Full Moon Meditation for Letting Go and Letting In

Full Moon Meditation for Letting Go and Letting In


An audio meditation for the full moon.

Most new beginnings require an ending. The full moon is traditionally a time to harvest, to consider the fruit of our efforts, what’s ripe for the picking, and also what did not fruit, what we might need to weed from our internal gardens. We consider where we have been putting our energy, what we want to continue to cultivate, and what we would like to let go.

Lotus mudra is a hand gesture that is shaped a little bit like a cup. It indicates both an offering, a willingness to let go, as well as a container that opens to receiving. It is done with the heels of the hands, the pinky fingers, and the thumbs connected with the three middle fingers opening up to the sky.

On this full moon, we can consider what fills our cup, what we might like to drink from it, and what we might need to empty out so we can make space for what’s next.

If you ever get confused about the hand position, simply place the hands together in front of your heart as if in prayer. This mudra, called Anjali, holds all the other mudras within it.

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