Create a Solo Ritual to Call in Love and Sensuality

Create a Solo Ritual to Call in Love and Sensuality

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Self-love is the doorway to sensual connection—delight in your sacred self with a solo ritual.

Incorporating a higher level of self-love into your daily life undoubtedly brings a greater sense of wellbeing. As you elevate your sense of worth and open your heart, it can lead to other sensual connections and commitments. Foremost is the cultivation of your own sensuality.

“We project out into the world, like a great web, what we believe ourselves to be,” says Kate Osborne, founder of Solarus Publishing and author of The Goddess Resolution: Restoring Harmony and Emotional Wellbeing. “The importance of undertaking rituals with proper intent, integrity, and responsibility is that they then deliver to us what we actually need and often highlight what we can develop within ourselves to manifest a better experience of life.”

Rituals, says Osborne, can be used in many ways, including to “attract more positivity, joy, and pleasure into our spheres.”

Ritual to Call in Love and Sensuality

Gather these items:

  • A candle

  • A mirror

  • A small dessert or drink

  • Paper and pen

  • A beautiful outfit

  • Music that opens your heart for a celebratory dance

Pick an auspicious day: Use astrology, cycles of the moon, or select a holiday or a Friday (a day of love and joy devoted to Venus). Let intuition guide you on any day that feels right and provides privacy.

1. Start with a purification shower: Symbolically wash away heartache, frustrations, and fears. Name them, and envision them going down the drain, one by one.

2. Wear something sensual: Select an outfit that makes you feel divine.

3. Light a candle: Bless your space with the light of love.

4. Say a prayer: Take a moment to ground. Plant your feet firmly on the earth, and let your arms reach up to the sky. Imagine you are protected from above, below, and within, surrounded in a protective circle of love. Invite the Divine:

Divine Spirit of All There is, please fill this place with your sacred presence.
Support me in my efforts to pledge love and devotion to myself.
Help me see my own divine light and joy.
Let the words I speak today seep into my heart.
Make them real in my soul.
Let them empower me to be the sensual being I am meant to be.

5. Play heart-opening music. Choose something that can inspire self-loving feelings.

6. Pause to reflect. Give some thought to how you would like to be treated in a relationship. Next, consider words and vows you long to hear spoken by someone who adores you.

7. Write vows of self-love. Write down a few of those sentiments in the form of vows. Capture them with the help of your paper and pen. Prepare to speak them.

8. Look in a mirror. When you feel ready, stand in front of a mirror or lift your hand mirror and connect with your own eyes. Look deeply and stay focused with open eyes. It may be uncomfortable at first, but you can transcend that. Feel the energy of love bubble up from within.

9. Speak your vows to yourself. Pick up your list of vows as if you are standing at an altar. Read each vow separately. Look down at your paper to get the words, but bring your eyes back to the mirror to speak them. Stay connected to your own eyes. Here are some sample vows:

I love and adore you.
I vow to honor and treasure you.
I vow to respect you and listen to you.
I vow to be there for you in good times, and challenging times.
I vow to be your best friend and ally.
I vow to nurture your hopes and dreams.
I vow to honor your sensuality and give you pleasure.
I vow to honor the divine in you.

10. Take a deep breath. Let the joy and accomplishment of this moment settle into your being

11. Offer a prayer of gratitude.

Divine Spirit of All There Is,
Thank you for your presence and support.
And for helping me continue on the path of self-love and sensual awakening.
And so it is.

12. Seal it with sweetness. When you have fully soaked in the moment, celebrate with a sip of a sweet libation or food.

13. Cue up the music. Dance, sway, and touch your arms and face. Feel the pleasure. Feel the love. You deserve it.

Want more self-love practices? Try these five exercises.

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