From the Editor

From the Editor

The letter from the editor kicks off each issue and helps set the tone for the magazine. Over the next six issues, members of the S&H team will be writing the letter. This issue’s writer, Kathryn Drury Wagner, is our wellness editor and resident social media guru, hot sauce fanatic, and wellness enthusiast.

Sometimes I wish life had a great big reset button. I think I’d keep my reset button—which I envision as red, satisfyingly mashable, and possibly inside a glass box like a fire alarm—on the wall in my kitchen. Have a spat with the spouse? Hit the reset button. Just wolfed down six funsize Snickers? Hit the reset. This magical button would refresh and restore and give me a clean slate in health, mood, and patience.

In a way, the beginning of the year feels like a chance for a reset. Whether your New Year’s resolution is to take better care of yourself or reconnect with loved ones, our Annual Retreat Guide (page 55) is the perfect place to start planning.

This is the fifth year we’ve produced a Retreat Guide dedicated to places where you’ll experience transformation in mind, body, and spirit, in some of the most wonderful spots on Earth. For some readers, that may mean soaking up serenity at a Texas hot springs resort, while others want to get away from it all at an eco-retreat in the jungles of Hawaii. No matter what your tastes in wellness travel, you’ll find plenty of holistic ideas in the guide.

Speaking of resets, I was especially delighted to get to interview one of my health idols, leading functional medicine specialist Dr. Will Cole, for this issue. You may have read his bestseller Ketotarian or heard him on podcasts such as “GoopFellas” and “Keto Talk.” In his new book, The Inflammation Spectrum, Dr. Cole lays out a plan for addressing chronic inflammation in a bio-individual way. In fact, the subtitle to his book is “Find your food triggers and reset your system.” If you are struggling with anxiety, fatigue, or other health woes, you may be surprised how they connect back to the body’s inflammation process.

We also got to speak with the fabulous Kelly McGonigal, whose mission is to bring neurological and psychological research to the public, turning it into actionable advice on how to support our health and wellbeing. She shares insights from her new book, The Joy of Movement, exploring how being physical can be a way to address depression, anxiety, and lonelines—all of which are modern epidemics.

What reset button will you push in your life this year? What do you want to start over, to recommit to, or try for the first time? We can’t wait to hear!

—Kathryn Drury Wagner ([email protected])

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