How to Communicate With Pets on an Energetic Level

How to Communicate With Pets on an Energetic Level


“Our pet companions negotiate everything about our vital relationship with them through energetics. But how can we receive and interpret our pet companion’s various messages?”

“You really need to put that puppy on a diet,” my girlfriend lectured me. Lucky the yellow Labrador was a little pudgy. I could admit to that.

One of the reasons I had selected him from the litter, however, was the breeder’s description: “He’s the happiest lad and the first to the dinner bowl.”

Lucky stared at my girlfriend, then waddled to the front door. Picking up one of her boots in his mouth, he dragged it to the bathroom, then plopped it into the toilet. So much for a diet.

Did Lucky understand my friend’s actual statement, or simply sense the threat to his culinary wellbeing? Most likely, Lucky read my friend’s energy, intuitively interpreting what she was saying.

In fact, short of responding to specific words like “snacky” or “din-din,” our pet companions negotiate everything about our vital relationship with them through energetics. We owe them the return favor, especially since they are maneuvering this time of global upheaval alongside us. So, how can we receive and interpret our pet companion’s various messages? Is there anything special we can do for those picking up on our unrest?

Two Types of Energy Your Pet Communicates Through

Energy is information that moves, and everything is made of it. There are two types: physical and subtle.

Physical energy is the knock-on-wood sort—concrete and measurable. We continually interact with our pets via physical energy. Depending on their species, we feed, touch, hear, watch, and play with them. We also decipher their communiques through their actions, which is a physical energetic. And some pets communicate quite clearly through their physicality.

Max the guinea pig is an example. He lived to age 9 in my household and is still sadly missed. He pretty much ran the house, using different sounds to express pleasure or displeasure. He’d cluck in a scolding tone whenever any of the other five pets ran amuck, such as when the puppy chased the cat. His chatter was cheerful when I entered the house, as if to say, “Yes, another grown-up in the house!”

The other type of energy is subtle. This is the psychic, spiritual, or quantum stuff of the universe. Subtle energy comprises most of our unseen and seen reality, in that it is the lattice work organizing physical energies. Plus, subtle communication composes most of the interactions between us and our pet companions. That’s why it’s often considered psychic energy.

Psychic pet communication is like Instant Messenger. It’s quick yet confusing. Are you receiving an intuitive message about a pet’s need, or from them—but about you? Is the communique about the past, or maybe the present or the future?

Once, I dreamed that Honey the Golden Retriever was sick. I rose. He just stared at me, as if to say, “What? I’m fine.” He got sick later that day.

The next time I imagined him in a dream, he looked sad. So, I hung around him. When would he require my comfort? For days, he acted as goofy as ever. Then I realized the dream-Honey was mirroring my own feelings. My mother had been given a cancer diagnosis, and I hadn’t dealt with my reactions.

What might our pets be picking up during COVID? The racial unrest? After all, we’re acting odd. We’re certainly scrubbing a lot and acting nervous. We’re lonely, so we pull on them.

Three Tips for Understanding Your Pet
  1. Assess behavior. Does your pet seem off or odd? If you can link their deeds to a concern, take action. Maybe your pet is sniffly because of all the bleach products. Try a new product. If you can’t support them actively, continue with the next steps.
  2. Connect intuitively. Simply request your soul links with their soul through the bond of love. Then ask their soul to send you an intuitive message. If it doesn’t come right away, know you’ll receive the communication over the next 24 hours.
  3. Interpret the message. Determine if the message applies to your pet or you. Simply state, “This communique reveals my pet’s need.” If the statement is true, your body will feel lighter and uplifted. If it is false, you’ll feel heavier and duller. If the sentence is false, test the thought: “This message applies to me.” Again, your bodily energy will either raise (for a yes) or lower (for a no.) Keep making declarative statements until you’ve figured out what must be known.
Three Ways Your Pet Communicates With You
  • Visually: Psychic pictures appear on your inner mind screen or catch your eye in the environment.
  • Verbally: Auditory messages that pop into your brain or are heard through your surroundings.
  • Empathically: Noticed as sensations in your body, such as a pain, ill feeling, or an emotion.
Interacting With Your Pet

Above all, know your pet is reacting to the world’s ups and downs with you. Spend more time interacting with them, but also talk with friends so your loving pet companion isn’t the only one carrying you emotionally. Also, send them psychic reassurance. Intuition goes two ways.

Construct a calming psychic image and send it to their soul. Touch them—or imagine touching them—and focus on serenity. Let the peace flow from you to them. Think of something that makes them happy and send the joy, along with a kind word, through the airwaves. Tune into your pet, and you’ll always be tuned into love.

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