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Embracing New Moon Energy

A new moon can be a time to plot change, plant seeds, and bathe in darkness.

New moon in capricorn
A New Moon Ceremony for Abundance

The new moon in Capricorn is a potent time for setting intentions. Create space for this abundance ritual on the last new moon of this decade.

moon over Brooklyn Bridge
New Moon Meditation for Calling in What You Desire

New moons are traditionally about planting seeds, setting intentions for what you desire.

A New Moon Meditation for Abundance

The new moon brings about an opportunity for abundance and expansion. New moon meditation practice allows you to tap into this lunar phase of infinite possibility.

Bright image of red Chinese lanterns
New Moon, New Year: Wisdom from the Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year, celebrated on the second new moon after the winter solstice represents a brand new chance to start all over again.

Hand Reflexology Practice for the New Moon

Cultivate a calm, clear mind and activate your pineal gland while setting powerful and balanced intentions with the new moon through hand reflexology and aromatherapy practice.

Ritual: Go Inward With the New Moon

This week there was new moon in the sky, did you notice it? Aha! That was a trick question! The new moon is also referred to as the dark moon because it is the only time of the mon…

Your Sankalpa and the New Moon

Sankalpa are your heart’s truest intentions. In the shadowy hush of the new moon, sankalpa can be unearthed and discovered.

3 New Moon Yoga Postures

The new moon brings introspection. It’s a great time for restorative or yin yoga.

Moon Practice: Ritual for a Spring New Moon

Julie Peters shares her personal ritual for the new moon.

New Moon Meditation: The Goddess of Loneliness

A preview of Moon Meditations: 16 Nights for Desire, Heartache, and Connection

Gratitude Ritual for the New Moon

The new moon, fully inhabiting the shadow, offers a potent time for exploring gratitude for the rhythms of life.

5 Journaling Prompts for the New Moon

Prompts for the new moon guide you to explore desires, darkness, solitude, and the beginning of a new cycle.

How to Honor the New Moon in Leo

The new moon in Leo is here—what outdated patterns do you need to shut down so that you can shine even brighter than ever before?

How to Honor the New Moon in Virgo

The new moon in Virgo arrives this week—do we have the flexibility to move with new tasks and changes as they arise?

A Ritual for an Imbolc New Moon

When a new moon coincides with the celebration of Imbolc, perform this ritual for new beginnings.

Add Salt to Your New Moon Ritual

The combination of the lunar phase and the spiritual potency of salt amplify the power of this New Moon ritual.

How to Discern Anxiety From Intuition at the New Moon

Do you have difficulty differentiating anxiety from your intuition? The new moon gives us monthly chances to strengthen our inner wisdom and regulate the nervous system.

Winter Solstice and a New Moon: A Time for Stillness

This is a potent time for honoring the darkness that surrounds us, seeking the wisdom it holds, and creating space for light that is making its way into being.

New Moon Meditation: Pause the Breath, Pause the Mind

Try this audio meditation for slowing down the mind.

Moon Rituals: Tending Your Internal Garden

“New moons are related to water and fertility. Metaphorically, in the dark of the new moon, we pause to consider our desires, set intentions, and think about what we might want to put our energy into as the moon waxes towards full.”

Lessons From the Tarot: The Death Card on a New Moon

Embrace darkness as a source of deep wisdom.

The Power of the Moon

Tap into the power of the moon with these easy practices for moon spirituality.

Unfurl Into the New Year

While many focus on what to do in the new year, here are some powerful ways of being to herald in 2019.

Refresh Body and Spirit With a Moon Practice

Does your New Year’s Resolution feel like a distant memory? The moon provides a monthly fresh start.

Activate Your Moon Practice With Hand Reflexology and Aromatherapy

Each phase of the moon supports a different direction of attention and energy. Learn how to create a practice using hand reflexology and aromatherapy based on the lunar cycle.

Poem: Little Lion, Roaming the Cold Golden

The poems and prose in Amanda Torroni's new book, Stargazing at Noon, unfold in moon phases, beginning with a fullness, then purging. This poem, Little Lion, Roaming the Cold Golden, is from the new moon phase.

Poem: Tell Me How The World Ends

The poems and prose in Amanda Torroni's new book, Stargazing at Noon, unfold in moon phases, beginning with a fullness, then purging. This poem, Tell me How the World Ends, is from the crescent phase.

Working With Moon Phases

Discover how to work with moon phases. Then you can plan, or adjust, accordingly.

Poem: Weathervanes & Paper Planes

The poems and prose in Amanda Torroni's new book, Stargazing at Noon, unfold in moon phases, beginning with a fullness, then purging. This poem, Weathervanes & Paper Planes, is from the gibbous phase.

Poem: Wild Thing

The poems and prose in Amanda Torroni's new book, Stargazing at Noon, unfold in moon phases, beginning with a fullness, then purging. This poem, Wild Thing, is from the full moon phase.

Spiritual Meaning of the Crescent Moon

The waning and waxing crescent moon offers two distinct paths to deepen your moon practice.

The One Relationship You Can Never Leave

Do the work of being in a loving, healthy, committed relationship with ourselves or suffer the rest of our lives with an internal roommate we hate.

4 Yoga Poses Inspired by the Moon

JC Peter's offers a yoga pose to represent each quarter of the moon corresponding to its unique energy that you can incorporate into your practice.

Toolbox: Moonlit Path

The moon is our constant companion, bestowing healing energy, wonder, and serenity through curious gazing. A symbol of transformation, the moon invites new changes each month.

A Guide to Menstruating With the Moon

Are you on a white moon cycle, red moon cycle, pink moon cycle, or purple moon cycle? Learn more about menstruating with the moon.

