Chitra Kumar, Dr. Geetha Govindarajan, and Dr. Sai Praveen Haranath

Chitra Kumar is a strategic, creative management leader in environmental policy analysis, sustainable land use planning, and asset-based economic development. She is an avid meditator, who holds a Master's in City Planning from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Dr. Geetha Govindarajan is a physician-scientist, innovator, and global public health practitioner with a focus on reducing disparities while improving access to low-cost yet comprehensive healthcare to the underserved with an integrative medicine lens. She earned her MPH from Harvard, PhD in cellular physiology from Loyola, and MD from George Washington University.

Dr. Sai Praveen Haranath is a pulmonologist and critical care specialist working in India at Apollo Hospitals who provides remote intensive care for India and the U.S. He is a TEDx speaker, has a Master's in Public Health from U Conn, and aims to be a catalyst creating access to cost-effective advanced and basic healthcare for everyone. He obtained his medical degree at Madras Medical College and further specializations at the University of Connecticut Health Center, Loyola and Oregon Health, and Science University.


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