Powerful Practice for the Waning Moon

Powerful Practice for the Waning Moon


Use the waning moon as an opportunity for release.

The energy of the full moon brims with intensity and raw honesty. As that zenith peaks and the sun shifts into a waning phase, the energy shifts as well. The intensity of the full moon is similar to an explosion, and is followed by a period of sloughing off, of release.

Tamara Driessen, crystal healer and author of The Crystal Code: Balance Your Energy, Transform Your Life, offers this ritual to bring intentionally and fully the power of release to help you clear old patterns and paradigms that no longer serve you. She writes of a waning moon, “it’s the time of the moon when you’re invited to forgive and release the old to make way for the new.” As we make space for the new, we can “think of it as an opportunity to perform a ritual that says goodbye to a toxic relationships or to unburden yourself of responsibilities that are way past their use-by date so that you have more time and energy to do the things you really want to do.”

  • Meditate. Driessen suggests starting with a meditation. She recommends including Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Black Obsidian, Black, Tourmaline, or Malachite to amplify your meditation and clarify your intention.
  • Write. Bring into your awareness what you are ready to release. Write down your answers, including “habits, thought processes, attachments and situations that you’re ready to release.”
  • Burn. Safely ignite this list, or bury it as a way to symbolize the letting go.
  • Complete. Symbolize the end of the release ritual by spritzing yourself with a crystal infused spray, or sinking into a crystal bath.

Following this ritual, Driessen recommends creating a detoxifying salt scrub to clear your energy, and to honor yourself for creating space. She writes, “I visualize shedding the old and revealing the new as I gently massage the salt into my skin.


  • Coconut oil
  • Himalayan pink salt
  • Basil, bergamot, and geranium essential oils
  • Smoky Quartz tumbled stone

Blend together the coconut oil and salt in a bowl. Add the essential oils 5 drops at a time until you reach your desired intensity. Place the Smoky Quartz in a jar and cover with the salt scrub. Place a lid on the jar and bath it in sunlight or moonlight for 12 hours to activate the scrub.” The scrub can be used on damp skin either in the bath or in the shower.

We often feel so full in our lives. Full of schedules and obligations, full of clutter and toxic relationships. This practice can help us begin to release the static hold that can be created by this over-full feeling. Try it today and notice the space you have created.

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