36 Inspiring and Unique Gifts

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Give a gift that your friends and family will enjoy thoughout the year. Order one year Spirituality & Health for one of your friends, and give a gift to a second friend for free! That's our best offer ever. They will receive both print and digital editions. Use code S335A during checkout to add the free subscription.


Monumental Discoveries

Making Dreams Come True ICHIWAH (ee-chee-WA) blends ancient metaphysics and modern science into a value-centered manifestation tool. This is a thoughtful gift for yourself, your family members, and every one of your friends. ICHIWAH: It Can’t Hurt, It Will Absolutely Help.


Self Realization Fellowship

Inner Reflections – 2015 Engagement Calendar This life-affirming, award-winning engagement calendar features breathtaking images from the world’s top nature photographers, artfully matched with inspired insights from the writings of Paramahansa Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi. An ideal spiritual gift for yourself or others!


Better Than Sex

A New Approach to Spiritual Awakening Do you feel a deep longing to live a more expansive consciousness in your day-to-day life—unleashing energy, humor and love? Arjuna Ardagh’s latest book, Better Than Sex, is an innovative and brilliant new way of approaching spiritual awakening, stripping our deepest and most profound longing back to its most essential roots.


The Book of Awakening

A Well-Beloved Daily Companion Oprah Winfrey calls it “a year’s supply of inspiration for every day and the perfect gift for yourself and your friends.” Mark Nepo provides small doses of what really matters–simple truths and stories from everyday lives and the great wisdom traditions. 800-423-7087


Collecting Feathers: Tales from the Other Side

For the Heart, Mind, and Soul Daniela I. Norris blends pitch-perfect storytelling and a keen spiritual awareness to bring us a beautiful and haunting set of tales from the beyond. A feast for the heart, mind, and soul, each story is layered with unfolding intrigue, and each one will stay with you long after the pages have been turned. Special ebook download: $1.99 Nov 28 – Dec 25.


Institute for Applied Meditation on the Heart

A Gift for You! Win an Online Meditation Course! Learn meditation online at your own pace with a trained instructor who will answer your questions and give you insightful feedback and caring support. Learn to be mindful and present, release stress, and open your heart. The course is January 13 to March 10, 2015 and is normally $400. A winner will be selected on December 24. Enter to win at the IAM Heart website or by calling 520-299-2170.


Journey into Freedom: The Essential Meditation System

Cultivate Awareness, Clarity, and Authentic Spiritual Awakening Craig Hamilton designed Journey into Freedom to support a lifetime of meditative discovery and unfolding. This beautifully packaged CD set of distinctive practices, teachings, and exclusive course excerpts guides you on a clear, consistent path into meditation’s deepest potential.


Creating a Peaceful, Empowered Life From TinyBuddha.com creator Lori Deschene come 40 unique perspectives on loving yourself, including: realizing you’re not broken, accepting your flaws, releasing the need for approval, letting go of comparisons, and learning to be authentic. Featuring stories selected from hundreds of Tiny Buddha.com contributors. 800-423-7087 redwheelweiser.com

All Good Things

Holy Aromas Gift Set ® Delight your senses with our amazing fragrances. Our set includes Body Wash, Hand and Body Lotion, matching soap, and hand-crocheted loofah for women or soap pocket for men, in a convenient zip-top pouch. Available in seven women’s fragrances and four men’s. 419-824-3749


Chattra—Divine Yoga Gear

Practice Should Be Beautiful, Meditation Divine Chattra’s artisan-crafted mat bags, bolsters, zafus & zabutons are hand-block printed in divine mix-and-match colors and prints inspired by elements of India’s art and architecture. Chattra divine yoga gear is accented in illuminating orange trim, crafted in ethical workshops in India, and filled with cotton or buckwheat hulls in the USA.


The Relationship Handbook

A Path to Consciousness, Healing, and Growth In her first new book in fifteen years, personal development pioneer Shakti Gawain applies her transformational techniques to the realm of relationships, encapsulating a lifetime of teaching and learning to offer her most incisive and universal work to date.


