Connect With Jnana Yoga, the “Path of Right,” for Self-Love

Connect With Jnana Yoga, the “Path of Right,” for Self-Love


“Our thoughts have the power to transform everything in our life, but this power is negative when we are in an unconscious, automatic mode. It becomes positive when we consciously choose our thoughts.

Do you often feel overwhelmed with guilt, shame or regrets?

Do you often get a sick feeling in your stomach thinking of the past?

What I am about to share with you will help you transform the negativity your mind is generating into immense, limitless, unboxed positivity.

I did not develop this consciousness-transforming technique by reading a spiritual book, ancient or modern. Even my Vedic Guru (my grandfather)—who gave me immense knowledge of nondual Vedanta, yoga philosophy and lifestyle wisdom of Ayurveda—did not impart this specific technique.

I developed it entirely on my own several years ago from a place of emotional desperation. I was the one who felt sick to the pit of my stomach, not just some time, but all of the time—at least any time I was alone and not distracted. Back then, spending time with myself was painful. It was hard to breathe; my guilt was working overtime.

I would walk around feeling terrible inside, until, one day, I could take no more.

“This is ridiculous,” I thought to myself, and “I must find a way out of my own self-imprisonment in guilt!” This was my resolution to myself. I then thought a thought that released me forever.

The nondual Vedic spiritual path I inherited from my ancient lineage that I now live by with inner freedom and impart to students worldwide is called Jnana Yoga in Sanskrit, and the ‘path of right thinking’ or ‘path of knowledge’ in English.

This path urges humanity to think like free spirits, to deliberately think enlightening and liberating thoughts to find one’s way out of emotional suffering. Yes—you can break free from the hegemony of automatic self-defeating thoughts!

Our thoughts have the power to transform everything in our life, but this power is negative when we are in an unconscious, automatic mode. It becomes positive when we consciously choose our thoughts.

The ancient Hindu Upanishads declare in Sanskrit, Yad bhavam tad bhavati. This means, “As you think, so you become.”

Employing this ancient wisdom, I decided I was no longer going to allow routine, negative thoughts to ruin my life experience. I, Divine Spirit, was going to accept and love all parts of me—the growing, the grown, and still-to-grow parts of me in the NOW by thinking this one single thought deliberately: “I AM AN AMAZING BEING.”

You can think this thought, too, and set yourself free! Here is how you do it:

  • The instant you feel the pinch of a negative thought, immediately stop everything you are doing to consciously think this thought: I AM AN AMAZING BEING.
  • You can also put your hands on your heart and repeat the same thought: I AM AN AMAZING BEING.
  • You don’t have to use your mouth to say it aloud, you only need to use your mind to simply think this thought once or a few times until positive feelings begin to emerge inside of you.
  • You may find yourself smiling as you think, I AM AN AMAZING BEING—you will smile because, in reality, you ARE an amazing being!
  • You may start having flashing memories of past mistakes or foolishness and errors in judgment and, even then, continue with the thought, I AM AN AMAZING BEING. Honor yourself that you have come so far in this journey!

Pretty quickly, the negative thoughts and self-criticism wave will subside, and what will remain in your mind is the soft glow of self-admiration, self-celebration, and self-love.

I cannot praise the ease, simplicity and spirit truth behind this practice enough. The more you do it, the more you will find you are set free—liberated from the chains of self-defeating guilt, shame, and embarrassment—forever!

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With Love,

Acharya Shunya

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