Caring for Your Crystals

Caring for Your Crystals

Excerpted with permission from Crystals: The Modern Guide to Crystal Healing by Yulia Van Doren.

Cleansing and charging your crystals’ energy – especially when you first bring them home – is an important part of being a crystal owner. Regularly spending even a bit of time giving them love and attention will keep the connection between your personal energy and your crystals strong and clear-flowing, creating a powerful bond and opening the space for personalised magic to manifest.


A common belief in the crystal world is that crystals easily pick up ‘bad’ or ‘negative’ energies, and you should keep others from touching your personal crystals for fear they might get ‘contaminated’ by your friends’ less-than-perfect vibes. However, energy is simply energy, neither good or bad. It’s human nature to want to assign a characteristic to energy, but in truth, what’s considered ‘good’ by one person might be considered ‘bad’ by another – it’s personal preference. To worry that your crystals need constant cleansing and ‘protection’ not only keeps you much too focused on the negative (which is not where you want your attention to live), it disregards the innate power and intelligence within crystals themselves. Have faith that your crystals are intelligent beings who can keep themselves clear and high-vibing on their own! If you use crystals for on-body healing – especially in the case of grief or illness - then supporting your crystals with a focused cleanse and charge can indeed be necessary, and your intuition will guide you. Of course, shower your crystals with as much care and attention as you wish – they’ll love it! – just remember to always keep your intention behind doing so focused on the positive, rather than the preventative.


Monthly moonbaths (see below), especially under a full or new moon, are powerfully recharging for all crystals and are often all that a crystal needs to remain fully charged and activated. Also regularly check that your crystal clusters aren’t sitting around covered in a fine layer of dust, as dust reduces the electrostatic charge vital to their crystalline technology. Easily remove dust with a quick water rinse or a small brush (make-up brushes work well).

The process of cleansing and charging your crystals should be as simple or complicated as you feel guided to make it. I personally tend to keep my ritual quite simple: my new crystals usually get a quick Water Cleanse and/or a Breath + Intention Cleanse. I place them on an indoor windowsill to soak up sunlight and moonlight for a day or so, and voilà: refreshed, activated, and happy crystals ready to work magic. Simple, quick, and very effective!

Have fun experimenting with the following cleansing and charging rituals to discover, which feel best for you and your crystals.


WHY: Water is nature’s most potent cleanser and purifier

RITUAL: Rinse your crystal gently under a running tap, or submerge briefly in a bowl of water. If you live near a freshwater source such as a lake or river, it is fantastic to use local, natural water for cleansing: fill a bottle to bring home, or take your crystals out with you to give them the special gift of being cleansed in nature (saltwater can be abrasive so steer clear of ocean and seawater). While water is the easiest way to remove dust and leftover soil, there are many crystals that can dissolve or rust from water exposure so it’s important to do your research before cleansing – if in doubt, skip the water and use a different method. To make it easy for you, each crystal’s profile clearly lists whether water cleansing is safe.


WHY: Sunlight powerfully shines away stale energies and is an extremely activating force

RITUAL: Most new crystals benefit from at least a short sunbath when you first bring them home: place them in a sunny spot and leave for at least 4 hours. I personally love displaying non-rare crystals such as Amethyst on windowsills as they sparkle so beautifully in the sunlight, but keep in mind that sunlight fades many varieties of crystals over time. If you choose to display your coloured crystal in a sunny spot, you must be at peace with the fact that after time it will transform into a paler, pastel version of itself.


WHY: Moonlight is supercharging and safe for all crystals

RITUAL: There is mysterious magic in moonlight, and crystals thrive on regular moonbaths. Lay your crystals overnight in a place where moonlight will touch them for potent charging; indoor windowsills and tables near a window are the safest option. Many metallic minerals can rust in overnight dew, so use caution with outdoor charging. The light of a new or full moon is especially powerful and supercharging, and moonbaths under these special moons will keep your crystals extra happy and glowingly healthy!


WHY: Breath combined with Intention is the easiest and most instant purifying option

RITUAL: Holding your crystal, inhale through your nose, envisioning golden light filling your lungs. Breathe out through your mouth with a gently forceful breath, as though you were blowing out the candles on a birthday cake. Repeat several times until your crystal is visually cleared from dust and/or until you sense that all energy cobwebs have been blown away.


WHY: The cleansing smoke from burning herbs moves and purifies energies

RITUAL: Light a small bundle of your favorite herb. Hold your crystal above the stream of smoke, allowing smoke to dance over and around your crystal for several moments. For an extra boost of magic, move the smoking wand around your crystal in a circular motion seven times. Sage bundles and palo santo sticks are popular options, however both are endangered native plants in the wild, so please source them sustainably. A great alternative are bundles of local dried herbs (lavender, rose, and cedar are wonderful), and incense sticks are easy and effective.


WHY: Music’s vibrational waves harmonise the energy of everything it touches

RITUAL: Chant, ring, drum, strum! Crystals absolutely love being around music, and live music especially brings them to life and infuses them with a special glow. So strum that guitar, chant your mantra, or ring bells and singing bowls near your crystals whenever possible. Don’t be shy, they’re the most wonderful and non-judgemental audience one could ask for!

Excerpted with permission from Crystals: The Modern Guide to Crystal Healing by Yulia Van Doren, published by Quadrille January 2018, RRP $14.99 hardcover.

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