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The Rest Story

vector of female laying back in sacred rest


The foundation of mental, physical, and spiritual health is rest. Four rest experts provide insight on sacred rest.

Despite a high-pressure job producing films, Tracee Stanley had everything under control. Prioritizing her own wellbeing made her more effective and efficient at work—which gave her time and space to prioritize her own wellbeing. “I remember I was feeling very blissful,” she says. “I had ten different projects I was working on that I was excited about.” The company’s owner interrupted her bliss by stopping her in the hallway and asking her why she wasn’t running around frantically like everyone else in the office. “Oh, this is so interesting,” she remembers thinking. “You are so invested in grind culture that you don’t see I’m more productive than anyone in the office—because I’m rested. You expect to be able to see chaos.” The foundation of mental, physical, and spiritual health is rest. But “we live in a culture that rest shames us from a very young age,” says Karen Brody, author of Daring to Rest. “Rest, to me, is the most radical act you can do. It takes courage to change a paradigm. It’s daring because you will be shamed—perhaps by people you love.” Surrender to the Yin Time Josefa Rang …

About the Author

Ben Nussbaum is the Editor in Chief of Spirituality & Health.

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About the Author

Mallory Corbin

Mallory Corbin is a Junior Editor at Spirituality & Health. She is a Lupus Warrior and passionate chronic illness and mental health advocate.

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