Embracing New Moon Energy

Embracing New Moon Energy

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A new moon can be a time to plot change, plant seeds, and bathe in darkness.

When it comes to embracing moon energy, the full moon tends to get all the love. However, every phase of the moon radiates its own style of rich, mystical energy—even when we can’t see it at all.

During new moons, the moon is positioned between the sun and the Earth with its illuminated side facing the sun and the dark side facing us. Though invisible, the moon is still there, cloaked in shadows.

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This moon phase reminds us that growth can happen even when we can’t see it. Just as a seed first grows roots before pushing leaves above the soil, we must first make internal changes before observing external results.

The new moon is a fantastic time to start something new. Whether you’re manifesting something big, renewing a healthy habit or mindset, or embarking on a new external adventure, the new moon is the right time to do it.

Here are some of my favorite ways to embrace this new moon energy!

Planting Future Seeds

Planting seeds for manifestation is an ancient magickal practice. Farmers used to chant and sing as they sowed their fields, planting wishes for prosperity, health, and abundance along with their crops.

To mirror this practice, you’ll need:

  • Candles
  • Seeds
  • A pot filled with potting soil

Light the candles, taking deep breaths to put you in a meditative mindset. The candles both set the mood and help you see what you’re doing. To honor the new moon, your planting space should be as dark as possible.

Plant the seeds** in the pot while speaking your intentions aloud. You can sing, chant, play music, or simply talk to the seeds. Stay focused on your intention.

Tend the seeds lovingly, reminding them and yourself of their energy and purpose.

**The seeds you choose are completely up to you, though pumpkins, sunflowers, and watermelons all grow fairly quickly, are easy to tend, and represent abundance and prosperity.

Bathing in Darkness

Darkness baths are deeply empowering. They replenish energy and draw in the new moon’s inherent healing energy. (Healing is a form of manifestation!)

You’ll need:

  • A dark space
  • Journal or notebook
  • Pen

Sit comfortably in a space that is as dark as you can possibly make it. If it’s safe and the weather is agreeable, you can also sit outside under the new moon sky.

Take deep, regular breaths to bring yourself into a calm, meditative state. Open your eyes and experience the darkness. Think about the beautiful things hidden there, present even though you can’t see them.

Remember the beauty inside of you, too, even though it may not always be visible. Visualize these beautiful things (plants, bodies of water, celestial bodies, and so on) pulsating with energy.

Ask them to lend you some of that energy, and visualize it flowing into you. Picture yourself glowing with vitality and express gratitude for the energy shared with you.

After the ritual, have a nourishing snack or engage in your favorite relaxation activities. Journal about your experience so you can compare it with future rituals.

Intuitive Drawing

Intuitive drawing is a fantastic way to tap into your subconscious mind, especially during the new moon when this part of our consciousness is more open and accessible.

The idea here is to create something purely intuitive, and then interpret what you create with that same intuition. This could help you find the solution to difficult problems, uncover obstacles you couldn’t see before, or help you make a decision.

To create your intuitive drawing, you’ll need:

  • A pen, pencil, or marker
  • A large piece of paper
  • A dark space

Place your piece of paper on a table or the floor in front of you. Test your writing utensil to make sure it has plenty of ink or is sharp. You don’t want to interrupt your ritual to get a new one.

Make your space as dark as possible, and settle down in front of your paper. Find the paper with your hands and set the tip of your writing utensil against it. Think of a question you’d like to answer with this ritual.

Draw a long, unbroken line all over the paper, letting your hand move any way it wants. Include loops, swirls, angles, or jagged lines. Don’t lift your utensil from the paper. Just keep drawing until your instincts tell you to stop.

Turn on just enough lights to see. Examine your drawing for symbols or shapes that have meaning to you. When you spot them, what’s your first thought? That initial spark of thought is the answer to your question.

By the light, try this gratitude ritual for the new moon.

Embracing New Moon energy

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