4 Yoga Poses Inspired by the Moon

4 Yoga Poses Inspired by the Moon

JC Peter's offers a yoga pose to represent each quarter of the moon corresponding to its unique energy that you can incorporate into your practice.


New Moon: Child’s Pose (Embryo Variation): Self Reflection 

Sit back on your heels with your knees and big toes touching, and let your forehead come to the floor. Rest your hands beside your hips.

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Waxing Half Moon: Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon Pose): Creative Movement 

From a standing forward fold, lift your right leg up and stack your right hip on top of your left. Lift your chest away from the floor, keeping your left fingertips on the floor or a block, and reach your right arm up. Switch sides after 5 breaths. 


Full Moon: Camel Pose: Harvesting 

Stand on your knees, engaging your inner thighs and pelvic floor, hands on your lower back. Lift your ribs up away from your pelvis and open your chest. Let your throat open, deepening the pose by bringing your hands to your heels. When you are ready to come out, support your lower back with your hands and sit quietly on your heels. Then return to child’s pose.

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Waning Half Moon: Crescent Moon Lunge: Organizing 

Step your right foot forward, lower your back knee down, and untuck your back toes. Lengthen your stance but keep your right knee over your ankle. Reach your chest and arms up and lean back into a gentle backbend. Switch sides after 5 breaths.

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