20 Morning Affirmations for Clarity, Purpose, and Joy

20 Morning Affirmations for Clarity, Purpose, and Joy


Kick-start your day with intention and positivity with these empowering morning affirmations.

“Each morning we are born again. Do today what matters most,” writes Jack Kornfield in The Buddha’s Little Instruction Book.

We get a remarkable gift each day: a fresh start—that chance to do what matters most. Now not all of us are morning people, it’s true. Some of us pop out of bed at 6 am raring to go, while others stagger out from under the covers zombie-like toward the coffeemaker and a hot shower.

It’s okay—you can’t help being a night owl or a lark, as those factors are largely determined by genetics. But once you’re awake ... are you really awake? Are you receiving the gift the universe has handed you? Or are you wandering into the day in a fog of to-do’s? Don’t waste such a precious gift.

Here are 20 positive morning affirmations to start the day off with clarity, purpose, and joy.

  1. Today, I make smart decisions.
  2. I greet the day with joy and gratitude.
  3. I am so grateful for another day on this Earth; thank you!
  4. Today is going to be great because I will make it so.
  5. This is the day the Divine has created; I will be glad in it.
  6. My day is off to such an excellent beginning.
  7. Hello, world! Here I come.
  8. Today I live a purpose-filled life.
  9. I share my full potential with those around me.
  10. I am energized and strong.
  11. Wellness and abundance are flowing into my life.
  12. I see new opportunities all around me.
  13. Positive mind, positive life.
  14. I am awake to the possibilities around me.
  15. Divine energy surrounds me.
  16. Today I choose happiness and wellbeing.
  17. Something wonderful will happen today.
  18. I was put here to achieve my greatest self.
  19. Today, I am blessed.
  20. “Mine is the sunlight, mine is the morning.” —Eleanor Farjeon, made famous by Cat Stevens

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