Reclaim Rest: A Rest-Guided Meditation to Help You Connect to Calm Instantly

Reclaim Rest: A Rest-Guided Meditation to Help You Connect to Calm Instantly

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Reclaim rest with a rest guided meditation that will take you on a journey of self-exploration.

I’ve witnessed something pretty special over the past couple months. There has been a collective shift recently away from frustration and fear toward peace and healing. Within this shift has been a realization of how important rest and self-care truly are. Have you noticed this too?

Many of us have been on a self-exploration journey as we navigate these new times, and with that comes a lot of new energy and focus being placed on growth and new awareness. But within all that focus, we still seem to be on the hustle and consumed with the go, go, go energy. I don’t know about you but I am exhausted.

Last week I turned in my manuscript to my publisher for my next book, which is all about inner peace and how to achieve wholeness and full alignment. I usually celebrate by taking a trip, but all I wanted to do is/was sleep. So I checked myself into a nice hotel, left my digital devices at home, brought a book, and enjoyed just being, resting and recalibrating. I understand not all of us have the luxury of checking in (to a hotel) in order to check out, but we can give ourselves permission to do more of what we truly need, and for most of us right now, it seems our bodies are craving rest.

What are you craving? What does your body need? Checking in with yourself is important. Now more than ever we need to listen to our own heart and give ourselves what we need most.

Here are some easy ways to recalibrate and realign with yourself so you aren’t feeling so exhausted. At the bottom of this article you’ll find a rest guided meditation.

Set Clear Boundaries

One of the most important lessons in taking better care of our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health is to set clear boundaries to protect yourself from extending your energy. Many of my coaching clients feel exhausted and the first thing we address is setting clearer boundaries. If you feel overwhelmed, it could be your boundaries are unclear. Setting boundaries is the ultimate act of self-care and love because you value yourself enough to give yourself what you know you need. It isn’t selfish but rather self-nurturing.

To set better boundaries, ask yourself, what do I need right now that I’m not currently getting? Maybe more support, more downtime, more appreciation, etc. Instead of looking to others to give you this need, give it to yourself. Carve out time to focus on your own needs. Then you can present your boundaries clearly to people and let your behavior do the talking. When your honor yourself by having clear boundaries, you stand strong in your sovereign self, and this is the ultimate form of self-love and care.

Honor the Power of Now

Take some time to just do nothing. Just be! Allow yourself to detox from digital devices and be in your own company. I don’t necessary mean staring at a wall (although if that feels good, go for it). It is more about bringing intention with each moment. Journaling, walking in nature, cuddling with a furry friend, etc., are all good examples of being more present in the moment. When we are present, we let go of the worry that runs rampant in our mind. Let your ego calm down by dropping into your heart and focusing more on the power of now.

Connect With the Rhythm of Nature

So many of us have gotten accustomed to the pattern of a go-go-go way of life. Because of this, we’ve forgotten what it actually means to slow down. Going to bed early or leaving your phone at home can often create uncomfortable feelings of panic, guilt, or shame. But we can reverse this by reclaiming our own focus on aligning with the rhythm of nature. Nature has a cycle, there is a time for everything, and everything gets done—prioritizing restorative sleep is about honoring the seasons of your soul.

As we align with the cycles of the sun and moon, the yearly rotation of the seasons can help us feel deeper into the rhythm of our own life. If you keep trying to make something happen, and it feels like a lot of time and energy is exhausted, it could be time to rest and relax. The same way gardeners don’t yell at their plants to grow or try to force them, know that there is a time and place for everything and it is all divine. Trust, surrender, and allow yourself to be where you are instead of where you think you are supposed to be.

Connect to Calm With More Meditation

The past year has taken all of us on a wild ride of uncertainty, discomfort, and worry, and the aftereffect of such an emotional roller coaster can be extreme fatigue of the brain. If you are exhausted, it could be your own mind working overtime. Of course there are practical things we can do, like limiting our digital device time, optimizing our sleep environment, even investing in better rest products, but the type of stress that causes us the most stress is our brain stress, caused by overthinking. To combat the overthinking, practice being still and do mediation. Using a guided meditation can help you be more present and focus on the moment.

To help you reclaim calm, start by just relaxing into the moment and enjoy this rest guided meditation.

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