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Podcasts for On-the-Go Inspiration

Spirituality & Health Magazine
reviewed by Kalia Kelmenson

The right podcast can turn a lengthy commute, a slow line, or a long, solitary walk into something you hope will never end. Our favorites illuminate, inform, and inspire us.  Subscribe, download, enjoy!

At the intersection of spirituality and humanity, you’ll find Krista Tippett, expertly weaving ideas and concepts through insightful inquiry of her guests. The journey invites us to dive into the deepest reaches of our being. (

This is a place for deeper, richer conversations with thought leaders in fields ranging from biomimicry, to food as medicine, to the spiritual evolution of earth. Hosts Michael and Justine Toms in turn will guide you to expand into a new realm of awareness. (

Whether exploring with Dr. Francis Collins how science and religion can coexist, or probing the value of truth telling with Ophelia Benson, hosts Indre Viskontas and Chris Mooney offer a bold reminder that we can stay in our comfort zones, steeping in the ideas that we are used to, or step into the realm of possibilities. (

Curious about the bird singing outside your window, the state of the global climate, or even how those two interact? Exploring the realms of human ecology and the environment, you can discover wide-ranging topics, from the differences in how animals and humans respond to jazz to the gardening techniques used by slum-dwellers in urban Africa. (

Can ancient wisdom be helpful in our present-day struggles? These weekly dharma talks present a straightforward and clear application of Zen Buddhist teachings to the problems that we experience, and sometimes collide with, in our daily lives. (

Guided meditation offers a calm entry point to relaxation for our chaotic minds. The background sound technology of binaural beats is different than your standard meditation music, but if it produces brain-wave patterns similar to REM sleep (which it purportedly does), then it’s worth getting used to. (

Most of us have had the experience of getting lost in the confusion of conflicting medical research findings. Cut through the hype of the latest trends and get the deeper story behind the headlines, from natural cures to supplements to the latest in medical science. (

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