Ananda Soul Creations

Shine Your Light … the World Needs It Live in integrity and look stunning with meaningful jewelry creations, ethically produced in Bali. Ananda Soul Creations supports underprivileged local women and street children. Each piece is handmade with love and filled with Balinese blessings, empowering you to shine!


Master Healer Paramahansa Jagadish

Karma Clearing or Ancestral Healing Eliminate the negative karma from your life and your ancestral lines! World-renowned Master Healer Paramahansa Jagadish offers a unique 2-for-1 holiday gift special—Karma Clearing or Ancestral Healing: $300 for you and a friend or loved one!


Sore No More

Versatile Pain Relief Gift Box Give naturally powerful pain relief. This impressive gel quickly provides lasting relief from arthritis, fibromyalgia, overworked muscles, tendonitis, migraines, neuropathy, and so much more. 8 oz jar, 12 To-Go packets, bath mixer, application instructions, and LED light. They’ll thank you forever! 800-842-6622


Essence of Vali

Sleep, Peaceful Sleep Trouble sleeping? You are not alone. Let Essence of Vali’s sleep aromatherapy be YOUR bedtime ritual. The products are a soothing blend of essential oils: lavender, marjoram, cedarwood, and ylang ylang. Available as a pillow mist, bedtime balm, massage & bath oil, and concentrate. All products are 100% natural and can be purchased at essenceofvali.com


The Untethered Soul®

Hardcover Gift Edition This beautiful hardcover keepsake gift edition with satin ribbon bookmark features a new preface by Michael A. Singer. If you want to free yourself from limitations, soar beyond your boundaries, and discover inner peace and serenity, The Untethered Soul can show you the way.


Bicycling Home, My Journey to Find God

A Journey of Discovery and Transformation It took author Virginia Mudd ten years and more than 10,000 miles as she cycled across windy bridges, along wild rivers, over misty mountain passes, and into driving headwinds to find herself and to find God. This is an inspiring story of mystery, adventure, and love. 30 color photos. Visit the website to read Chapter One. virginiamudd.com

The Short Path to Enlightenment

Instructions for Immediate Awakening Gangaji calls Paul Brunton’s book, “Alive with supreme knowledge. May it support you in immediately and continually recognizing yourself.” Adyashanti says, “Read this book as you would a scripture or a sutra and let it open your eyes to eternity.” $14.95 paperback.



Celebrating Earth-Based Spirituality This earth-spirited astrological moon calendar is a visionary collection of women’s creative work. More than a datebook, We’Moon 2015 is 240 pages of daily inspiration. Free shipping in U.S. for orders of $50 or more. Call for multiple destinations. 877-693-6666


Crystal Bowl Guided Meditations

Soul Soothing Audio CD A great gift for beginner or seasoned contemplators, this audio CD combines the melodic harmonies of crystal bowls, gong, guitar with transcendent vocal visualizations. There are two instrumental and six guided meditations to facilitate relaxation.


Sage Kit

Meaningful and Positive Experience Cleanse, bless, and protect your home, health, and family with the Original Sage Kit. Defeat today’s darkness, anxiety, and negativity. Create a meaningful and positive experience for a family, a new home, or someone alone who is struggling. Shake that bad energy. Purchase the Original Sage Kit on Amazon.


Golden Ratio Products

Expand Your Water and Health Consciousness Lagoena is the only all-natural water bottle made with glass, cork, rubber & wood, and with a Golden Ratio shape that revitalizes water in three minutes. You can’t get cooler–or greener–than that! Beautifully enhanced with the Flower-of-Life design. 207-523-9169


Out of the Woods

A Guide for Women in Recovery Women new to recovery find much support. With time, recovering women face challenges from complacency to burnout, menopause to weight gain. Diane Cameron has faced these issues, and shares her “experience, strength, and hope” to teach readers how to handle the unexpected trials of double-digit recovery.


