Fear & Hope

Robert Haden III

Musings and active imagination on fear and hope inspired by journaled dreams.

Someday after mastering winds, waves, tides & gravity we shall harness the energy of love... for the second time in history of the world, we will have discovered fire.
—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Two years ago I had a wonderful reminder that we are all co-creators! I was invited with approximately 20 others in my region to create two pieces of art, “Fear” and “Hope,” and to then write about them. We were each given two different 11x17 pieces of paper with just a couple of black and white lines present—these are small parts of a bigger image of the Covid-19 virus with its spiky sphere. When all the pieces were in, they displayed the bigger co-created image. Studying my dreams at the time, dream images and their messages played a heavy role in what I created. Very much an active imagination process. What image would you create for “fear”? For “hope”? And what would be your words behind them? How would your dreams and dream images influence? Maybe as co-creators, we all already project those out into the world. And perhaps just like our body knows before we do, so does the Mother Earth.


These pains you feel are messengers, listen to them. — Rumi

Spirit and Matter, Alchemy of Fire reuniting what is split, transforming ourselves and our landscape. An eruption of voices who have suffered at the hands of others for centuries, and of consciousness personally and collectively at the same moment. It is easy to be overwhelmed with the enormity of what is happening in psychic fields today: pandemic, lack of leadership or working together, economic fear, climate change, explosion of healing so many isms.

Fear by Robert Haden III

Yet, dark nights have an intelligence and harmony too. Fire first melts what is frozen, a great unblocking, and flipping everything on its head. Is it our higher selves calling to remember our potential and that we are not alone—there is a higher good and a higher potential. The shift from thinking we are rulers and owners of a land, of a world, of people—to knowing we are visitors of this Earth-sentient being that will be here long after us. If we can be humble, this is our collective awakening. As the worlds we created are erupting before our eyes, we are reminded we are not in harmony with ourselves and with the Earth.

Day by day, night by night, we climb mountains in front of us. Perhaps we can also go into the dark inner mountain cave, live with what is there, what is in this dark tunnel void of time. Re-visiting and remembering, in this time-warp, we allow our higher self to find our potential. Flowing lava will not kill us, and may hurl us to the peak of the mountain. Maybe we rise from the ashes in an intuitive awakening, a collective awakening. This is no time for progress—it is a bolder, grander time of alchemical change, of evolutions, and leaps we knew were coming. We may just discover that fire has not destroyed but alchemically transformed what great hands have called forward. In times of great chaos we tend to distract or start another war, yet the feminine divine starts a healing.

For our Mother Earth, this is just the blink of an eye. For us, it is a time of eruptions of consciousness. What we do with this time matters, what we say to ourselves matters, and what we say and do to others matters. Yes, this is the opportunity to become the potential we were born with. Yes, it is a privilege to be alive. Fire teaches and transforms giving gifts—A new way of seeing, listening, being, and feeling. As a collective eruption to the next, we face who we do not want to be. Will we rise up out of the ashes closer to our potential? Soul’s dark night has brought oneness to each individual in isolation of a pandemic, will we ignore in fear, will we hold our breath forgetting to exhale? Is there a potential for a new harmonizing, even in fires, even in eruptions?


Love is the bridge between you and everything. —Rumi

Feminine Divine coming down with wisdom, and Great Mother coming up from deep crystalline Earth—our open hearts are at the crossing of something infinite, yearned to be expressed in full spectrum. Bigger hands becoming flesh, while more and more intuitive and empathic souls are listening. So many things flipped on its head, and we can feel the gravity shifting. We have all seen the image of “holding the world in our hands.”

Hope by Robert Haden III

But there are bigger hands calling us inward-higher-forward to our individual co-creative greater potential—to resonate with that birth song “Universal hum” we breathed in our first moment on the Earth. Consciousness is yearning to be expressed outward in full spectrum. A collective hum resonating deep with the light and music we have always yearned to create.

As Carolyn Myss says, “Once something has been made conscious, you cannot put it back. You can bury it inside of you, or accept, allow, and grow from it because it does not go away. And you can be certain what you bury will speak up and come out.” Carolyn’s original teacher, a nun, taught her from visualizing all beings as spokes on a wheel—If the color beams of this spectrum of one light represented all people white, black, brown, Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Spiritual, Democrat, Republican, Green party, Chinese, Colombian, Polish, rich, poor... grab a beam and see that it has value and know its perspective, its suffering, without attachment, judgment, or defensiveness... and then grab another beam of color, and another, embracing them all. It is becoming harder not to see or feel through these lenses of understanding—knowing and loving that we are all one. The Golden line is much more than the equator. It is symbolic Holism that we are all connected and intra-dependent, just as the Saharan Dust Clouds fertilize the Amazon every year with exactly what they need to thrive, and in turn help us thrive. I am looking forward to that day when enough can see their shadow in the Divine Feminine moonlight, and tap into the energetic grid the earth is already part of—lighting up themselves and the world with love. Hope is also Courage. We hold hope in the heart of our hand, and like the tree, feel more naturally present, exhale and breathe.

These were inspired by dreams I journaled and worked while training with the Haden Institute Two-Year Dream Work Certification Course. Copyright Robert Haden.

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