An Appalachian Guide to Planting by the Moon

Appalachian folk practices offer wisdom as the growing season arrives—learn how to work your garden in alignment with the moon.

September’s Moons: Peaceful Moon and Mega Harvest Blood Moon

A new moon finds its way between the sun and the Earth and when it blocks out the sun, the solar eclipse takes place.

Zen Garden

As her family begins the restoration of a traditional Japanese-style garden, Zen teacher Karen Maezen Miller receives a teaching of love—and of letting go—in the fleeting beauty of its flowers.

Grace Happens

And in those wondrous moments we realize there's more to life than we can possibly imagine.

What to Tell Your Kids about Intuition, Intention, and Psychic Abilities

As a research scientist and former president of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, Marilyn Schlitz, PhD, has studied intuition, intention, and the possibility of psychic abilities f…

Making Belief in Mary

We humans come to believe what we practice, so what we choose to practice is critical. Praying the rosary may be the best practice of all.

What Your Nails Can Tell You About Your Health

Anything going on inside your body will eventually appear on the outside—and your fingernails are a prime place for these changes to manifest.

Are Children Like Werewolves?

The effect of the full moon on sleep patterns.

Saved by the Dark

My miracle cure was found in a moment of Grace more than 20 years ago. It involves no ingested substances or any special equipment, just a bit of time every evening.When I was an e…

The Goddess Temple Gives Birth To a Man Cave

On the spring equinox five years ago, with the full moon in Virgo, about a hundred people gathered at the Jackson Wellsprings in Ashland, Oregon, to dance, to pray, and to perform …

5 Stories to Explore Fun and Creative Mindful Movement

Moving mindfully is known to increase wellness and mental health (as it is a form of moving meditation). Make your movements intentional, yet fun and creative with the inspiration from these 5 stories.

According To Your Zodiac Sign, Here’s The Superfood You’re Destined To Eat

Whether you’re an Aries prone to headaches or a Gemini that can’t shake a cold, we’ve lined up the perfect superfood for your astrological sign.

Close to the Ground: Sun Buddha, Moon Buddha

It is easy to get caught up in headlines and tragedy: Boys and girls ripped from their homes by the thousands; drones and missiles competing with each other for how much damage the…

Out of Her Element

Writer Jennie Dorris thought she left the wilderness behind when she chose city life, but nature continued to guide her.

The Joy of Spring

Modern living causes us to overlook the obvious. Here’s how not to let that happen.

Up All Night

As she struggles to accept the sounds of violence between predator and prey, writer Tai Moses learns to hear beauty in the darkness.

Train Your Inner Will

6 Questions to Find Your Way

Top Ten Spiritual Heroes of 2013

Whether they drew strength from their spirituality to advocate for a better world, enriched our days with beauty and light, or simply guided us toward richer, more meaningful lives, these 10 leaders were our beacons of inspiration in 2013.

A Christmas Pilgrimage

A pilgrimage to the Taos Pueblo for a traditional ceremony gives author Rivvy Neshama a new understanding of Christmas.One year, after family plans fell through, John and I were de…

The Healing Power of Chant

Kirtan practitioner Snatam Kaur finds the vibrations that move us, body and soul.

Let There Be dark

Light pollution harms the environment, wildlife, and even human health.

Close to the Ground: Just Stuff

One of my sisters hasn’t spoken to me for some 20 years now. I am guessing it’s because I sat next to her ex at a family wedding. He is fun and funny. I laughed a lot. Unskillful i…

The True Key to Happiness: Peeing in the Pool

If you’ve ever wondered and searched with the greater population of the world for the true meaning of happiness, you’ve probably heard, at some point, that it’s some form of seva, …

The Bear Went Over the Mountain.

The lake-effect snow was lovely yesterday afternoon as we began a new year with our four-hour meditation. We had ten people, maybe seven at the end. We stayed long enough afterward…

Why You Should Resolve Not To Make Any New Year’s Resolutions

“There is a deranged hope that comes with the New Year that we are entering into a whole new world, and everything can be better now.”

Taking out the Trash: Goodbye 2011

As we pass the Solstice, the darkest night of the year, we are also entering into a New Moon cycle, which comes to a head on Christmas Day this Sunday.It’s dark out there. We’ve go…

Ritual: Experience the Fullness of Life

By Joan Phillips This week opens with a full moon on the 12th, and four days later, on the birthday of the 18th-century American educator, lexicographer, and prolific author Noah …

Ritual: Reveal the Archetypal Energies Within

By Rani Findlay This week marks the new moon at harvest time, and the Hindu festival of Navaratri—a time to revel in dancing, singing, worshipping, and feasting, as a way to…

15 Creative Ways to Spend the Week

Creativity is powerful for all of us. We can channel our pain into penning a poem, singing a song or moving our bodies. We can channel our joy into making a nourishing meal. We can…

The Blessing Bee

The writer Rachel Maizes reflects on counting her blessings.

Excerpt: Learning to Walk in the Dark

Download a free excerpt from the new book by Barbara Brown Taylor

Astrology: Having Mother Nature on Your Side

Excerpted from The Art of Balanced Living by Dr. Shaun Matthews

3 Practices for Calm Investing

Help for people who don’t like to think about money

5 Questions for Dava Sobel

In your book, you describe some of the women as “human computers.” What does this mean?In the days long before laptops—even before mainframe computers—human beings performed all th…

Share Your Gifts at Burning Man

If you’re into exploring other worlds, altering your sense of gravity, and playing in some of the biggest waves on the planet—you just may want to jump in.


