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Becky Garrison

Becky Garrison is a storyteller/satirist based in Portland, Oregon. Follow her travels on Instagram/Twitter @Becky_Garrison or her Facebook author page BeckyGarrisonWriter.

The Spirituality of Cycling

Feel spiritual when you’re on a bike? Embrace that feeling and make a practice o…

Too Much Stuff?


Skinny Dipping as a Spiritual Practice

A skinny dipping experience can not only be incredibly sensual, but it can also …

Microdosing Psilocybin Mushrooms

Setting My New Year’s Intentions and Moving Beyond Partisan Politics With Psilocybin Mushrooms

Healing Yourself With DIY CBD Topicals

“Making my own CBD cream from seed to salve empowers me. I know I am making a pr…

Tidings of ... Anger and Joy?

Own your anger this holiday season as you go forth into 2021 prepared to transfo…

How to Use Gray Rock

“In a nutshell, think of gray rocking as turning your back on someone without ac…

How to Use EMDR Therapy

EMDR takes traumatic memories and removes the anxiety connected with them. It ca…

Quarantine Comfort With CBD

Discover how CBD can help you through the pandemic.

Being Mindful of Toxic Positivity

There's a crucial difference between a positive outlook and toxic positivity: "I…

Change Yourself to Change the World

The world needs help, but before we can save the world we have to help ourselves…

Handling Difficult Relationships by Going Gray Rock

Want to manage manipulative, triggering, altogether difficult people? Gray rock …

Tantric Touch During Times of Terror

During this time of self-quarantine, stay connected with your sensual side with …

Staying Sane with Meditative Archery

Meditative archery can help you connect mind, body, and spirit.

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