Book Review: Grow a New Body

How Spirit and Power Plant Nutrients Can Transform Your Health

by Alberto Villoldo PhDHay House Inc.
reviewed by Maria Okorn
Grow a New Body

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Grow a New Body: How Spirit and Power Plant Nutrients Can Transform Your Health is certainly a title that attracts attention. But our attention—to what we eat, to what we think, to the manner in which we live—is just what scholar and shaman Alberto Villoldo asks readers to give in his transformative work. At one point overcome with disease that threatened his life, Villoldo’s writing challenges us to regenerate our own life and health using education, discipline, and an enlightened mindset.

 Conveying extensive knowledge regarding the specific biological makeup of our bodies, the book iterates how the foods we eat truly affect our thought processes and mental wellbeing. Villoldo fuses this scientific knowledge with spiritual wisdom to provide us with new, empowering stories to guide us on our journey to wellness. Following the comprehensive explanations of the importance of the nutrients that nourish us as well as the encouragement to reconstruct how we view ourselves and our connection to Spirit, the author proceeds by detailing step-by-step instructions for his Grow a New Body program.

 While the book contains comprehensive scientific descriptions, Villoldo’s explanations make the information accessible and applicable for every person. The inclusion of spiritual myths bestows inspiration to re-think the stories we tell ourselves, transforming our mind and worldview. In an encouraging, uplifting tone, Villoldo challenges readers to revolutionize our lives not only for the earthly realm, but to prepare our spirits for what lies ahead.

 With the plethora of maladies that malign our world, Villoldo insists that it is crucial that we drastically transform our lifestyle if we want to live long, healthy, vibrant existences. With serious discipline and commitment to the program, we can truly Grow a New Body  through the way we nurture ourselves. Villoldo’s wisdom and expertise can guide us on our path to wellness and wholeness, from the cell to the soul. 

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