The New Art of the Retreat Festival

Pay Attention Like a Poet

Cultivate presence by writing haiku poetry.

Working Farms for Foodies

“There are two spiritual dangers in not owning a farm. One is the danger of supposing that breakfast comes from the grocery, and the other that heat comes from the furnace.” —Aldo Leopold

Gathering Grace Wherever It Falls

On Soaking Up Joy, Pure and Simple

Silent Night: Journaling Under the Moon

As another year comes to a close and we look forward to new beginnings, this is the perfect time to reflect on what is working in our lives and what is not.

Sense and Sensuality

Excerpted from The Write Prescription: Telling Your Story to Move With and Beyond Illness by Judith Hannan

4 Energy-Amplifying Crystals for the Full Moon

Amethyst, Labradorite, Rainbow Moonstone, and White Moonstone are powerful crystals for a full moon.

7 Ways to Make Yoga Class a Self-Discovery Goldmine

Set an intention for your next yoga class to discover something new about yourself.

Is It Your Time to Add to the Wild Church Network?

Is the great outdoors your holy place? You might want to consider joining the Wild Church Network.

Savor the Sweetness of the Strawberry Moon

The cycles of the moon offer potency to anything we set into motion. The sweetness is there for the taking.

The Crowded Labyrinth: Mastering Relationships on the Labyrinthine Path

The labyrinth can be a tool for working on relationships, and walking a labyrinth with other people can be a powerful way to understand how you relate to others.

Ayurveda Inspired Rituals for Spring

Instead of our working against nature to fit our own needs and desires, Ayurveda teaches that when we accept what Earth provides, we keep seasonal illnesses at bay.

Moon Practice: Ritual for a Spring Full Moon

On the full moon, create a ritual that has meaning for you.

Music Review: The Prophet Speaks

Could it be that the answers we seek are right in front of us, but our ears haven’t been open to hear them? Van Morrison seems to have this in mind on his latest musical offering, …

Showing Up for What Is

The contemplative life of women mystics.

Powerful Practice for the Waning Moon

Use the waning moon as an opportunity for release.

A Call for Revolution: Rebels for Peace

An excerpt from A Call for Revolution: A Vision for the Future by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.

Meaningful Rituals for Winter Solstice

How you can create some new traditions to celebrate the winter solstice.

5 Questions with Philip Glass

Composer Philip Glass culminated almost two decades of exploring sacred indigenous ceremonies with an album and concerts with two Wixarika musicians from Jalisco, Mexico. See the review.

Rewiring My Brain

“So, what are you doing now?” my well-meaning friends would ask after I had quit my job with no apparent employment or other occupation in sight. The only honest answer I could give was to say, “I’m rewiring my brain.”

Practices for Death and Rebirth for Scorpio Season

Honor your grief as we enter into the season of generative death and prepare for the coming season of rebirth.

You Ask Us What We Want....

For those of us who struggle with low self-esteem, desire can be triggering.

From the Editor: July/August 2018

In this issue we’ve got a letter from Jacki Mallett, an original subscriber (Thank you!), who now appreciates Akhilandeshwari Ma, the Hindu goddess who is never not broken: “I mean…

Making Everyday Spaces Sacred Through Intuitive Ritual

Draw sacredness into your life whenever you need it with simple intentional rituals.

Experience the Jewish Renewal Movement with Music

Kallah 2018 is a "gathering of the sparks" celebrating Aleph's transdenominational identity

Caring for Your Crystals

Excerpted with permission from Crystals: The Modern Guide to Crystal Healing by Yulia Van Doren.

Keeping a Soul Print Journal

A unique approach to capturing special moments in your life.

Can Healing Schools Heal Depression and Anxiety?

One author learned much on her search for something to ease her mind.

Bathe for Creativity

Try a ritual bath as a way to go inward and access your own healing medicine.

Books We Love

This year, our Books We Love section examines self-care from an ayurvedic perspective, how food affects mental health and immunity, and how to cultivate a moon practice, and more.

6 Mindfulness-Based Techniques to Help You Fall Asleep

Mindfulness techniques are being incorporated more and more for sleep health. Here are six expert-recommended mindfulness practices to help you fall—and stay—asleep.

A Norse-Inspired Sleep Hack

Try this 15-minute Norse-inspired ritual before bed for blissful sleep.

You’ll Celebrate Learning From Our Advertisers About Influencer Marketing

Our aim, every day, is to help readers invest their time well in health and happiness for themselves and those around them, and to help you, our advertisers, invest happily in building your business.

One way we can help you is to relate success stories from which we believe you can learn. Last week, we reported on elements of success in influencer marketing. Here is a real-life example.

Gathering Around the Fire: Reclaiming Ancestral Gestures

“These age-old gestures that have shaped us as humans—ritual, ceremony, sharing dreams and stories, gathering around the fire, talking with beings other than humans—these are not written in stone and belonging to the stone ages. They are born from a knowing that the world is alive and are brought to life through the natural reciprocity that comes with this knowing.”

Between Earth Day and Beltane

“It might be time to learn to hunker down, pace ourselves, and try to marinate in all those daily small wonders.”

Embracing Moments of Collapse

Feeling baffled? Our guest columnist suggests "to honor these moments of bewilderment, to hold them as holy pauses that are rich with the potential for psychological and spiritual awakening."

Returning Home: An American Expat Evacuates India During COVID-19

Read about a difficult journey home from India during the COVID-19 pandemic.

100+ Books We Love

Dive in to our special section on 100+ books we love.

Our Walk in the World: The Unexpected Utterance

"It is only by giving our all that we open our soul as a conduit to all of life. Whenever we do this, we’re sensitive enough for the unexpected utterance to flow through us."

