The Power of the Moon

The Power of the Moon

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Tap into the power of the moon with these easy practices for moon spirituality.

The moon does not create its own light; it is illuminated by reflecting the sun’s light—yet the power of the moon can be seen and felt in a variety of ways. Learning how to tap into the phases of the moon can be a powerful practice.

I’ve felt the pull of the full moon for most of my adult life. For years, I worked in the newborn nursery at a local hospital, and there were often more women in labor during the full moon. My dad always had the Hawaiian moon calendar on his wall, which gave specific directions as to which plants were best suited for planting according to specific phases of the moon. And, for decades, I have hiked through Haleakala Crater during the full moon—an otherworldly experience in a lunar-like environment at 10,000 feet with the light of the moon illuminating the path. I can mark the cycle of the moon by my sleep, which invariably is disrupted by the intensity of the full moon.

More recently, I’ve become aware of the other side of the cycle—the new moon. A less showy phase of the moon, I have historically only noticed it because I was able to see so many stars in its absence.

I initially began paying attention to the new moon because my mom would send an email with the time of the new moon and an image to play with to set an intention. The belief is that the new moon offers a time of powerful intention-setting and that the growing moon will enhance the power of that intention.

Tapping the Power of the Moon: Super, Blue, and Blood

Diane Ahlquist, in her newly released book Moon Magic: A Complete Guide to Harnessing the Mystical Energy of the Moon, offers a thorough exploration of all things lunar, along with meditations based around the phases of the moon. She offers some general guidelines, such as using the waning moon as a time to let things go, a waxing moon for new beginnings, and the full moon as a potent time to tap into your intuition.

Occasionally, full moons get an additional boost. Ahlquist describes the gifts and possibilities of the supermoon, the blue moon, and the blood moon.


This full moon marks the closest approach of the moon to the Earth, so it will appear extra-large. This effect is most noticeable just after the moon rises above the horizon. According to Ahlquist, a supermoon is said “to offer enlightenment regarding unrealized aspects of our souls and provide access and insights into unexplored emotions and alternative life paths. Feelings tend to flow more freely, and drive for change is fortified.”

Blue Moon

We know this expression more commonly as something that happens rarely—“once in a blue moon.” Because it happens less frequently, Ahlquist describes the power of a blue moon as being more highly charged than a regular full moon, and she suggests creating a ritual that involves first sitting and observing the moon. (If you can’t see it, draw a picture of it—the energy is still there.) Set your intention in motion by writing down, with pen to paper, a single clear goal you want between now and the next blue moon. Ahlquist stresses the importance of choosing one thing and being very clear about it, writing down the details. Once you’ve written it down, sit under the moon and visualize this intention as being true in the present, becoming aware of all the sensations of it as truth.

Blood Moon

Another aspect of a certain full moon is a full lunar eclipse where the moon passes through the shadow of the Earth. As Ahlquist explains, “Planetary transits and stellar alignments have always been thought to be highly charged with tremendous prophetic power and predictive value. This time was considered favorable for gaining insights related to advancing humanity’s spiritual development and was meant to emphasize the importance of tuning in rather than engaging in mundane activities. Think of eclipses as a time of change and an opportunity to eliminate chaos from your life.”

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