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New Moon Meditation: Pause the Breath, Pause the Mind


Try this audio meditation for slowing down the mind.

When the moon becomes full or new, it appears to pause in its cycle, to become still before it begins waxing or waning again. These moments each month are invitations for us to slow down and pause as well, to take a break from the rumination of the mind and let the body and the breath relax. This meditative breath practice, called kumbhaka, can be done anytime. It may be especially helpful for slowing down the mind as you go to sleep; it’s totally okay to drift away and let the meditation help you fall asleep. It is especially significant, however, to do this meditation during the dark of the new moon when the ambient energy is already quiet and introspective. Let’s pause with the moon as she rests in the night sky.

This gentle pranayama is appropriate for everyone, but pregnant people and those with high blood pressure or anxiety should be especially careful not to resist their natural desire to inhale or exhale.


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