Roadmap for Resilience After a Broken Heart

Opening ourselves to life means becoming vulnerable, which means that at some point we will suffer loss and pain. Being achingly present to the experience helps us recover.

The Air We Share

As our air becomes more polluted, healthy breathing habits are becoming even harder to establish.

Our Walk in the World: The Quarter Turn

I suddenly knew I was looking at it from the wrong angle and I gave the cloth in my hand a quarter turn. Immediately I saw a beautiful and coherent golden pattern. ... In won…

7 Tools to Ease Anxiety at Family Gatherings

These tools will help you keep your cool through the chaos of the holidays.

The Healing Gift of Cats

“Both Orange and I ate the same food every day. But I ate it with resentment and he with gratitude.”

The Thirst for Spirituality and the Rise of Witches

Julie Peters explains why witchcraft appeals to so many people—and how witches can borrow respectfully from other traditions.

Thriving as an Empath

For 20 years, Judith Orloff has helped make being an empath “something that caring characters would aspire towards.” She shares practices from a lifetime of overcoming shame and creating empowerment.

Poetry: Last Days

Why in the last of days does it feel the first—why is the rain always new, a ‘latter rain’?The baby’s name is Phoenix and her flameis better than the ash we visit andrevisit. Last …

How Imagination Shapes Your Reality

A growing body of research supports what spiritual contemplatives have known for Millennia—that the human capacity for imagination not only shapes our minds but also weaves the fabric of reality itself.

The Art of Detachment

When scientists began contemplating the conquest of space, the first problem they encountered – a problem that had to be solved before they could make any headway at all – was how …

Reflections: Moved to Tears

Finding meaning in the experiences that make us cry

The Joy Of Being Feminine Wisdom and the Power of Weakness

What is feminine wisdom? What is feminine power? What role can they play — for both men and women — in this time of such significant global change? Feminine wisdom is mysterious an…

Renewing the Millennium Development Goals

The United Nations was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2001. The Nobel Committee declared, “[Former Secretary-General] Kofi Annan had been preeminent in bringing new life to the o…

The Good Witch’s Apprentice

It’s called “la tierra de brujos“ — the land of witches. Juventino Rosas, a traditional agricultural town in central Mexico, has a reputation for being home to good witches, bad wi…

An Insomniac Learns to Let Go

Once upon a time, I slept with astonishing soundness.

Take 10

This simple way to use conscious, rhythmic breathing can help you savor life and live more fully.

6 Traits for a Sustainable You

The health of the planet may be linked to humanity’s psychological health. Embracing an encouraging worldview of beauty and creativity can enrich our spirits, revitalize our lives, and maybe even save civilization.

Rabbi Rami's Guide to Life's 5 Biggest Questions

Let’s face it. The biggest unknown in a parent’s life is her child. These beings come into the world without papers. We have no idea who they are, where they came from, what they a…

Meal Magic: Setting the Tamada-Flavored Table

One of my most memorable meals wasn't an actual meal; rather, it was a dining experience cradled in hospitality, friendship, and good, simple food. The place: the patio of a friend…


How It Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the SoulBy Stuart Brown, M.D., with Christopher VaughanAvery/Penguin Group, 2009, $24.95“A lack of play should be tr…

Barefoot Healing

The old people came literally to love the soil, and they sat or reclined on the ground with a feeling of being close to a mothering power. It was good for the skin to touch the ear…

Eight Paths to the Goddess

On the spring equinox this year, with the full moon in Virgo, about a hundred people gathered excitedly together in Ashland, Oregon, to dance, to pray, and to perform ceremonies to…

Music Review: Keep Me Singing

Keep Me SingingVan MorrisonCaroline InternationalKeep Me Singing is Van Morrison’s 36th studio album—his first since 2012—and the singer’s smooth voice and bluesy lyrics remain imm…

Music Review: Incantations

IncantationsSheela Bringi Black SwanSoulful music has probably always blossomed from an array of musical styles and sounds across planet Earth, carrying within it a diversity …

Book Review: Doctored

Doctored The Disillusionment of an American PhysicianBy Sandeep JauharFarrar, Straus, and GirouxI was already feeling cynical about the medical profession when my longtime doc…

Book Review: Learning To Walk In The Dark

Learning to Walk in the DarkBy Barbara Brown TaylorHarper OneTheologian Barbara Brown Taylor, author of the best-selling An Altar in the World, challenges our negative associations…

Music Review: For Now I Am Winter

Ólafur ArnaldsMercury ClassicsAt 28, Ólafur Arnalds is part of a budding musical realm that could be dubbed “indie classical.” His compositions cross the well-guarded borders of po…

"Liberal Arts"

Like several of  his huggable cast mates on CBS’s How I Met Your Mother, Josh Radnor moonlights during the hit show’s hiatus. Embraced on the film-festival circuit in 2010 for…

Podcasts for On-the-Go Inspiration

The right podcast can turn a lengthy commute, a slow line, or a long, solitary walk into something you hope will never end. Our favorites illuminate, inform, and inspire us.  …

The Lunar Tao

Meditations in Harmony with the SeasonsBy Deng Ming-DaoHARPERONE In this book of daily meditations, Deng Ming-Dao reflects on the origins and historical mythology from Taoism, Bud…

Release Your Stress for a Good Night’s Sleep

Stress can make getting to sleep at night a very real challenge.

