The Spiritual Meaning of Moon Phases

The Spiritual Meaning of Moon Phases


Turn to the spiritual meaning of the moon phases to connect to the rhythms and cycles outside of the frantic pace of modern living.

As life moves increasingly online and away from nature, it is becoming more important to turn to the spiritual meaning of the moon phases as a way to connect to rhythms and cycles outside of the often frantic pace of modern living.

It’s easy to become unmoored in an era of zoom meetings, remote work, and the constant onslaught of social media. Tapping into the cycles of nature can be a potent reminder that there are powerful forces that continue on, even as change swirls around you. If you live in a city, it can feel difficult to feel that connection, but the moon is always in the sky. Turn to the spiritual meaning of moon phases as a source of connection to something deeper.

Each moon phase brings its own spiritual meaning and the opportunity to create rituals and practices that harness the energy of that unique phase.

New Moon: A Time to Pause

The darkness of a new moon is a time for reflection and exploring the unseen. Often thought of as a feminine moon phase, its spiritual meaning is a call for presence. In being fully present you can explore your deepest desires and heartfelt wishes that sometimes get lost in the flurry of so much doing.

Bring a quiet sense of intention and presence as you allow yourself to rest, spend some time journaling and exploring what is in your heart of hearts. Ask yourself the question, “What do I most want to bring forward in my life right now? How do I want to be in my relationships, my work, and with myself?”

Answering these questions can help you understand where you will want to spend your energy throughout the moon cycle.

Give yourself extra time in meditation or walking mindfully in nature. Go outside and soak in the energy of the new moon, giving thoughtful appreciation of the beauty of darkness. Enjoy the stars that can be seen when the moon is hidden in shadow.

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Waxing Moon: Get in Motion

When the moon seemingly begins to grow with the reflection of the sun, time is best spent getting into action and committing to moving towards the heartfelt desires which you uncovered during the new moon. The spiritual meaning of this moon phase is one of energizing and putting into motion the intentions that you have committed yourself to.

Make time to exercise and move your body more than usual, (always being careful to not do too much too fast.) Keep your intentions written on paper or on your screensaver so that you continually remember what you are working towards. Return to the energy of reflection by tracking your progress on the activities that are moving you toward what you truly desire.

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Full Moon: Savor Your Life

There is a kind of radiant glory in the full moon. The showiest of the phases, it’s likely the moon phase that is most known for having a spiritual meaning. Often considered a time to celebrate and savor everything you have created with the waxing moon, you might find that the full moon brings a feeling of intensity, and you might notice you are more emotionally reactive and overwhelmed during this point in the lunar cycle.

The full moon is a potent time for rituals. Create a ritual that celebrates the small and large ways you are grateful for what is in your life right now, just as it is. Let your celebration take a form that supports you just as you are. That might mean getting a massage, having a party, or going for that hike that you’ve been wanting to go on, possibly under the full moon with friends.

Let the creativity inherent in this phase light the spark inside of you as reflect back on what you have created so far. Release what is no longer in alignment and forgive anything that you are holding onto. This will set the stage for the next lunar phase.

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Waning Moon: Let it Go

The spiritual meaning of this moon phase is that of restoring balance. As the cycle of the moon continues, and light begins to dim, there can be a sense of letting down, of letting go. In this energy, it’s important to stay strong in your resolve to do the steps that lead you toward what you really want in your life, and also to fully release what is no longer serving you.

Bring the energy of completion to all of your tasks, clean up all of your spaces, releasing what needs to go, and organizing what will stay. Make some time to offer your support to someone in your life or in your community. Recognize how what seems small to you could make a profound difference to someone else.

Use this lunar phase to refine what you want, clarify and complete the tasks at hand, and get consistent with those habits that build your resilience. They will be incredibly valuable as the lunar cycle begins again.

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Spiritual meaning of moon phases

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