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With two millennia of wisdom and traditions, Christianity offers a wealth of practices that—liberated from dusty theology and church hierarchies—can help you in the here and now.

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Painted handprints floating around the earth in space illustrate connecting through daily devotionals.

Devotionals: Connecting With Unexpected Ancestors

Devotionals serve as a grounding presence during unprecedented times. “The practice of a daily devotion connects to the idea of spiritual reflection as a way to gain clarity and peace. Daily time for devotion creates inner peace, slows us down, and allows us to connect with the divine.”

Jesus Pink Curtains

A Centering Prayer

"After experiencing silence and surrender in yoga, I returned to ancient Christian prayer techniques and postures with renewed interest and a willingness to be playful. In the process, I discovered prayer practices that have opened places in my heart to which I didn’t previously have access."