Befriending Pain

Over the last several years, I’ve come to believe that the greatest, most powerful, most courageous thing we can do in our lives is learn to befriend our pain. This idea is a majo…

The Truth about Going Retrograde With Mercury

September is a bit of a wild month, astrologically speaking. There is a solar eclipse with the new moon on September 1st and a lunar eclipse with the full moon on September 16th. I…

The Yoga of Being Sick

The day after I finished a major project (my new book, Secrets of the Eternal Moon Phase Goddesses), I came down with a fever. For a few days, it hurt my brain to do anything other…

Finding Happy

This is the time of year when we wish people “Happy” or a variation on the theme, “Merry.” Happy Holidays. Happy Hanukah, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year. The other night my husban…

The Goddess of Escaping from Your Daily Life (If Just for a Moment)

In the Tantric tradition, the goddess of the 13th night from the new moon is called Sarvamangala. She is calm and quiet, surrounded by a crowd of 76 other deities, including the go…

7 Suggestions for How to Spiritually Connect With Nature

Fallen out of alignment with your natural self? Find out how to spiritually connect with nature.

A Goddess Guide for the New Year

Traditionally, the dark times—winter solstice or new moons—are times to reflect, to slow down and listen to the quiet voices at the heart of us that tell us what we truly desire, w…

Feeding the New Year

‘Tis the season for drinking too much eggnog, eating too much, and pulling out old family hangover cures.We’ve just moved past the Winter Solstice, the darkest time of the sun cycl…

Mixed Emotions of the Holidays

As the holiday season is now in full swing, I can’t help but observe the swing of emotions—mine and that of those all around me.On one hand, there is the child-like delight of magi…

Endings and Beginnings

During the time of the Fall Equinox, which fell this year on the same week as a new moon, the energy shift feels palpable. Many people can feel the change in light and weather, and…

Letter to a New Rabbi

[I can't remember who asked me to write this, or if it was ever published, but I wanted to get it out there. It is long, it is Jewish, and some of it might not make sense to those …

What Do We Really Mean When We Say We're Doing Nothing?

When anyone asks what I've been doing lately, I almost always say: "Nothing."Of course, that's not literally true. Yesterday, I wrote two articles, drew a picture of a girl wearing…

11 Ways to Decalcify Your Pineal Gland for Wellbeing

When you decalcify the pineal gland—known as the third-eye chakra—you remove calcium phosphate deposits. This can lead not only to better health and wellbeing but to higher consciousness.

Sweet Dreams on Demand

You’re taking a morning walk with your best friend around a pristine lake, when suddenly an alligator lunges out of the water. The two of you leap onto the nearest tree and begin t…

Resolving to Go All-In: Being Fully Authentic in 2014

Blogger’s note: It’s a new year, and my musings as a spiritual activist continue. What a pleasant surprise! The opportunity to grace these pages a few times a month is an honor and…

5 Simple Ways to Breathe Life into a Relationship

The turning of a year seems to beg us to reevaluate, revitalize, and recommit. We resolve to do better and to be better in almost every area of our lives. The only problem is that …

The Transformation of Yoga in America

Today, yoga seems as much a part of U.S. culture and fitness as aerobics and spin class. For the next generation, it will feel as if yoga has always been here, as our children grow…

Yoga on the Go: Moon Salutation

There is definitely a specific pleasure in taking a public yoga class: listening to the wisdom of the teacher, exploring new postures, and simply being in the studio space with th…

Waxing and Waning: Yoga for the Moon

Everyone, at some time or another, has felt a personal connection to the moon. Most of us forget about it most of the time, but everyone I know has, at some point, looked out a win…

The Science of Yoga

I went to take a friend of mine’s class a while ago, on a full moon. She talked about how humans are made mostly of water, and the moon pulls the tides, so therefore it must have a…

5 Ayurvedic Ways to Lower Heat in the Body

Ever feel overheated, despite cool weather? Your Pitta dosha may have been aggravated.

A Ritual-Full Life

“Every time I have gathered in community ritual or personal ceremony, I have experienced a healing.”

3 DIY Crystal Mists to Calm, Boost, and Manifest

Create adaptogenic, crystal-infused face and body mists to revitalize and boost balance.

The Spiritual Meaning of the Thunder Moon

Feeling wilted in the middle of summer? Channel the spiritual energy of thunderstorms and heat with July’s Thunder Moon.

Poem: Sand and Legs

A poem from the forthcoming book Real.Vibrant, poems for all that matters

How To Embody the Triple Goddess Archetype

Understanding the gifts and lessons of each aspect of the Triple Goddess can create wholeness and unity within us, no matter our chronological age.

The Spiritual Meaning of the Autumn Equinox

When it’s too cold to be outside hunting, building, or farming, it’s time to go inside and listen to your teachers. Explore the spiritual meaning of the Autumn Equinox.

Finding Sleep

Defining yourself as someone with sleep problems can compound them. It’s time to wake up to winding down.

Dena Merriam

Dena Merriam is an international interfaith leader and the founder of the Global Peace Initiative of Women. She has been a student of Paramahansa Yogananda for 45 years. She is the…

The Spiritual Meaning of the Full Hunter’s Moon

To align with the spiritual meaning of the full Hunter’s Moon this October, complete your internal harvest.

The Science of Rebirth

Explore how the idea of rebirth (and memories of past lives) is not limited to Eastern philosophies, but can be accessed by all people.

The Spiritual Meaning of November’s Beaver Moon

The November full moon is the perfect time to wrap up projects and turn inward for the winter. Explore the spiritual meaning of the Beaver Moon.

The Spiritual Meaning of the December Full Moon

Connect with the spiritual meaning of the December full moon and the wisdom it offers us for slowing down.

