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CBD is widely available, but it’s hardly the only cannabinoid. Melissa Howsam explores what’s next.

The cannabis plant contains more than 100 cannabinoids, chemicals naturally in the plant. THC (which creates the marijuana high) and CBD (which has a host of healing properties) are the best known. In full-spectrum cannabis extracts, all parts of the plant chemistry are present and work together. Broad-spectrum products go through an extra process to remove THC. And isolate products contain only one cannabinoid—usually just CBD. But that could be changing soon, as other compounds benefit from more research and enhanced extraction technologies. Here are some other cannabinoids to keep an eye on. CBG CBG is produced early in the plant’s lifecycle and is a precursor to other cannabinoids. Studies have shown CBG to reduce inflammation and nausea, combat pain, and even slow the spread of cancer cells. CBG may have promise for lessening symptoms of Crohn’s, bowel diseases, and even glaucoma. Preliminary studies have also indicated its benefits in fighting drug-resistant bacteria. The most readily available CBG-rich products are oils, tinctures, and pills, as well as smokable CBG-dominant strains. …

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Melissa Howsam

Melissa Howsam is a regular contributor and editor for magazines across the country on topics spanning self-care to skincare,...

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