The Holistic Root

A Path to Wellness The Holistic Root fragrance line was formulated by Clinical Aromatherapist Maria Tabone. All of the essential oil blends are made with 100% pure essential oils, and most are organic. In addition, since essential oils are extremely healing, they all have therapeutic properties. All blends are 100% chemical free. They are therapeutic, good for your health, and they all smell great—what more could you ask for!


Choosing Light – The Heroic Journey

The Light You Truly Are This book offers the simple messages of wisdom, clarity, compassion, and humor. Seven Spiritual Guides in non-physical form invite you to allow their help in understanding and making those choices that will bring Light into your life and into this world.


Quantum Balance Crystals (QBC)

Activate, Awaken, and Balance Your Body, Mind, and Spirit Each QBC is uniquely handcrafted, containing thousands of transparent nano-scale quartz crystal particles, with larger visible crystals. The dyes and resin are plant and mineral based. QBC uses color, crystals, and frequencies to positively influence and balance the life force flow of our chakras. A beautiful gift for someone you love–including yourself!



Your Conscious Path to Vibrant Health Exquisite 14” oak Zenwand, engraved with mantras & mandalas. Embellished with seven genuine chakra-healing gemstones and Swarovski crystals and with a silver chime sphere. For meditation, yoga, mindfulness, intention, manifestation, and other conscious paths to vibrant health, wellness, and balance. 250-864-0343


Bob Sima Music

The Soundtrack to Your Transformation Looking for music that goes far beyond the ear and straight to the heart? Bob has been called “Eckhart Tolle with a guitar” and has been dubbed “the Transformational Troubadour.” Coupon code SHM14 gives free shipping on a 4-pack AfterGlow bundle ($45).


Ancient Essence

Essential Oils for Beauty, Body, and Health For 15+ years, Ancient Essence has specialized in Frankincense and Myrrh, the perfect holiday gift! Cherish our amazing roll-on blends: Frankincense and Myrrh, Shanti Peace, Ahimsa, Dharma, Sathya, Prema Love, Maharaja, or Ananda (last 2 not shown) $15.85 each. 407-948-9873


The Monastery Store

Watermoon Kuanyin Statue Add stillness and tranquility to your meditation space with our wide selection of Buddhist statues, incense, mala beads, and our exclusive line of meditation cushions made in the U.S. Browse our books, clothing, and tea supplies for the perfect gift this holiday season. KY-MOON $69. Request a catalog by calling 845-688-7993.


Sunrise, Sunset

52 Weeks of Awe & Gratitude What do Jack Canfield, Marci Shimoff, Joan Borysenko, and Lisa Nichols have in common? They’ve contributed to this year’s gift book, Sunrise, Sunset: 52 Weeks of Awe & Gratitude, which brims with glorious color photographs alongside affirmations, poems, and inspirational quotes—from our best-loved inspirational leaders. It’s the ultimate gift for saying “thank you,” sharing a blessing, or providing a spiritual oasis.


Light of Day Organics

Heartwarming Cinnamon Tea The most delicious Cinnamon “tea” you have ever experienced! It’s naturally caffeine-free. The kitchen will smell like Christmas when you prepare this tea! Try adding the steeped contents of your tea infuser to waffle batter or your morning oatmeal for added nutrition and flavor. The ingredients are 100% certified organic: fair trade rooibos, apple, orange, cinnamon, clove, and cardamom.


Jesus & Buddha

“Soul food!”—Judith Robinson, Jungian analyst Lama John Makransky says Jesus & Buddha’s “spellbinding personal stories transmit Buddhist--Christian wisdom in fresh, surprising ways that leave the viewer full of wonder. The film shows how inter-religious learning and practice is reinvigorating the meaning of faith.”


Meaning to Pause

Give the Gift of Time Meaning to Pause® bracelets gently vibrate every 60 or 90 minutes prompting you to pause … reflect on your intentions and reframe your thoughts … helping you make meaningful moments throughout your busy day. Our hand-strung beaded bracelets are available in Natural Stone, Gemstones, Sandalwood, Sterling Silver, and more. Upon checkout, use our thank-you code, SPIRITUALITYHEALTH, and receive a 20% discount through December 31.