A Goddess Ritual for Sacred Aging

Let this ritual for the Great Mother, and your ancestral mothers, guide you into your wisdom years.

Shaping Our Future

Our actions in this moment (and lifetime) can affect future lifetimes—explore how.

Lunar Medicine for the Masculine

Explore how men can align themselves with lunar cycles to experience more connection with nature and the divine.

How to Strengthen Your Intuition Through the Lunar Cycle

Use these simple but powerful methods to attune yourself to the moon’s phases to develop stronger intuition.

The Spiritual Meaning of the January Full Moon

Explore the spiritual meaning of January’s full Wolf Moon as we navigate cold, long nights and gloomy days.

Spiritual Meaning of the Vernal Equinox

The spiritual meaning of the spring equinox may resonate with a feeling of lightening and lifting up that has been building since the full Worm Moon.

How to Read Process-Oriented Tarot (No Memorizing Required)

Put down the guide book. A process-oriented tarot reading starts with how you feel when you select a card from the deck.

Oracle Cards: No Wrong Answers

Confused about oracle cards? Oracle experts explain what they're all about.

Book Review: 52 Ways to Walk

ANNABEL STREETS, in an effort to prove that walking is not, as many suppose, boring, began to experiment. She strolled at high altitude, in forests, barefoot, backward, and under a…

Medical Astrology: Connecting Stars, Planets, and Body Parts for Better Health

Medical astrology links planets to body parts. Your body’s strengths and weaknesses may be informed by your zodiac sign.

Seeing Our Shadow in the Light of the Full Moon

“With new lenses, new compassion, new courage from our own inner work and our nightly dreams—we turn and face our shadows.”

Spiritual Meaning of the Full Worm Moon

Springtime brings a much-anticipated return to life. The spiritual meaning of the Worm Moon is a subtle yet powerful reminder of the early stirrings of that life.

Remedying a Community Through Ritual With Mara Branscombe

Yoga, meditation, mysticism, and ritual are at the heart of Mara Branscombe’s Ritual as Remedy.

3 Yoga Postures for the Galloping Gibbous Moon

As we gallop toward the full moon, why not try a more energetic yoga practice?

A Ritual for the Full Worm Moon

Are you ready to get down and dirty to tap into the energy of the full Worm Moon?

When a Tension Gets Attention

Flummoxed by self-esteem issues? Give up on self-esteem and move to Self-awareness.

Tarot for Dark Days: Strength and the Wilt

The wisdom of tarot for dark days is about the wilt. It’s a surrender that allows you to find your resilience again on the other side.

Are Your Crystals Ethically Sourced?

There’s a dirty side to crystal mining. The good news is there are ethical options for fans of these spiritual gems.

Ritual for the Full Pink Moon

Release winter energy and ignite spring fire with a ritual for the full Pink Moon.

Fear & Hope

Musings and active imagination on fear and hope inspired by journaled dreams.

3 Limpias to Help You Find Love

Steep a variety of flowering plants and herbs for a literal and spiritual bath. Repeat the baño limpias to bring love into your life.

Capturing Lunar Energy Through Affirmations

Step one: Discover how to write affirmations that work for you. Step two: Combine your affirmations practice with the lunar cycle.

A Blanketing Ritual for the Full Snow Moon

Explore the magical potential of the Snow Moon. Its safety and shelter can assist in letting go.

Spiritual Meaning of the June Strawberry Moon

Tap into the spiritual meaning of the Strawberry Moon. Enjoy the ripening, birth, and bloom of June.

5 Ways Better Rhythm Can Improve Your Health

Rhythm is about synchronizing with the beat of nature, and it’s one of the most important (and often overlooked) aspects of health.

Thunder and Lightning: The Spiritual Meaning of the Blue Moons

The thunder moon and the lightning moon that follows it can bring stormy weather inside and out.

From Loneliness to Aloneness

An art practice for embracing solitude.

Becoming Moon-imals

What might we gain from considering ourselves in the same way, affected by both our earthly presence and the influence of the moon?

Empathy and Artificial Intelligence

The ability to program empathy into AI could reap wellness benefits for humans and even the robots themselves.

The Spiritual Meaning of Moon Phases

Turn to the spiritual meaning of the moon phases to connect to the rhythms and cycles outside of the frantic pace of modern living.

5 Vibrational Healing Methods for Chronic Pain and Body Aches

Vibrational healing isn’t new, but it has recently become more mainstream.

Winter Solstice Magic: A Spell for the Solar New Year

This ritual to invite winter solstice magic is best done sitting in a circle (real or virtual) with others.

Go Natural for the New Year

Energetically, celestially, astrologically, physically—January 1st is just one day.

Spiritual Meaning of the Wolf Moon

Discovering the spiritual meaning of the Wolf Moon is a reminder to honor your own pack.

Staying Spiritually Connected on a Busy Schedule

The key to staying spiritually connected in the midst of a busy schedule, says actress and activist Torrey DeVitto, is embracing simplicity and constant exploration.

7 Simple Practices to Connect With Intuitive Magic

Ever listened to someone with your body? This is the kind of intuitive magic you already know.

Spiritual Meaning of the Snow Moon

The spiritual meaning of the Snow Moon invites a gentle probing into this place of pause, a slow discovery of what is simmering beneath the still surface.

The Hoodoo Blues

Not voodoo—hoodoo. Hoodoo meaning can be found in a variety of practices from “spells timed to moon phases” to “charms, curses, and crossings.”

Form a Goddess Circle, Find Your Sacred Self

Maiden, Mother, or Crone, there’s a goddess circle for you.

Teaching Shamanism at Atlantic University

“Welcome to the shamanic worldview in which we recognize that there are multiple dimensions and realities beyond the physical space-time continuum.”

