude.

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Emotional purge technique: There are a few ways to detox your negative mood. One highly effective and easy way is to increase time spent outdoors. If possible, soak in some rays of sunshine or feel the breeze on your face. Nature has a wonderful way of rebalancing the energy in your system. Ideally, take off your shoes and socks and feel your bare feet on the ground. The vibrations from the earth can reduce inflammation. The positive impact of earthing, as this practice is known, has been scientifically studied and documented by the National Institutes of Health, which credits the technique with having healing benefits for autoimmune diseases and chronic inflammation.

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