Freeing Yourself of Anxiety Feet First

Freeing Yourself of Anxiety Feet First


“How can you help yourself feel a sense of calm, reassurance, and peace? The answer is at your feet. Literally.”

Have you been feeling a little uncertain lately? Perhaps you are nervous about where the world is heading and whether coronavirus will ever go away.

You are not alone. As reported information changes daily, even the most knowledgeable authority figures are showing signs of uncertainty. So what do you do when things are moving in a direction you are unsure of? How can you help yourself feel a sense of calm, reassurance, and peace?

The answer is at your feet. Literally.

For thousands of years, yogis and spiritual and religious leaders have looked at rituals such as washing your feet or walking barefoot to symbolize high consciousness, connection, honor, and purification.

Think of your feet as the way you make contact with the ground, grounding you. Anytime you notice and pay attention to sensing and feeling the earth, you become more present to the here and now. When practiced on a regular basis, paying attention to your feet can help you feel safe, calm, and centered.

Here are four ways to get started.

1. Root. Since so many of us are now working from home, it can be easy to lie on your couch with your ankles crossed, reading and sending emails. Notice the workspace you have set up for yourself, and pay attention to whether you are spending long periods of time (hours) with your feet off the floor or crossed. Be sure to switch positions (whether you are watching television or working) so that your feet have more opportunities to touch the ground.

2. Massage. Using nonsynthetic essential oils (such as lavender) or cream, take some time daily to massage your ankles and the soles of your feet. The soles of your feet contain many energy centers and points that, when activated, help you cleanse and receive healing earth energy, which can help balance your nervous system by moving stuck energy and emotions naturally.

3. Stretch. Just like it’s important to stretch your shoulders and back, your feet also need to be lengthened and breathed into on a regular basis. Yoga poses such as Downward Dog can help. For most people, your heels are off the floor in this pose, but as your arms are forward, and legs and heels are back, you will inevitably begin to stretch your feet. Breathe into this pose for three to five breaths (inhale and exhale through your nose).

4. Soak. Invigorate and cleanse your feet by soaking them in warm epsom salt (or sea salt) water (you may also soak them in the ocean or a foot bath container). Salt has magnesium, which can be very calming and healing to the body.

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