Elena Mironov

Elena Mironov (www.elenamironov.com) is a Zurich-based senior yoga and meditation teacher, educator and author with over 15 years of teaching experience, 90+ yoga retreats and over 8900 teaching hours under her belt. Her meditations have been listened to online over 1 million times. Over the past 10 years, Elena has developed a keen interest in yoga nidra meditation. Her academic background in psychology led her to dig deep into biochemistry of yoga nidra and its effects on the brain. She is currently focusing on creating a collection of yoga nidra meditations for the leading meditation apps as well as building a comprehensive online yoga nidra teacher training program due to be released in 2020. www.sparklingyogaretreats.com

The Effects of Yoga Nidra on the Brain

Yoga nidra affects the brain by shifting brain waves into a beneficial state of …