Women’s Circles: A Sacred Space to Celebrate the Divine Feminine

“Women’s circles are a gathering of women, for women. These sisterhood meetings give women a safe space to connect, share, and empower.”

Consumable Magic: A Ritual to Honor the Strawberry Moon

The beginning of summer is a time to rejoice in nature’s abundance. This ritual uses delicious strawberries to connect with love, good fortune, prosperity, sensuality, and fertility.

Connecting With Your True Self

“The goal of understanding your Enneagram ‘type’ or ‘number’ is not to delete and replace your personality with a new one.”

Valerie June’s 7 Most Spiritually Uplifting Songs

Singer-songwriter Valerie June shares her go-to spiritually uplifting songs—with links!

The Spiritual Meaning of the Full Flower Moon

The May full moon marks a turning point, a movement into the bright, sunshiny half of the year.

The Talking Tree

Shamanic practitioner (and emergency medic) Winter Ross met a sister in a wounded ponderosa pine.

Rooted: Life at the Crossroads of Science, Nature, and Spirit

Lyanda Lynn Haupt explores where science, poetry, mysticism, and the traditions of earth-based cultures intersect in her book “Rooted: Life at the Crossroads of Science, Nature, and Spirit.”

The Spiritual Meaning of the Easter Season

“Regardless of what traditions you follow, the spiritual meaning of Easter is a new light after sacrifice or tribulation.”

“Moon River,” JT, and Me

Simple joys help us flow back to the best things in life. “Never have I so sensed in my patients and myself the necessity of cultivating awareness of simple joys.”

Reclaim Rest: A Rest-Guided Meditation to Help You Connect to Calm Instantly

Reclaim rest with a rest guided meditation that will take you on a journey of self-exploration.

The Spirituality of Cycling

Feel spiritual when you’re on a bike? Embrace that feeling and make a practice of the spirituality of cycling.

Hand Reflexology Practice for the Waxing Moon

Try these hand reflexology points that support the energy of the Waxing Moon and cultivating a calm, balanced, and secure state so that energy is used for creating momentum on your chosen path.

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Wounds and the Womb

Explore how to heal a relationship with your sacred womb—a place of death, life, and possibilities.

Throwing the Bones: Finding Your Future

What does the future hold? Consult with the ancestors about what's to come through a form of divination called bone casting. What will you learn by throwing the bones?

Kambo Cleanse and Hearing God’s Voice in Frog Poison

What is it really like to try a kambo cleanse? The South American detox treatment.

Nathan Erwin

Nathan Erwin is an educator, mindfulness practitioner, food sovereignty advocate, and rural poet. With a family tree rooted in the North and South, Alabama moonshiners and Vermont …

Self-Care This Season

Self-care is vital, especially in the winter months when darkness—quite literally—settles in. “We respond to the weather, the seasons, the moon, our emotions, and the food we eat.”

Featured Artist: Carmen García Gordillo

With an assist from Google Translate, S&H editor Ben Nussbaum and Spanish artist Carmen García Gordillo discussed dreams, snakes, yoga, and much more.

What the Lunar Eclipse Means for Your Zodiac Sign

Discover how your zodiac sign is affected by the final lunar eclipse of the year.

Hand Reflexology for the Waning Moon

The Waning Moon invites reflection and introspection. This slower pace is supported by activating hand reflexology points that release tension held in the sacrum, shoulders, and knees.

Hand Reflexology for the Full Moon

The energy of the full moon invites a release of all that no longer serves us. Energize these hand reflexology points to support a feeling of gratitude, expansion, and letting go.

Lunar Reflections

Julie Peters, the author of Secrets of the Eternal Moon Phase Goddesses, shares her wisdom on building a moon practice.

Reconnecting and Recommitting to Mother Earth

The courage and strength to take a stand for our planet can be found through reconnecting with the energy and ease of Mother Earth.

Celebrating the Spiritual Meanings of Halloween

More than just candy and costumes: Halloween is a holiday that can, with a little thought, become deeply spiritual.

Questing for Ancient Ritual

A writer of historical fiction shares how she uncovered 2,000-year-old rituals that are still relevant today.

Following the Moon, Processing Grief

This season is a good time to process the grief you’ve felt this year. Practice this intuitive moon ritual that is easy to adapt to your own needs.

A Halloween-Time Practice for Finding Balance

Feeling off-kilter? This simple and powerful practice can bring you out of your swirling thoughts and ground you firmly in the present moment.

Animal Mystics

How can we live in sacred relationship with the more-than-human world?

We All Suffer From H.E.L.P. (Human Existential Looping Problem), but There’s Help!

Stuck in a rut—or a loop? “Thoughts we’ve had thousands of times are easier to have again than new, creative thoughts. ... So what are we to do about our loops getting stronger with every repetition?”

Fall Is So Yin: Embracing Autumn Energy

“The fall/winter ... is full of yin energy, a darker, softer, slower energy. Now is the time to head indoors, eat warm cooked food, and get close to our loved ones.”

The One Minute, Icy Cold Path of Awakening

If you stay warm and dry it will take 10 minutes.

How Abdominal Massage Supports a Healthy Cycle and Manages Anxiety

Abdominal massage is a global practice that supports womb health and total-body healing. Learn how this practice can help manage anxiety and support a healthy menstrual cycle.

Grieving With the Moon: A Cycling Ritual

Grief is a sacred cycle, just like that of the moon. Utilize this powerful but simple month-long ritual to honor your grief in tune with the moon.

