10 Daily Financial Practices To Make You Stretch and Grow

10 Daily Financial Practices To Make You Stretch and Grow

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Being wealthy means having a sense of freedom in doing and having what you want and need. Try these daily practices to move forward.

I was very fortunate to have a wonderful childhood of contrasts. For the first 11 or 12 years of my life we were in prosperity, though I had no idea of that concept. In my world it was just the way it was. Then, my father lost his business and we fell into poverty. Looking back, it was a remarkable occurrence, for, if that had not happened, I wouldn’t have a clue how other ways of living were. It also gave rise to my impetus to recreate the prosperity we once experienced. I went through more poverty as a young adult, yet believed it was temporary. It was.

I’ve now incorporated these key practices for so long, they are my normal state, so I forget others would really like to know them. Integrating these following practices, one by one, or a few at a time, until they become habitual, feel comfortable, will get you started to prosperity. You don’t need to do special affirmations, writing them on your mirror, (though I’ve done that) follow 100 gurus and teachers to discover success, or your purpose; just develop good daily practices that make you stretch and grow.

1. Examine your beliefs regarding wealth and money, and your feelings about the success of others.

You already know this; when envy pops up, when you judge other’s success harshly, when you find yourself bashing the wealthy, you know it holds you back from your success. It may be that you don’t consider it possible for yourself. False notion. If you think being wealthy, (which by that I mean a sense of freedom in doing and having what you want and need), is somehow sinful, you need to reframe that belief. Just like you can change a memory, choosing the positive parts it offers, instead of dwelling on the negative, you can shift your past, its effects, and ultimately your expectations. As it has been said many times, your being poor doesn’t help anyone. Practice praising the success of others and be happy for them.

2. Assume and expect

Build that expectation that you will succeed. Live in the world where you have already reached your goal and watch reality catch up. Assume in your words and manner you have already arrived. But be humble! Be dignified! You have what it takes. You know you do!

3. Don’t get comfortable with mediocre

I see this all the time. People settling. It is one of the biggest causes of unfulfilled desires. People stagnant. They don’t believe they can do better, so they don’t try. They make do, accepting a so-so existence. You know you can do better. Butt-kicking time! I’ve done that many times myself. No self-pity.

4. Pay yourself first

A big cause of financial failure is lack of knowledge about money. No excuse. No matter how much you make, you can begin to put aside even a small amount, every payday, every month, before you pay your bills. When it grows enough to invest, find a good financial advisor and begin investing. Have your checking account debited every month to go into your mutual fund. Watching it grow will shift you in magical ways. If you don’t have enough to do this, never, I mean never, quit looking for a better paying job, or start a business!

5. Read and find stillness

Educate yourself. Reading does many great things, among them increasing your knowledge, raising your IQ, developing better problem solving skills, increasing your grey matter, raising your consciousness, and training your mind in new and wondrous ways. And meditate. Benefits abound.

6. Fear + action = self-esteem

This is from my daddy. He told me you never grow if you don’t stretch into unfamiliar land. Enough said.

7. Go for wellbeing

All the best advice out there will inevitably lead you to wellbeing. This is my thing, my focus for my life: health, happiness, peace, prosperity, and enlightenment.

8. Giving and receiving

The ability to give and receive is crucial to a satisfied, happy life. Inviting both with open arms keeps the flow going. Abundance will dance through your life like a great ballet.

9. Gratitude

A key for many successful people. Being grateful every day invites more into your life to be grateful for.

10. Baby steps

Be gentle with yourself. Take small steps. Withhold judgment. Forgive yourself. Do you best. Start over. Every time. There is no finish line.

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