The Spiritual Meaning of Yule

The ancient pagan celebration of the winter solstice deeply influenced many of our modern-day holiday traditions. What is the spiritual meaning of Yule?

12 Simple Stretches for Chronic Pain

Working through frustrating levels of pain in the body? A physical trainer shares her top 12 stretches for chronic pain.

The Spiritual Meaning of the Harvest Moon

The Harvest Moon, the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox, brings potent magic and wisdom. Learn what this year’s Harvest Moon has to teach you.

How to Get in Touch With the Energy of Late Summer

The coming of fall doesn’t have to be a hard transition. Honor the magic of the end of summer with an altar, rituals, crystals, and affirmations.

What Is Seed Cycling?

Seed cycling is a practice that encourages us to connect with our menstrual cycles and with the moon cycles. Learn how to practice seed cycling in just a few steps.

How Vedic Astrology Can Help You Make Better Choices

Explore how the practice of Vedic astrology can help you make wiser choices, from your love life, to your career, to your health.

5 Unexpected Gifts of Cyclical Living

Learn more about the benefits of cyclical living and how getting out of a timeline-based mindset can set you free.

The Spiritual Meaning of Litha

Litha, a pagan summer holiday, marks the longest day of the year. Explore more about the spiritual meaning of Litha and what it represents.

The Spiritual Meaning of Eclipses

Eclipses hold strong spiritual energy that you’ve probably sensed yourself. Explore the spiritual meaning of these beautiful cosmic events.

23 Great Places to Pause, Reflect, and Renew

Our 2023 Retreat Guide features 23 unique retreat centers design to help you heal, restore, and connect with your highest self. Where will you retreat to this year?

Delightfully Deep in the Weeds

Our lead digital editor spent a week apprenticed to a master seaweed harvester—and learned much more than how to gather kelp.

The Spiritual Meaning of April’s Awakening Moon

April’s full moon invites us to delight in the gifts of being human and to enjoy the coming of spring. Explore the spiritual meaning of April’s Awakening Moon.

The Spiritual Meaning of the Empress Tarot Card

The Empress tarot card holds rich symbolism and is connected to two important goddesses. Learn what lessons we can glean from this powerfully feminine tarot card.

The Spiritual Meaning of Ostara

The spring equinox is a potent time of year for welcoming in new energy and revitalizing your life. Explore the spiritual meaning of Ostara, the pagan celebration of spring.

Music Review: Mercy

Mercy, the new album from avant-rock icon John Cale, is chock-full of ruminations on the state of the world and includes deep reflections of the artists Cale, now 80 years young, h…

A Pre-Spring Sun Meditation

Combat winter malaise with celestial contemplation—practice this meditation to honor the Sun.

Naked Truth and the Storytelling Animal

Evolutionary Neuroscientist Peggy La Cerra tells us why it’s time to take a deep dive into the ultimate story: Reality.

Navigating With Soul

How can you get a sense of whether a therapist will be a soulful, healing presence in your life? Explore six things to watch for in your first few sessions.

10 Ways to Avoid Drama Burnout

Find ways to take a break from overwhelming situations.

Ayurveda in the Garden

There is no better time to synchronize with the rhythms of our cosmos than in late spring…

A Goddess of Post Traumatic Growth: Nilapataka Nitya

This goddess encourages us to courageously churn the oceans of our inner selves, to explore the painful feelings and old traumas in our psyches and let them teach us something.

Creative Moon: Writing Prompts for the Moon Cycles

Try this free writing journaling practice coinciding with the moon phases.

In the Fullness of Emptiness

Calm down using the breath and slow down your exhale.

Enough Is Enough

Excerpt from the book More Beautiful Than Before: How Suffering Transforms Us.

Finding Joy with Those Who Don't Think Like You

The two of us have been digging in to reconcile the differences between us for 15 years. What are we digging into? The thick, rich, confusing soil of the different ways we think, experience, and understand the world.

End of Year Ritual: 7 Questions to Ask Yourself

A simple and effective end of year ritual is to carve out a little time for yourself to meditate and journal.

A Creative Contemplative Offering for Solstice

The Solstice is a time of celebration in anticipation of Light’s return and the rebirth of the Sun.

Full Moon Meditation for Letting Go and Letting In

An audio meditation for the full moon.

Can You Manifest?

Manifestation requires alignment with your Emotional Energy System.

The Goddess of Intoxication

Vajresvari wants us to find power in being present with our joy, imbibing in delightful experiences even to the point of intoxication.

Tend & Befriend

How hope for the world is growing in circles

Using Technology So It Doesn’t Use You

Take these two actions to set boundaries around your phone and social media.

The Empowered Empath

Try these three steps to get you healthy, grounded, and empowered to create a compassion revolution and save the world.

Creative Yoga Events to Inspire Community

Sponsored Content by Celebrant Foundation & Institute

Six Lessons from the Sea

After a couple of decades of surfing and traveling, and writing about surfing and traveling, these are six lessons that I use every day.

Yoga for the Moon Cycles

Discover a yoga pose to represent each quarter of the moon corresponding to its unique energy that you can incorporate into your practice.

The Art of Aliveness

In a recent interview on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast, actress and writer Lena Dunham shared a thought about her father’s profession as a painter. She said, “We have so many options no…

Shifting Your Perspective for Greater Clarity

I have been walking labyrinths, and facilitating others using them as a walking meditation for over twenty years. The labyrinth is not a maze; there is only one path that has a con…

Celebrating My Inner Masculinity

This week, I skipped out on yoga. Instead, I tried kickboxing for the first time. I also tested out capoeira and jujitsu—it felt like a good week to do a bit of kicking and punchin…